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To say that the past year has been paradigm-shifting would be an understatement. Because of the new normal brought about by the pandemic, businesses had to rethink everything they thought they knew not just to survive, but thrive.

Having the new normal and the country’s small and medium enterprises in mind, Globe myBusiness Academy conducted the Getting Started On Cloud masterclass. Held on March 26, the masterclass intended to give businesses an opportunity to see what cloud services can do for them.

The masterclass featured Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Solutions Architect Alvin Delagon and Globe Telecom Inc.’s Cloud Transformation Program Lead Francis Dominic Arjonillo. Contact Center Association of the Philippines President Jojo Uligan also delivered the opening remarks and IT-BPM  (Information Technology & Business Process Management)  trends.

Aside from introducing attendees to what cloud is and what benefits they can get from choosing it via Amazon Web Services (AWS), the masterclass also tackled the trends and landscape of the IT-BPM industry. These topics are highly relevant to help businesses understand quick, cost-efficient, and secure ways to make data readily available. This way, they can adapt with the challenges of the new normal — from telecommuting to digitizing storefronts.

A More Digital And Cloud-based Platform

Uligan delivered his opening remarks, describing the state of the IT-BPM industry in the country. According to him, the industry currently brings in $27.1 billion in revenue, with $15 billion of that coming from contact centers. Uligan says that there is still a lot of room for growth for the industry, especially since the country only addresses 16 percent of the total needs of the world.

“There’s still opportunity out there depending on how fast we transition our business from a traditional way to a hybrid model where we’re leveraging on technology like cloud,” he explained.

Just like other businesses, contact centers were also affected by the pandemic. Uligan says 67 percent of the industry’s workers are working from home, and that adjustment was made possible by the cloud.

“Globe enables us to work from home because of the connectivity. We tried to analyze and understand what else we can do with the technology available to us,” he shared. “With the services being offered by our partners like Globe and AWS, we can shift brick-and-mortar services that we do to a more digital and cloud-based platform.”

A Transformation Journey

Arjonillo, on the other hand, shared Globe’s own transformation journey when it comes to the cloud. The company first started to move to the cloud in 2014 and had initially done so because of the potential cost savings. However, they began to reap more benefits than they expected.

“From our experience, cost-savings becomes a benefit but it no longer becomes the priority or the number one objective,” he shared. “Bringing the application to the market ahead of our competition gives us increased market share and higher potential revenue.”

Arjonillo says that using the cloud has also increased customer satisfaction, as portals like Globe One continue to run seamlessly even during peak hours because of it being in the cloud. Their services being available to use globally has also been a big plus.

Now, Globe has optimized its cloud. Arjonillo says that anything new they put to the cloud is already optimized for it, resulting in better savings over time.

Watch the event recap here:

Four Ways To Pay

For his talk, Delagon started out by defining cloud computing for the attendees, saying that it is “the on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications via the internet.” The pricing is pay-as-you-go, with consumers paying only for what they use.

He then outlined the differences between on-premise solutions and the cloud. The cloud is more elastic compared to the inflexible on-premise solutions. No upfront investment is required for the cloud and ongoing costs are low.

Delagon also shared to the attendees that AWS and Globe myBusiness have been providing hybrid solutions — involving a combination of on-premise and the cloud — to businesses.

Attendees at the masterclass also learned about the four different ways they can purchase that can fit their specific needs. They can either choose to do on-demand, which is best for fluctuating workload, and where they only pay by the minute. All this has been made extra convenient through Globe myBusiness by billing customers locally and in peso.

Reserved instances, on the other hand, involves an upfront payment and a long-term commitment, perfect for workloads that are always on. The savings plan, which was first introduced in 2019, also requires an upfront payment but allows for users to change as they go.

Lastly, users can also opt to purchase spot instances, which is best for machine learning training as well as the scaling of web and API servers. It’s the same as on-demand, but has a 90 percent discount as AWS can reclaim the instance from the user at any time.

Delagon also gave two options for businesses looking to migrate their databases to the cloud. He recommended fully managed relational databases for those looking to lower the cost of their overhead. The other option is Aurora, which provides enterprise-level performance and faster performance from the default.

The Top-Of-Mind Choice

With AWS’ huge global footprint and fully redundant 100 gigabits per second network that circles around the world, it  definitely becomes top-of-mind when it comes to businesses looking to get started on the cloud.

Arjonillo said that getting AWS through Globe myBusiness allows businesses to have the help they need to make sense of the building blocks of AWS and build something out of it. The company can also help businesses make the decision on which applications can go on to the cloud or stay on-premises.

The local cloud support team that Globe myBusiness has in place is another draw, allowing users to come up with whatever configuration they need done. A Globe myBusiness account manager is also available to provide onboarding, advice, and after-sales support

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