Globe myBusiness Academy launches online platform to connect with more SMEs

Staying true to its mission of empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in today’s digital age, Globe myBusiness Academy (GmBA) launched its own online platform to better deliver its services and enable business success.

Last May 12, 2018 during the Spark Up Summit in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall, Globe myBusiness Academy and renowned industry leaders took the floor to discuss business tips, tricks, and opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their trade.

Derrick Heng, Senior Advisor for Globe myBusiness, began his speech by saying that most businesses in the Philippines are SMEs. He says that over 60% of entrepreneurs in this section are looking for ways and means to elevate their business by hearing from experts.

According to Derrick, answering this need is simple: bring GmBA online. He says that launching an online platform for GmBA enables Globe myBusiness, business experts, and SME owners to communicate, learn from each other, and create a relationship focused on growth and success.

“Beyond offering solutions for businesses, we want to be a source of expertise and know-how so SMEs can learn [their] trade and [its] best practices. Our conversations have now changed beyond mobile and broadband. We want to be credible partners that can give information so businesses can have an advantage,” Derrick says. “With Globe myBusiness Academy, aspiring business owners are empowered. This is important, because to us, your success is our business.”

In addition to Derrick’s remarks, The Spark Project’s co-founder Patch Dulay, who have worked with GmBA in a number of its events, emphasized how Globe myBusiness has helped them succeed and fulfill their own mission as a business.

“We are all here wanting to meet more entrepreneurs, and for Globe myBusiness Academy, going online is a milestone that helps us expand our network. Having more entrepreneurs in the country can help more people and bring inclusive growth,” Patch says.

GmBA Online sports a user-friendly interface, where member entrepreneurs can access fresh content to help them improve their business. By signing up, business owners can gain access to these resources, which come in the form of video, full-length articles, or even downloadable guides.

Also, entrepreneurs who sign up with GmBA Online will also receive regular updates and invitations to seminars, conventions, and events that were made possible with the joint effort of Globe myBusiness and its renowned partners.

On another note, Spark Up’s esteemed lineup of business experts also shared precious insights on doing business in today’s world that inspired everyone present. Here are some of the best quotes from some of the speakers:

“Profits should not be the end goal. The most important thing I should have learned before I started business is that when you do your job well and provide solutions, the gains will come,” Francis says in an exclusive interview with Globe myBusiness.

He adds that giving your best and solving every problem that come your way will increase your value as a company and, in turn, help you raise your prices and profits. Francis notes that it is important to learn this, especially with the high mortality rate of start-ups in the Philippines.

“Don’t try to go for a home run and become an overnight millionaire. Go for stability. If you can control your losses first, it means you can eventually become stable, breakeven, and grow in the coming years,” Roby says.

He says that reaching stability lies on learning, noting that every entrepreneur has to increase their knowledge base and focus on developing themselves for their business. He adds that with the developments brought about by technology, aspiring entrepreneurs have to be equipped enough to make their business work constantly.

“We took something that we had fun doing seriously, and now, we’re here. From the whole experience of putting up the business, we learned that you should not be afraid to start. Wherever the starting point is, do it,” Panch says.

According to Panch, Linya Linya’s beginnings stem back to his high school days with the company’s co-founder Ali Sangalang, who loved telling jokes through art. He says their love for creating content and using witty lines earned them an online fan base, which they capitalized on to successfully start selling apparel that feature their creations.

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