The importance of managing your employees’ company-issued mobile device

Issuing company mobile phones to employees allow them to communicate real time, even when they’re working remotely. Being able to communicate efficiently saves time and improves employee productivity. Yet, issuing company lines poses a challenge – managing them.

This is where an enterprise mobility management solution like Samsung Knox Manage comes into play. Samsung Knox Manage is ideal for business owners who want to manage company-issued devices with ease and ensure that company data remains secureall without spending a fortune.

An enterprise mobility management solution addresses a number of challenges:

CHALLENGE: Productivity levels are low because your employees appear to be spending more time on social media than their work. Browsing through one’s news feed can make employees lose track of time, so it’s possible that they could still be logged on to their social media account way past their lunch break.

IMPACT: Your productivity could be suffering as a result of this inappropriate use of employees’ time.

SOLUTION: Samsung Knox Manage allows you to restrict the use of certain applications during office hours so that employees can focus on their work and make sure they complete their deliverables by the end of the day. It also comes with GPS tracking capability for easy monitoring of employee movement when they are out of the office.

CHALLENGE: An employee loses a company-issued mobile device, putting the security of your company data at risk. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, employees lose their mobile devices to theft.

IMPACT:  Confidential company data stored in those mobile devices become easily accessible to anyone. Imagine the potential harm on your business, especially if you are in the planning stages of a major marketing campaign or confidential client information were leaked?

SOLUTION: Aside from having a highly secure platform built into Samsung devices, Samsung Knox Manage allows your business to remotely locate a stolen device enrolled in the program, lock it immediately, and wipe its contents, keeping your trade secrets safe.

CHALLENGE: The mobile devices issued to your employees have different operating systems, making them difficult to monitor. Some devices run on iOS, others run on Android or Windows.

IMPACT: For companies with low IT human resources, this is a nightmare.

SOLUTION: Samsung Knox Manage supports multiple operating systems, and when needed, provides remote IT support with on-demand device management and monitoring through a cloud-based platform. Samsung Knox Manage is also advantageous for enterprises with limited IT manpower support as it allows an administrator to access devices remotely for troubleshooting and maintenance.

CHALLENGE: Data usage-related costs exceed employees’ mobile allowance. It’s easy enough for employees to access non-work related apps and sites when they’re working outside of the office.

IMPACT: Browsing through social media feeds does not only have the effect of wasting your employees’ time, but it also costs money in the form of data charges.

SOLUTION: Through Samsung Knox Manage, this issue could be effectively addressed through the proper settings.

Is your business facing these challenges? Subscribe to Samsung Knox Manage for only P99 a month per device and avail of a cloud-based enterprise mobility management solution for managing devices and keeping company data secure. Samsung Knox Manage works on other smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS, and Windows 10, and customize how you want to configure and manage them with a variety of options and features.

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