Message Sent! 6 Ways To Improve Customers’ Experience By Staying Connected

Automating repetitive, tedious, or complex but commonplace processes lets businesses save time and money. The more efficient and automated persisting tasks are, the more time you will have to channel your energy into growing your business and building more meaningful networks.

One way of doing this is by using an Application Programming Interface (API), a solution to enhance your current business applications and enable them to use third-party services. Using APIs can make workflows faster and more productive, reducing the need for staff to manually manage all steps and allowing them to focus on more critical tasks. 

Automate the sending and receiving of SMS

Globe Business’ SMS APIs, in particular, allow for the automation of SMS messages. You can integrate SMS APIs into your existing applications and program SMS sending based on specific event triggers – like a particular action by the customer, or a particular date. This enables businesses to send event-triggered messages to customers such as One-Time PINs (OTPs), Order Confirmations, or payment reminders and appointment confirmations, creating more meaningful customer relationships that let them feel that they are valued.

SMS APIs also allow you to register custom sender IDs to make your messages recognizable, assuring customers that they are receiving a legitimate message from your business. In this way, automation improves not only the customer experience but customer security.

Here are six examples of how Globe Business SMS APIs can be used for your business:

1. Order and Delivery Notifications 

Keep your customers up-to-date every step of the way. Whether they’re looking forward to receiving their highly anticipated online purchases or food deliveries, automated order and delivery notifications keep your customers informed

2. Two-Factor Authentication

Give your customers’ transactions an extra layer of security to avoid security risks. Keep your customer secured with OTPs sent whenever they access their online accounts, especially those that contain sensitive information such as financial transactions, school and office records.

3. Appointment Reminders

Make appointments more convenient for your customers by sending out reminders for upcoming dates and details. This reduces the chances of missed bookings, especially for important matters like check-ups, medical procedures, or services paid for in advance.

4. Bill Reminders

Help customers remember billing due dates. This works both ways as it increases your collection efficiency while helping your customers avoid late fees and other finance charges.

5. Queuing and Booking

Allow customers to conveniently book appointments via SMS or get a queuing number in advance so they can spend less waiting time in your location. This will especially benefit senior citizens and anyone looking to cut down on travel time and energy in physically going out to do errands. 

6. Proactive Support

Decongest long customer service queues by allowing customers to text questions and wait for your reply instead. No more long waiting times on phone calls and physical lines commonly encountered by BPOs and admin and support service providers.

Where do you sign up?

Now is the best time to discover how SMS APIs can help your business connect with your customers. This 2022, Globe Business is implementing a price reduction for SMS APIs and a pay-as-you-go pricing model  so you can improve customer experience in the most affordable way.

Sign up by August 30, 2022 and get free additional SMS credits! Click here to talk to our account managers.

Download our infographic on SMS API.


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