5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Internet Speed

Maximize your business' potential with a strong internet connection

Technological advances have changed the way companies, no matter the size or industry, do their business. There’s no denying that most of today’s work processes rely on the internet more than ever. Thus, the speed of your connection directly impacts your business — and these days, your connectivity can make or break you. Here are 5 ways investing in your internet connection dictates the future of your business.

Increased Productivity and Employee Morale

A single employee who spends about 15 minutes each day waiting for a page to load, for a file to attach or download, or for an email to arrive wastes about 7.5 work days in a year. Imagine that number at scale, at cost — for a relatively small, 10-person company, that’s already 75 work days in a year, or over P 34,000 in minimum wage. Now, imagine that number in terms of employee morale, from the daily build-up of stress and frustration alone.

Investing in proper speeds, on the other hand, doesn’t only dramatically increase individual productivity and output, it also allows your employees to be more collaborative, to efficiently and effortlessly share resources, content, and ideas. It also gives them added bandwidth, quite literally, for activities more valuable to your business — including taking advantage of online classes and training.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers are now always online. Faster internet speeds help businesses serve their customers through more available tools like live chat and video, and channels like Facebook Messenger, Viber, and even Instagram Stories. But more than that, a strong connection allows businesses to respond to customers more promptly. When everyone is always online and everything is on-demand, response rates matter. So much that Facebook uses this as a publicly viewable metric for business pages.

Moreover, if you’re a service business with reliable store Wi-Fi connectivity, you get to entertain happier and more loyal customers.

Better Online Visibility and Engagement

Running a successful business has a lot to do with online visibility. Reach more potential customers and consistently engage your current client base using social media and web presence. You can do this by creating a regularly updated Facebook and/or Instagram pages, using different formats (e.g. photos, videos, or written content).

The internet is the main conduit between your business and your customers. So, the faster the speed, the more connections you can make.

Added Resiliency and Less Hardware Costs

Never lose important files again — store them up in the cloud. Stronger connections allow you entry into the world of cloud computing. Set up cloud computing for your business so you can conveniently store and manage your company’s files online, and save on the costs of hardware and system upgrades.

Cloud-based systems will also help you keep your reports up to date with collaborative documents. This alone will save you a considerable amount of time, space and effort in the long run.

Amped Up All-Around Efficiency

With a stronger connection, you can tighten up internal processes and workflow. Set up a web-based timekeeping system for more efficient project tracking, payroll management, and client billing. This won’t only save you time and labor costs, it will also allow you to monitor your business operations, and see how else you can improve productivity and performance.

And speaking of monitoring your operations, get extra peace of mind by connecting security systems like CCTV to the internet. This lets you supervise your business from wherever you are, through an app on your phone, and be notified in case of a breach.

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