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Edukasyon.ph is the leading education technology startup in the Philippines. The online youth platform empowers millions of Gen Z youth (age 13-23) to make self-aware better-informed education, career, and life decisions that help them realize their full potential.

Edukasyon enables access to colleges and universities, scholarships, internships, and other resources at no cost. Launched in 2015 and also operating the website www.finduniversity.ph, it reaches more than 10 million Filipino Gen Z youth each year.

Together with hundreds of educational and institutional partners, Edukasyon offers opportunities and engaging content so that students can better evaluate themselves and their options. It has enabled these partners to reach and engage with its student community along the journey from education to career.

Edukasyon also provides partners with upskilling opportunities across a broad set of competencies relevant to all career stages. It is currently working with Globe to provide soft skills training to SME employees for their continuous development. Together with its network of experienced training experts, Edukasyon will be providing seven (7) training courses across three (3) broader categories:

1. Salesmanship

2. Leadership

3. Coaching

These training courses aim to shed light on different approaches to generating insights and improving salesmanship. They also seek to improve interpersonal and problem-solving skills among participants so that they can build stronger, more human, and more effective teams. They are accessible to professionals of any specialization and tenure.

Globe Business partners with Edukasyon.ph to get these certification webinars for FREE when you avail of select Globe Business products.

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