New Year’s Resolutions Your Business Needs This 2020

It’s January again – you know what that means? It’s the time of the year to set your expectations high and list down your New Year’s resolutions! But instead of promising yourself you’ll eat less carbs and head to the gym first thing every morning, why not make resolutions for your business?

After all, having goals and objectives is a marker of a healthy business. It means that you’ve evaluated your current state and you’re ready to take your sales and operations to the next level. These top New Year’s resolutions will help you make 2020 the best fiscal year yet.

Resolution #1: Improve customer experience

When it comes to business, customer satisfaction is everything. Happy customers will keep coming back to you for more.

Get to know them better through social listening. Do market research or conduct surveys. From here, you’ll know what they’re really looking for. Often, you’ll see that it’s more than just quality products from your business. You have to exceed their expectations, listen to them, and act on their needs so that they can spread the word about your brand. From visiting your physical or online store, purchasing a product, and receiving their orders, the customer experience should be close to flawless.

Another way to make them happy is by giving them what they want – which is usually free and strong wifi when they’re at your shop. You can equip your store with basic managed wifi that can securely connect up to 100 guests. And to make sure you’re only serving your customers, you can use exclusive personal identification numbers and distribute these to paying customers.

Starting a loyalty program will improve customer experience, too. This is an easy and simple way of rewarding your customers for their repeat purchases. Not only will it show them you care, it will also encourage them to keep coming back.

Globe myBusiness has a RUSH-powered loyalty program that’s easy to set up and use. Customers get a digital stamp card that they can fill up every time they come to your store. And once they’ve earned enough points, they can redeem one of your gifts or prizes.

Resolution #2: Strengthen your online brand

Be where your market is. By understanding their online behavior, you can grab their attention better. This can even depend on what social media page they’re checking, like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. Are they after quick and engaging stories in the middle of the day? Want meaningful conversations with your brand? Prefer to watch videos after work? Or browse through trending news and tidbits on down times? You can even turn these sessions into research data by engaging them at the right moment while studying their patterns.

2020 should be the year more people hear about your business. However, billboard, newspaper, and television ads can be expensive. The best and most cost-efficient way to advertise your store is to promote it online.

Facebook ads are the go-to in this department. With only P500 you can increase awareness of an upcoming promotion, target it to the right people, and drive more sales. You can easily create beautiful ad campaigns through Globe myBusiness’ Ad Creator and get real-time updates on your campaign’s performance. The user-friendly interface and step-by-step approach help beginners master making FB ads right away. You don’t even need a credit card for this because it bills directly to your Globe myBusiness postpaid account.

Resolution #3: Automate for efficiency

Now that we’re officially in the second decade of the 2000s, there should be no excuse for you to still be using pen and paper to run your business. With so much on your plate, it’s time to automate tasks.

You can save precious time, even sales, when you can trust apps and systems to take care of monotonous work for you. You’ll save on manpower too when technology can do the job flawlessly and quickly. Payroll, invoicing, collections, bookkeeping, taxes, files sorting, email marketing, and customer relations are just some examples of tasks that can be automated. Just input important data, push the button, and let the systems compute, track, sort, deliver, and report the rest.

There are tons of tech-based solutions in the market that can help you automate processes, effectively reduce errors, and increase productivity.  You can make use of Office applications to easily create documents and other files. And for e-commerce sites, you can easily manage your logistics and track your deliveries on one platform.

Resolution #4: Transform your work culture to be more digital

Today’s workplace is very different from before. Back then, everyone had to clock-in at the store or office and leave nine hours later. Documents had to be printed and filed. Communication moved in a snail’s pace. But these days, it’s easier to go paperless. People can rely on tech for collaborations. Working from anywhere and in their own time is also possible thanks to the internet.

Employees can share documents with one another through a cloud. They can collaborate on different projects through Google Docs or Google Sheets. Online group chats are no longer text based as well. With Google Hangouts, share files and images, set up virtual meetings, run HD video conference calls, show presentations, and integrate your Google Calendar wherever your team may be. They can work in cafes, restaurants, or any place they wish thanks to the power of mobile data.

Give your team the ability to do their best work from anywhere with all these through Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite). Bigger mobile data and call and text abilities are easier to get with Globe myBusiness ThePLAN.

Resolution #5: Protect your business

Lastly, because you’re digitizing your business, you’re also prone to hackers and other disruptions. You have to be a step ahead of the possible issues that can arise from these.

Build a firewall to safeguard your office files in the cloud. Have a web security specialist identify and block threats to your system. Teach your employees to not download any app that can potentially carry malware and destroy (or steal) data.  Train them to care for their business-issued gadgets and not connect them to unencrypted wifi spots.

Hackers and disruptions are also a risk for your customers whose sensitive data is in your system. So protect your data with cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity solutions manage network access between trusted and untrusted zones. It means that it will keep intruders out of your system and safeguard your business from unwanted attacks. You can also invest in Cloud Point Of Sale (POS) solutions that can give you real-time access to sales data through cloud technology. This is far safer than keeping your data in ledgers or USBs that can easily be taken.

This means you can stop worrying about your network so you can focus on growing your business.

Make 2020 the best year for business

There’s something about a fresh new year that smells of possibility and second chances. Maybe sales weren’t so great last year, or there are areas of your business that you feel you could enhance. A new year is another chance at improving from where you left off. A resolution is a commitment to that improvement.

If you need help putting your business resolutions into action, we can help you with that. Talk to us and we might have just the thing.

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