What Does It Take to Build a Business?

Meet the inspiring business owners at Globe myBusiness and Spectrum Fair Manila’s Sunset Market, and discover their tips for success.

Globe myBusiness and Spectrum Fair Manila brought together local entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their unique products in the aptly titled Sunset Market last April 27-29. The event was a rousing success, with customers and business owners alike enjoying every night.

Buyers were able to acquire great finds in food, fashion, art and music while enjoying the merry evening at Bonifacio High Street with their family or friends. From delicious bites and scrumptious meals, to on-trend clothing and accessories, to supplies and materials for expert craftsmen, this lively bazaar had it all.

We spoke to some of the business owners at the stalls as well, getting to know them and their unique businesses. From them, we were able to pinpoint the main ingredients to achieving business success:


For Pizza Morena, it’s all about discovering something new. You can make the most out of a simple idea by experimenting with it, tweaking it, and finding something that sets you apart from the crowd.

“We try to be playful with our flavors, so as not to bore the palette, and we try to add a bit of fun,” the brand’s founder said before advising entrepreneurs to, “Try always to be original, […] be aware of what’s going on around you so you’re always contemporary and interesting.”

Creativity stems from something you’re proud of. For example, in her case, “I really wanted to celebrate what’s quintessentially Pinoy. I’m really proud of being Filipino, and I really wanted to celebrate the Filipino woman. […] I think that now is the time for women; it always has been a superpower so to speak, but I think now there’s an emergence of girl power.”


All businesses start with an idea. This idea can come from anywhere, but the key is to stay inspired throughout the whole of your business journey.

The founders of BASI Tropical Towels seem to find their inspiration practically everywhere – from their environment to their hobbies to even other people.

As they say, “We started because we wanted something functional. We wanted to marry something functional with something wearable. So we started with tropical towels, and it evolved from there [to something you could use] outdoors or going to the beach. We also have kids, so we wanted something we could use with them. […] We also started with sarongs. Instead of bringing a sarong, you can bring a towel with you. We combined the two.”

Their words of wisdom for entrepreneurs reflects that belief: “If you can dream it, it can happen. […] You have to believe in your brand. You have to believe in what you sell and in what you’re making.”


Once something clicks, it starts a trend. Unfortunately, that means being the first to sell something isn’t always good enough. You need something that people will remember you for, and something that can’t be reproduced by anyone else in your industry.

“Make sure your product is something unique, because there are a lot of people selling [similar] stuff,” says the founder of Pling’s Rum Cake. “Something that you know other people will look for. [For example,] I’m known for my rum cake. Most people look for it.”

“Always find something that will make your brand stand out, that will make yourself stand out,” she adds. “People go to you because [they want what only you have].”


On the other hand, for Modern Myth Jewelry, “You really have to be interested and passionate about what you’re doing. It’s not just a business. You should be motivated to come up with new products, new marketing strategies.”

Recalling a time when their business had trouble, their founder says, “During the down times, I just kept on looking at what other people liked – not really going with the trend, but inciting what worked. [That allowed me to put my own spin to it and pushing those products myself.]”

This not only showed her perseverance to keep going when times were tough, but also her flexibility, which is an equally important trait for business owners – both qualities represented by the trait of being resilient.


La Brisa PH makes a point to provide every on-trend piece of fashion a traveller or staycation-lover could look for when they go out of town. As the home of blog-worthy sandals and Instagram-able totes, it’s a one-stop shop for every woman who loves the outdoors.

The founder herself is a lover of going to the beach, and does her best to make sure her guests “always feel presko.” But what’s her key to success?

“Patience,” she says. “Never rush into anything.”

And truly, as a business owner, you have to know when to pick up or slow down your pace. It won’t do to make snap decisions that could risk your strategy and progress. Many times, it pays to give your situation a second or third thought before making a choice.


Finally, there’s nothing more important in a business than love, from which stems all your dedication, inspiration and resilience.

“My love for the brand [is what keeps me motivated],” says the founder of clothing retail store Meraki Bowy. “I know it sounds cliche, but … business-wise, it’s hard, but design-wise, it’s really what I love doing.”

On what makes her clothes unique and what she herself loves about the line, she says, “[It’s feminine,] and at the same time it’s easy to wear, it’s comfortable, and you can mix and match with jeans or shorts, or you can just throw on a dress. It’s easy, and understated.”

Love your businesses, entrepreneurs, and you’ll surely go far!

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