Why (and How) You Should Add Color to Your Workplace

Psychology tells us that what we see plays a big role in our creative and emotional mindset. Psychologists have studied the impact of certain colors on the human brain, for example. And when it comes to business, colors play a big role in branding and marketing. But did you know that they also matter in terms of productivity?

Think of it this way: when you come to work each day, you’re usually in the same room or cubicle, staring at the same four walls and typing away on your laptop. This sight is something you associate with the concept of work; it’s an automatic reaction created by your brain.

Believe it or not, your brain reacts automatically to other things, too. Color is one of those things. After all, wouldn’t anyone feel bored, dull and uninterested in a room that’s entirely gray and devoid of bright colors?

Many scientists have studied the effects of colors on behaviors and moods, but because of the subjective nature of people, not all of these studies can be universally applied. The best bet is to talk to your team and get to know their preferences—not about which color is their favorite, but which makes them excited, or inspires them to be creative. It’s also a good idea to talk to an interior designer, who would be able to tell you what colors work best for certain types of businesses.

These tips have just barely scratched the surface of color psychology, but hopefully it’s inspired you to get colorful with your office. Because one thing’s for sure: no one wants to work in a place where everything is dull, dreary gray.

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