5 Productivity Apps for Business Owners

Check out these digital mobile hacks for the entrepreneur on the go.

Entrepreneurs need to juggle a lot of tasks at any given day. Fortunately, there are apps that could help you make the most of your time, energy, and money.

Communicate effectively with Slack

When your company goes through a huge volume of real-time communication every day, you need a messaging app with search, sort, and sharing features to help to manage information. Slack effectively traffics all that communication allowing your team to operate efficiently.

Best for media and marketing companies as well as retail organizations where customer service is crucial


Manage projects with Asana

Asana can help your team organize, track, and manage your work load. Break your project down into individual tasks, and assign each task with its own deadline and point person. Now everyone knows exactly what’s expected of them and when.

Best for event management companies, construction firms, and other project-based enterprises where meetings deadlines are crucial

Manage finances with QuickBooks

QuickBooks streamlines your finance and accounting processes. It can create invoices, take photos of receipts, capture electronic signatures, and track customer activity. You can connect your bank accounts, organize your payroll, and view your profits and losses through Quikbooks as well.

Best for retail companies and food and beverage companies where invoices and receipts need to be tracked effectively


Track time with Toggl

Toggl lets you track the amount of time you work, whether you’re using your laptop, phone, or other handheld devices. This way you can spot patterns and create structures for better work efficiency.

Best for manufacturing companies and project-based enterprises where time management plays a significant role in business efficiency


Store files on Google Drive

Google Drive stores files, photos, and videos safely in the cloud so that you never have to worry about backing up files. With Google Drive, you control who gets access to which folders, ensuring data security for your business.

Best for media companies and video production houses where numerous files need efficient management


Slack has a free version for small teams. Upgraded plans start at USD6.67 per active user per month.

Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people. Upgraded plans start at USD9.99 per user per month.

QuickBooks is free for the first 30 days. Plans start at USD7.50 per month for one user plus your accountant.

Toggl is free for up to five members. Upgraded plans start at USD 9 per user per month.

Google Drive is part of Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite), an online suite of productivity tools. You can avail of Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) with Globe myBusiness Mobile Postpaid or Internet Plans for as low as PHP 255 per user per month. Send us a message to know more!

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