Modern Tao Ke Exclusive: Taking the Lead in 2021 Schedule

We’re bringing the most acclaimed Chinoy tycoons in the country to mentor and network with Globe myBusiness loyal clients. Please check your schedule below for the event on February 3-4, 2021.

Day 1 – Sequence Guide (Feb 3, 1-5pm)

SequenceTimeClientMentorTime of Survey
11:00pm – 1:15pmMichael Barcelona (Welkin Oilfield)

Francis Glenn Yu
12:55pm – 1:00pm
21:15pm – 1:30pmElena Sy (The Lift Company)
Francis Glenn Yu
1:10pm – 1:15pm
31:30pm – 1:45 pmDominic Dexter So (Straight Arrow Technologies)
Francis Glenn Yu
1:25pm – 1:30pm
41:45pm – 2:00pmDanielle Flamengco (Power Quality Engineering Limited)
Francis Glenn Yu
1:40pm – 1:45pm
52:00pm – 2:15pmJade Irigo (EVI Construction Corp)Michelle Chan1:55pm – 2:00pm
62:15pm – 2:30pmMylene Palro (GRB Enterprises)Michelle Chan2:10pm – 2:15pm
72:30pm – 2:45pmDorothy Maceda (Vienovo)Michelle Chan2:25pm – 2:30pm
82:45pm – 3:00pmErwin Robledo / Jyll Fernandez (Sharesource Australia)Michelle Chan2:40pm – 2:45pm
93:00pm – 3:15pmSteve Quinones (Intelesquad Solutions Inc) Cecilio Pedro2:55pm – 3:00pm
103:15pm – 3:30pmMaria Elena Penaflorida (Angel11 Trading) Cecilio Pedro3:10pm – 3:15pm 
113:30pm – 3:45pmGracielle Bassig (Jopers Enterprises)Cecilio Pedro3:25pm – 3:30pm
123:45pm – 4:00pmCarlota Cruz (Philippine Geogreen Inc)Cecilio Pedro3:40pm – 3:45pm
134:00pm – 4:15pmRuth Navarro (North Star International Travel)Kathleen Go3:55pm – 4:00pm
144:15pm – 4:30pmWendy Uy (Yusay Credit and Finance Corp)Kathleen Go4:10pm – 4:15pm
154:30pm – 4:45pmJudith Abogadie (BEGINNINGS COMMUNICATION, INC.)Kathleen Go4:25pm – 4:30pm
164:45pm – 5:00pmEngr. Louell Belcina (Cebu II Electric Cooperative)Kathleen Go4:40pm – 4:45pm

Day 2 – Sequence Guide (Feb 4, 1-6pm)

SequenceTimeClientMentorTime of Survey
11:00pm – 1:15pmCarl Lester Go (SG Friendly Ventures Co) – Personal ServicesMyrna Yao12:55pm – 1:00pm
21:15pm – 1:30pmJonathan Chan (Cuts4tots)Myrna Yao1:10pm – 1:15pm
31:30pm – 1:45 pmShiela Lagera (Solutions Providing & Logistics)Myrna Yao1:25pm – 1:30pm
41:45pm – 2:00pmMary Ann Polk (Cobena Business Analytics )Myrna Yao1:40pm – 1:45pm
52:00pm – 2:15pmRonald Ross David (D&V Philippines Outsourcing) Rikki Dee1:55pm – 2:00pm
62:15pm – 2:30pmEuclid Schuyler Teng (Prime Pacific Foods Corp)Rikki Dee2:10pm – 2:15pm
72:30pm – 2:45pmMa. Kristina Ronquillo (Buan-o Corporation)Rikki Dee2:25pm – 2:30pm
82:45pm – 3:00pmFlorentino Medellin (Gizmo Etc Accesswhere Inc)Rikki Dee2:40pm – 2:45pm
93:00pm – 3:15pmCookie Padua (Lyneville Land Development Corp)Gerik Chua2:55pm – 3:00pm
103:15pm – 3:30pmJeanette Melchor (Automation and Systems Resources)Gerik Chua3:10pm – 3:15pm 
113:30pm – 3:45pmEmerson Reyes (Golden Peak Food Corporation)Gerik Chua3:25pm – 3:30pm
123:45pm – 4:00pmLorna Lacsa (FGS East Asia Technical Resources)Gerik Chua3:40pm – 3:45pm
134:00pm – 4:15pmPaulene Canada (Royals Enterprise) Michelle Gankee3:55pm – 4:00pm
144:15pm – 4:30pmBel M (Davao Aluminium Supply Corporation) Michelle Gankee4:10pm – 4:15pm
154:30pm – 4:45pmHans Dee (Extra Low Voltage Distribution)Michelle Gankee4:25pm – 4:30pm
165:00pm – 5:15pmMaria Luz Javier (Avanza Inc.)Johnlu Koa4:55pm – 5:00pm
175:15pm – 5:30pmMichelle Niebres (Tri Mega Force Security)Johnlu Koa5:10pm – 5:15pm
185:30pm – 5:45pmMar Ignacio (EESI Material and Controls Corp)Johnlu Koa5:25pm – 5:30pm

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