How to take charge of your broadband concerns

Here are some quick tips to optimize your internet connection.

If your internet service is performing below expectations, don’t go ranting just yet. Your broadband connection is comprised of different components, including the device’s ability to connect to the internet, the modem which connects the device to the internet, and the cables that transmit telecommunication signals.

As you can see, there are a range of factors that may affect your broadband speed which are not necessarily related to your network connection.

So before you pick up the phone to call our customer service hotline, have a quick look at these factors. You might just be able to bring your internet connection up to speed in a jiffy.

1 Check your modem and its cables.

Check your modem to see if it’s turned on and functioning properly. Make sure none of the cables are loose. If you’re using a LAN cable, it has to be firmly connected to both your computer and modem. Double check the cable if it’s connected to your landline phone and plugged into the box mounted on the wall in your house. Do take note that the cable depends on your service. RJ11, for instance, is for DSL while the RJ45 is for VDSL.

It might sound cliché but switching off your broadband modem and turning it back on after 30 seconds usually does the trick. You can also try plugging it to another power source.

If your modem is USB powered, disconnect it from your computer to shut it down, then plug it back into your computer’s USB slot to turn it back on.

2 Check your modem’s energy source.

Sometimes, the energy source is the culprit. Verify first that there’s no commercial power failure in your area. You should also check your modem’s power adaptor and ensure that it’s plugged in and connected to the modem.

3 Check the third party devices.

Are there any routers and hubs connected to your modem? They might be slowing down your connection, so disconnect them. Remember, you need to upgrade your Globe Broadband plan if there’s an increase in the devices connected or the number of users to ensure optimum speed.

4 Check your security.

Some people might be riding on your internet connection without your knowledge. Change your password to disconnect the other users.

5 Check your monthly limit.

If your Globe broadband plan has a monthly allowance, you can check if you have reached your limit through this  helpful app. Your internet connection will naturally slow down once you’ve reached it. You may get more data allocation through the app or by dialing (02) 730-1288 which is toll-free for Globe subscribers.

In case none of these quick fixes work, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team through online chat, Facebook, and Twitter. You may call (02) 730-1288 for technical concerns and assistance. Need to upgrade your plan for your growing business needs? Send us a message to know more!

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