It’s Not Complicated: Reading Your Globe Postpaid Bill Only Takes 5 Easy Steps

  1. Understanding your mobile consumption begins with knowing the key information found in your bill.

    Here are the terms you need to know:

    . Amount to Pay:This refers to the total charges for the billing period. If you were remiss in paying your previous bill, your outstanding balance will be included. In the event that you settled the overdue amount after the prior bill’s cut-off due date and before the current bill’s due cut-off date, just disregard the amount.
    . Corporate ID: You’ll see this identifier if you have multiple accounts. It consolidates all your accounts under one bill summary.
    . Account Number: The account identifier you declare when paying for a specific bill
    . Spending Limit: This is the amount that you indicated to be the maximum amount you can spend on top of your Monthly Recurring Fee. Once you reach your Spending Limit, you may opt to disconnect services to control your monthly spend.
    . Billing Period: The start and end dates covered by your current bill
    Due Date: The payment deadline for your current bill
    . Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF):
    This covers your monthly plan and its components, including any recurring add-ons and rewards.
    . Excess Usage: The charges you incur for mobile consumption beyond the coverage of your monthly plan

    First Things First: Why My First Bill is Higher Than My Subscribed Plan
    Your first bill for your Globe postpaid plan will be different from the succeeding ones because the date you signed up is usually different from your bill cut off. Therefore, your first bill will show charges from the date you signed up to your bill’s cut-off date as well as your monthly rate for the next billing period. The amount due, which includes your usage allowances and caps, will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

  2. For a general overview of your mobile consumption, check your Statement Summary.
    It lists the breakdown of all your charges so you can immediately see the areas where you incur a lot of expense.
  3. Review your Plan Summary Page.
    Are you making the most of your Globe plan? Check your plan coverage to see if you’re maximizing (or even using) your add-ons. If your business doesn’t require Landline Boosts, for example, have it changed to an add-on that you actually need.
  4. Manage your mobile consumption more effectively by checking the Summary of Excess Usage.
    This section features a detailed list of your SMS, voice, and data use, and the value added services you avail. Here you’ll see the areas where there is overconsumption and what’s driving them (even the mobile numbers you are always calling are listed). You now have the information you need to tailor your plan to fit your needs.
  5. When it comes to payment, you’ll never get lost as Globe lists all payment channels in your billing statement.
    Make sure you pay in any of these payment channels on or before your due date to maintain good credit standing.

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