How Does Color Affect Your Branding?

Color plays a big role in many things, and because of this it’s one of the most interesting things for businesses to study. There has been a lot of research done to see how colors affect human behavior, and businesses were quick to pick up on the benefits of these studies for product and brand development.

In the psychology of colors, association is the name of the game. Basically, we associate certain emotions with specific colors. This is based on our upbringing, our culture, or even outside influences like the opinions of others, usually a collective. Most of the time, though, this association is so innate that we don’t notice it, but those who study color theory and understand its effects do.

Photo from The Logo Company

For example, take a look at these basic colors. See what they’re commonly associated with, and how you can use these colors in your branding:

If you’re curious about color theory and the many more ways to express your branding through colors, see

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