Tools That Will Help Each Of Your Departments Succeed

Get your business, departments, and employees to shine by being tech-savvy in today’s competitive age of digital marketing.

From startups to enterprises, businesses today thrive with the help of digital tools. There’s a tool for almost everything. From creating content, increasing sales, remote connectivity and collaboration, online courses and more, you name it.

Using these digital tools enables your business to be more efficient. And who wouldn’t want that? Ignoring technology is a good way to give your competitors the upper hand and leave you in the dust. You want your business, your departments and your employees to shine by being tech-savvy in today’s competitive age of digital marketing.

Are you in charge of your company’s digital tools? Your departments may be experiencing different issues, and here are just some tools to help take your business to the next level and get that competitive edge. Suggest these in your next meeting and your colleagues will definitely thank you after.


Manpower is one of the most expensive costs for any business and labor planning can make or break your enterprise. This is especially true for IT when you need personnel to access multiple workstations. This may be time-consuming, especially if you need help across multiple locations. This is where TeamViewer comes in.

TeamViewer enables you to access your computers and servers anytime, anywhere. With the fact that you can access your workstations (some of which may not be located in the same place) remotely, the tool has become popular to large companies. It makes things smoother and more efficient. Manage your IT operations, monitor your devices, and more without having to visit different places. All you need is a central location and you can access your operations remotely. You can even do remote access via your smartphone!

Besides remote access, you can also grant access to different parties along with quick and easy file sharing among said parties for better collaboration. The result? Better productivity and smoother workflow. Other features include online meetings and presentations, real-time screen sharing, asset management, and more. Imagine the travel cost and productivity savings!

Visit their site and find out how they can help your business.


Content is king. Need to get more customers? Lure them in with great content. VISUAL content to be exact. They need to be hooked in with relevant and high-quality content. If your marketing efforts aren’t eye-catching, kiss your digital brand presence goodbye. Lucky for you, there’s Canva.

Canva helps you create jaw-dropping pictures in just minutes. Select from a plethora of pre-designed pictures and templates from social media posts, banners, presentations and more, or even create your own. It’s also very easy to use. Just drag and drop and make new designs from its wide range of editing tools. The best part is you don’t need any graphic design experience to use Canva. It also comes with a free version — no need to job out graphic design requirements. You’ll be doing your own graphic design in no time!


A lot of field work goes into the life of sales. How do you know if your field employees are in the right place at the right time? How do you actively keep track of their sales and reports? Enter Tarkie.

Tarkie is a tool designed for managers to keep track of their field workers’ activities outside the office. The tool checks employees’ routes and locations via GPS, monitor field activities such as deliveries and meetings, boost productivity by managing their schedule, and more. As for field workers, Tarkie also makes their work easier since it automates manual tasks such as filing reports and expenses. Save on costs because you’ll never lose a work day (or two, or three) to report filing again. All this just with the tap of a button with the app.

The app helps managers track field personnel and what they’re doing any time of the day. The result? Overall improvement in productivity and field personnel performance as the app promotes transparency and reminds them of their schedule. With an increase in productivity, this might mean less costs involved in manpower and travel costs. No need to constantly call and check up on your field workers. Manage your employees’ productivity without constant face-to-face meetings. All you need is Tarkie!


Equipping and training your employees with the right knowledge and know-how can take a lot of time, not to mention a part of your company’s budget. You don’t need to enroll your employees in expensive schools to get world-class education. Just turn to the internet to further sharpen their skills!

There are lots of websites that offer quality online courses. Some at a fraction of the cost of universities while some are completely free! Here are just a few sites to help your employees learn new skills.

First off is Udemy. The site has over 100,000 online courses with 42,000 instructors with topics ranging from development, business, finance, music, fitness, and so much more. What’s more, their selection of top-rated courses are self-paced, so employees can fulfill their quest for learning and master new skills at their own time.

Similar to Udemy, TESDA also offers self-paced online courses but they’re absolutely free! You don’t have to pay for the courses, but if you want to get earn a National Certification, you’ll need to take a face-to-face assessment test that you can take at any TESDA-accredited assessment center.

Shaw Academy’s mission is to make great education affordable and accessible to everyone. Since being founded in 2013, the academy has now taught over 4,000,000 successful graduates. What’s great about Shaw Academy is their emphasis on interactivity. You get interactive lesson QA sessions with your peers, instructors, and their built-in education bot. They also provide 24/7 student support in all their webinars to ensure there are no questions left unanswered. Their most popular courses range from digital marketing, fitness, photography, and finance with theoretical and practical lessons to apply in the real world. The best part is they have an Internationally Recognized and Credit Rated Diploma upon completing your course!

Unlike other sites, Coursera offers access to the world’s best education by partnering with renowned universities to provide online courses. You can learn online and earn credentials from top schools such as Yale and Stanford and companies like Google and IBM. Besides certification courses, Coursera also offers Specialization programs wherein you’ll be tasked to accomplish exhaustive courses and engage with hands-on projects to master specific career skills to earn a Specialization Certificate. They also partnered with various universities to provide affordable online programs wherein you’ll get a university-recognized online degree upon completion.

It’s never too late to be a lifelong learner, and these online sites prove it. Earn a new skill or two and sharpen your knowledge. And the same goes for your business — the more willing each department is to learn and adopt new technologies, the faster you’ll grow.

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