SMEs Can Take Advantage of These 6 Tools to Increase Employee Productivity

Run your business more efficiently with help from these app

Increasing employee productivity is always a challenge for small retail businesses. From merchandising and marketing to inventory and customer relations, the everyday tasks of operating a retail enterprise may seem too many that some employees find themselves overwhelmed.

It’s not just enough to work harder—working smarter is the key to tackling such workplace demands. Fortunately, there are a number of online tools and platforms which can help you and your employees manage tasks. By making use of these platforms, your team will be able to efficiently and effectively accomplish more work at a given time. Here’s how to improve employee productivity in the workplace:


It can be quite confusing when many tasks are going on simultaneously, and it can be a challenge to keep updated on all project details, responsibilities, and timelines.

Trello is an online bulletin board which gives a visual representation of a project’s workflow. You can add as many boards as you like, each of which can represent a task or a project, and correspondingly add as many contributors to each board. Contributors may then add comments, attachments, and other details to specific boards they are members of.

At a glance, you can see pending and upcoming tasks, allowing you to manage and organize accordingly. You can also link your Trello boards to applications which you’re already using like SlackGoogle Calendar, and Google Drive.

By minimizing confusion, promoting delegation, and encouraging collaboration, employees get more done as a team and as individuals.

TMetric Time Tracker

Tracking productivity is also about tracking time. More than monitoring the quality and quantity of tasks accomplished, the employee must also be able to deliver at a given period. Too much time needed to finish a task reveals a flaw in the system, either in the employee capacity or in the work process.

TMetric Time Tracker allows you to track everything—from working hours and breaks to attendance and absences. Not only is this valuable in ensuring that your employee is compensated accurately, it also gives a graphic representation of how much time is spent on particular tasks. Using this information, you and your employee can then evaluate after a given period. If your employee, for example, is spending way too much time doing inventory, perhaps a review on how this task is done is in order.

TMetric Time Tracker not only empowers your employee, giving him even more control of his time; it also gives opportunities for the company to improve systems and processes.


The everyday operations of a retail enterprise requires sharing files. Whether they’re photographs for the company website and social media accounts or a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming sale event, tasks are accomplished faster when files and documents can be easily shared online.

Dropbox allows you and your team to access files in a centralized location—no more complaints about losing a file or misplacing a document because everybody else has a copy of it. Dropbox also makes it easier to work together on a specific document as you’re all on the same page (quite literally).


Seamless communication with everyone in your organization is an important factor if you want your operations to run like a well-oiled machine.

As a messaging application, Slack gives you and your employees a safe and secure place to communicate with one another. Apart from real-time messaging, it also has search, filter, sorting, and file sharing features. By giving you and your team a platform to exchange ideas and information in real time, you will be able to run your retail operations smoothly.


If paper forms are wreaking confusion on your files, then perhaps it’s time to go digital. Going paperless will not only save you and your employees time and effort; it would also lower administrative costs and make processes much faster.

GoCanvas features a digital form builder that allows you to create the forms you need. You could either create your own form or choose from more than 16,000 templates. Through this tool, you can easily collect information from your mobile, and generate the corresponding reports in real-time.

Cloud Point of Sale (POS)

Doing billings and tracking inventory are challenging tasks for retailers, so your employees will definitely welcome Cloud POS. A cloud-based business solution, it can monitor sales in real-time, track inventory with ease, print BIR-accredited receipts, and create loyalty programs.

By switching from a manual setup to a cloud-based format, you not only avoid pilferage and minimize paperwork; you also make accounting and tax-related tasks easier resulting in faster transactions.

The Cloud POS Bundle includes a 6th Gen iPad, 20 Mbps Unlimited Internet + Landline, and Complete POS Set with Software License, Anti-Theft Case, Router, and Receipt Printer Cash Drawer.

As you can see, your Internet service is not just good for maintaining your website, updating your social media accounts, and managing your email. It can also offer ways to improve employee efficiency and help your business run more effectively, leading to better sales and revenues for your company.


Trello has a free version that covers up to 10 team boards. Upgraded plans start at USD 9.99 per user per month.

Tmetric Time Tracker is free for teams of up to 5 people. Upgraded plans start at USD4.00 per user per month

Dropbox is free for the first 30 days. Plans start at USD12.50 per month for 3 users for 3TB.

Slack has a free version for small teams. Upgraded plans start at USD6.67 per active user per month.

GoCanvas is a digital form builder that allows you to create the forms you need. You can avail of GoCanvas with Globe myBusiness Mobile Postpaid or Internet Plans for as low as PHP 560 per user per month. 

Cloud POS packages start at P6500 per month inclusive of a Globe myBusiness broadband subscription.

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