Globe myBusiness Academy Masterclass: Design Thinking

Calling all business owners:

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we encourage you to join the first hands-on interactive workshop on Design Thinking from Globe myBusiness and Globe University. It aims to help businesses like yours bounce back and thrive in the new normal by innovatively thinking to solve real customer pain points.

Globe myBusiness Academy SME Masterclass

This is only the first of a number of free and exclusive workshops we will be providing to select Globe myBusiness customers who want to start or continue with their digital transformation journey.

Take a deep-dive into the importance of Design Thinking in this two-day online class with experts from Globe University and an exclusive free mentorship with CIA Bootleg Manila Co-founder Aaron Palileo.

What’s expected from participants:

If you’re interested in taking part, click this link to sign up now!

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