Is your business getting too many calls? Here’s how you can upgrade your customer service and communications

Learn more about Managed IP-PBX and how it can help your business in terms of connectivity, work productivity, and cost-efficiency.

Do you know that businesses today have options for a more cost-effective communication setup? Let us help you get acquainted with the different types of voice services, their functionalities, and benefits.  

First, we need to understand what a PBX is.

Communication inside and outside your business is crucial to its growth. MSMEs have no excuse to not have a business telephone line in this day and age.

PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is a telephone system setup often referred to as business-grade telephone service. It allows organizations and companies’ network of phones to connect internally and externally.

A PBX system manages calls between internal to external, external to internal, and internal to internal. Depending on the setup, it can have various features such as extension dialing, forwarding, redirecting, conferencing, queuing, and even that lovely hold music you hear every time you call your favorite business’ customer service.

What is IP-PBX?

IP-PBX is a telephone system that requires an Internet connection instead of a telephone subscription.

IP-PBX setups are often feature-rich. Dominic del Rosario, ICT Product Manager of Globe myBusiness, explains, “The product uses fully digital landlines across the different departments without using conventional phone lines. It also comes with an automated attendant that routes calls efficiently, and other features, such as caller ID, call log, conference calls, and call transfers.”

How IP-PBX Can Help Your Business

As your company grows, so does the number of people who need to get in touch with you and your business. Your lone secretary and telephone line won’t cut it anymore. You need customer service reps and an IP-PBX system to manage and route calls from your customers and partners.

With this solution, MSMEs will never miss important calls again. And with the addition of a dedicated Internet connection, anybody can get in touch with you through your website, email, and social media accounts.

Business meetings are frequent and almost always long. Plus, meetings are often disruptive on operations. It’s also a fact that not all the people required to be in the meeting can be found on one floor.

With an IP-PBX system, you can do away with actual face-to-face meetings and get work done with conference calls. You save time, office space, and effort to send emails or notifications, making collaboration via remote possible. 

IP-PBX is easier to set up than a traditional PBX system which requires additional dedicated telephony wiring and infrastructure. By contrast, a IP-PBX system uses less space and resources while providing users the capability to be supported and support different communication channels such as Voice over IP, ISDN, or analog. 

PBX also commonly uses a legacy system and hardware that are harder or more costly to maintain as your business grows. 

Managed vs. in-house IP-PBX

To make your transition to an IP-PBX easier and stress-free, you can now outsource to Globe myBusiness’ Managed IP-PBX solution.

Competitive Cost and Trouble-free Scaling

Deploy the features that you just need for your business at any given point, so you don’t need to pay for anything you won’t use. Since everything is managed by Globe myBusiness, your company can also save costs on modifications, from hiring manpower to overseeing all the hardware, than if you set up everything yourself in-house.

Worry-free Maintenance 

Globe myBusiness guarantees end-to-end support for Managed IP-PBX, from installation to after-sales and equipment upkeep. As long as your equipment is managed by Globe myBusiness, any issues, repairs, or upgrades will be handled by its dedicated Service Managers.  

Take the case of CASURECO II, one of the electric distributors in the Camarines Sur region. After a severe typhoon caused a catastrophic breakdown of their communications systems, the millions of people who relied on its service were unable to get in touch with them. However, thanks to their decision to switch to Globe myBusiness Managed IP-PBX, CASURECO II was able to recover and maintain its healthy relationship with customers.

In today’s digital business landscape, accessibility, functionality, and convenience are the topmost concerns among MSMEs. With Managed IP-PBX, your customers can easily connect and get in touch with you, anytime, anywhere.

As Jaya Aberin, Industry Manager for Finance of Globe myBusiness puts it, “The product makes it easier for customers, other external partners, and even different departments within the company to reach the correct contact person. You can also use the automated attendant to reinforce your company branding and image as a serious player in the industry.”

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