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With changes happening in the business landscape, We’ve come to realize which ones are short-term, and which are long-term. Definitely, traditional methods no longer work, giving way to new opportunities, especially in the digital field. Those who are willing to take risks and keep pushing their business forward leverage these opportunities.

Take advantage of these changes and future-proof your business. But how can you know if an opportunity is really for you?

We know your dilemma. There are so many paths your business can take, and you need an expertly crafted roadmap you can follow to make the right steps. Globe Business offers you a free assessment tool that allows you to look into your business’s current state so you can be guided into creating sound decisions – the Digitest.

The Digitest offers a personalized assessment for your business with a FREE PDF downloadable. After answering profiling questions, you’ll understand the current state of your business and receive recommendations tailor-fit to your needs based on SME and industry trends in the tech sector. You can download and receive the free personalized PDF result via email and use it as your guide for strengthening your digitization efforts.

You’ll know if your business is a:

1. Digital Rookie

New ventures that trust traditional ways of doing business but have seen how unsustainable these are in the changing times. Although apprehensive at first, these businesses are ready to know more and see how digital solutions and technologies can help them thrive.

2. Digital Shifter

Growing small and medium businesses with tried and tested ways that may have held them back in the early stages of the pandemic, but have been scaling their businesses up with digital solutions they’ve come to see as helpful in their operations. These businesses are ready to explore more technologies to keep up the momentum.

3. Digital Eager Beaver

Starting companies with the digital know-how needed to pave their road to success. Using the latest tech helps them grow their businesses faster, and they’re on the lookout for more ways to keep growing.

4. Digital Game Changer

Frontrunners that are mavericks in the digital field. They’re the first to try technologies and can quickly shift their practices when needed. These businesses are looking for more ways to stay ahead through understanding opportunities they may not have exhausted yet.

Take the test and start your digital transformation journey so you can forge your business’s success in the new normal. Click the link below to start:

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