Restomania PH 2018: Expert Tips and Must-Know Tricks for Restaurant Owners

Putting up your own restaurant? Check out what industry experts have to say about riding on trends, coming up with food concepts, and marketing your restaurant in this era of technology!

On May 25, 2018, Globe myBusiness, in partnership with Mercato Centrale, gathered restaurant owners and food industry experts to Restomania PH 2018 to share updates on fresh trends, concepts, and technologies that are sweeping the food industry today.

Derrick Heng, Senior Adviser for Globe myBusiness, says Restomania PH is a wonderful opportunity for restaurateurs. Not only are restaurant owners provided with a platform to expand their network, they are also given access to the latest food industry data and technologies that they can use to sustain their business.

“In the era of digital, every restaurant owner is trying to create an experience. Now, [as food business owners do this], we want to be there to help them become sustainable and share the relevance of technology to their venture through Restomania PH,” Derrick says.

Following the introductions, various panel discussions were held, featuring top-calibre chefs, food critics, serial restaurateurs, and food data experts. Here are some key takeaways from some of their discussions at Restomania PH 2018:

Getting Down on Trends

Making a Food Concept Work

Marketing and Creating a Buzz

There you have it! Now that you know how to take advantage of trends, make your food concept work, and market your restaurant, you are ready to take your business to a whole new level. With these expert tips, you’re one step closer to creating success for your restaurant business!

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