Digital Transformation Takes Center Stage at Globe myBusiness’ Integrate 2018

Discover how digital technologies and innovative solutions can get your business ahead.

As new and emerging digital technologies have disrupted how businesses are run, it is evident that digital transformation has become a key to success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

In empowering businesses to embrace digital transformation, Globe myBusiness and Globe Labs teamed up to host Integrate 2018, a learning session for managers and key decision-makers in the Information and Communications Technology and Business Process Outsourcing industries.

Held on October 17 at the Makati Diamond Residences, the event featured the latest technological trends, innovations, and developments that would help drive business growth. Industry experts were invited to share personal and professional tips that would allow businesses to reach success.

Taking a Leap

Jonathan de Luzuriaga, Chief Investigator at Spring Valley Tech Corp, shared how the power of culture and leadership can help businesses take advantage of new digital technologies in an evolving world.

In order for enterprises to flourish in the digital world, Jonathan identified four key points that would help business leaders and organizations take a leap in digital innovation—humility, adaptability, vision, and engagement.

“This digitization hit us [fast and hard],” Jonathan emphasized. “It’s important that we, as part of organizations, possess the right sets of values that would work in the digital era.”

Revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among the notable emerging digital technologies today. In recent years, this piece of technology has been revolutionized to help businesses create success.

Cyril Pama, Principal Solution Specialist for Data and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft, showed how tapping into AI can help transform businesses. For example, businesses can use AI to create platforms and enterprise tools that can help the agriculture industry, cater to disabled persons, and promote road safety, among many others.

“We live in a world with new opportunities and challenges. We’re no stranger to that anymore. Digital disruption is definitely commonplace,” Cyril said. “Companies like Microsoft are changing the game, bringing new services and technologies to the forefront.”


Technology has its pros and cons. It has been used as a tool not only to make life better, but also to put people at risk. As businesses embrace digital transformation, security should also be at the forefront of this change.

Butch Velasquez, Product Marketing Head at Globe Telecom, emphasized the need for cybersecurity awareness among businesses and organizations.

“There is a need to educate your employees about security. Creating a culture of awareness about threats is very important. The more devices that you have holding your company’s information and data, the more exposed you are to threats. The landscape is always changing,” he said.

According to Butch, business leaders should engage with their employees in order to effectively inform them about managing security risks. As he said, “Security should be fun and engaging. You have to engage your employees.”

A Way of Life

Debbie Obias, Vice President for Segment Marketing at Globe myBusiness, noted how digital technologies and enhanced connectivity have changed the business landscape.

“It is no question that technology has disrupted the way things are done, from using apps in booking transportation, navigation, [and] making deliveries, to using online platforms to spread news in real time and reach people all over the world. The world as we know it has become smaller through technology and enhanced connectivity,” Debbie said.

This was why Globe myBusiness, through its innovative digital solutions and application program interfaces (APIs), has made it its mission to help entrepreneurs create wonderful experiences in running their businesses, she added.

“Digital is no longer just a phase. Digital is a way of life. With technology paving the way towards the future, it is now our job to lead Filipino SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to their digital transformation.”

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