Globe myBusiness Offers Expert Insights and Digital Solutions to Cagayan de Oro Entrepreneurs

Discover what industry experts and veteran entrepreneurs have to offer in the Go Lokal Cagayan de Oro learning session.

As the Philippine economy continues to grow in a digital world, Globe myBusiness Academy led entrepreneurs in Cagayan de Oro to the future of local businesses in a Go Lokal learning session last October 29, 2018.

Held at SM CDO Downtown Premier, Globe myBusiness Academy, together with industry experts, offered professional insights and digital solutions that can help business owners in Cagayan de Oro succeed in the digital landscape.

The event was held in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the local government of Cagayan de Oro, and the Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation Inc.

In her welcome remarks, Cagayan de Oro City Councilor Suzette Magtajas Daba encouraged small businesses to embrace digital transformation, noting that entrepreneurs are vital in the success of the country’s economic growth.

“Technology is fast-changing. There is a need for companies to be abreast of new trends and developments,” Councilor Suzette said to participants of the learning session.

Likewise, Michelle Ora, head of business development at Globe Telecom, recognized the capability of small businesses to contribute to the Philippine economy.

“The MSME market is responsible for 99% of our businesses in the country. They contribute 36% to the total of the Philippine economy. That’s how big the MSME segment is,” Michelle said. “Everything big that we see today started small. If we believe in the capability of each and everyone, nothing is impossible.”

If you missed the Globe myBusiness Academy learning session, you can check out what the industry experts and veteran entrepreneurs had to say during the event:

Overcome Fear

Motivational speaker Chinkee Tan believes that all business owners have their own fears—fear of rejection, fear of failure, and fear of the future. But he emphasized: “The desire to succeed should be greater than the fear of failure.”

Success Takes Time

“Earning money will take time. Creating a legacy will take time,” said Ginger Arboleda, Founder of Manila Workshops.

Likewise, Ginger said that success means finding your passion and taking the opportunity to use it to grow as an individual. “You have a passion. Your job is to find it. If you pursue it […] you will be successful.”

Think Like A Customer

Meanwhile, Janina Nazareno, Head of Self Incubation at Lazada, said that to be a good entrepreneur, one must know how to think like a customer in order to provide great customer service.

This can be applied when managing various parts of a business, Janina said. In giving an example, she explained how the idea is essential in running an online shop: “When you open an online shop, you have to think of yourself as a customer first. What would a customer want to see? What would a customer want to read about your shop?”

Digital is Now

“Digital advertising is the great equalizer. Not everyone can buy a billboard. Through digital advertising, everyone has an equal chance to reach people online, provided you can set your parameters right,” said Joey Flores, Associate Director at AdSpark.

He added: “Digital is now. If you’re not advertising online, and that’s where your customers are now, you’re missing your chance.”

Know How Digital Tools Can Help You

Eugene Arboleda, Subject Matter Expert at Manila Workshops and founder of Taxumo, believes that business owners should have a clear objective on how they use digital tools. He emphasized that entrepreneurs should know how their business websites can help them reach success.

For example, Eugene said that in creating a website, entrepreneurs should determine how a website can help them manage their businesses in order to maximize it.

“If your website is very focused and it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, it can definitely boost your business,” he said.

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