Protect Your Small Business with These Cybersecurity Tips!

The International Data Corporation (IDC) presented a five-year forecast (2015 to 2019) for the worldwide network security market in September 2015. The study shows that 71 percent of all security breaches target small businesses - not just large enterprises around the globe.

According to Stephen Coty, chief security evangelist at Alert Logic, the worldwide leader of cloud security companies, cyber-attacks don’t cost much. This means that attacking any organization or individual naturally results in profit.

“Cyber attackers usually go after computing systems they know well, so oftentimes it’s more about compromising a particular technology rather than targeting a specific person or entity,” said Coty in an article for Small Business Computing.

In this age where hackers are continuously upgrading their skills, small business owners must know at least the basic security strategies to keep everything (employees’, customers’, and business owners’ data) safe.

  1. Implement the Product and Services approach.

    The product and services approach combines cybersecurity technologies 24×7 by a team of security experts. This will keep your and your customers’ data secure.

  2. Update your IT systems.

    Perform a regular maintenance routine by updating your software to ensure that your systems are clean and to lessen the possibility of cyber threats.

  3. Secure your network.

    It’s important that you monitor your network traffic to prevent anomalies like suspicious IP addresses and unauthorized file transfers. Your IT administrators can then block these addresses to prevent them from accessing your network.“When a hacker tries to exploit web platforms or as your firewall identifies intrusion attempts, the WAF immediately alerts the IT admin, making it much harder for cyber attackers to access the applications that your business uses regularly,” Coty explained.

  4. Back Up.

    This is self-explanatory since business data must be backed up all the time whether or not cyber-criminals will attack your system. Backup your files and keep them in a secure place.

  5. Train Employees to be Security Smart.

    Keep your employees updated on the company’s security program. Train them quarterly about the basic precautions they can take to protect your/their digital assets online and offline. You can also allow your employees to use their own devices when accessing the company data to prevent compromising the company’s IT infrastructure.

With the latest cybersecurity products available in the market, detecting intrusion attempts will be very easy and can even save you time and money in the process.

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