E-Commerce is for every MSME with this comprehensive and customizable bundle from Globe Business

Setting up your online shop is quick and easy with the right tools from Globe Business

Doing business online is exciting because it presents new opportunities to reach more people and increase sales. Similar to putting up a brick-and-mortar store or office, you’d want a well-designed online shop to attract customers.  From colorful web banners to interactive site pages integrated with your social media, it all seems simple–until you are faced with many options on your product catalogue display, order gathering, payment gateways, and automated confirmation messages.

However, it may get overwhelming and make you feel you are a part-time IT guy with a minor in marketing just to get your online store set up. Does this dilemma sound familiar? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

There are many solutions online that boast of a quick way to get a functional online shop running. They are usually templated shop designs integrated with their pre-set algorithms connecting to third party apps when necessary, especially for secure payment processing. They also normally offer add-on fees for functions that are good to have but not essential, allowing entrepreneurs to shop smart when building their online shop. 

Covering the Communication Essentials

Globe Business recognizes the strengths of its competitors and adds more to the mix. What makes Globe Business’ E-Commerce Bundle stand out is that it covers the first essential: it’s an unlimited broadband business plan, a capable internet service starting at 35  Mbps with equal download and upload speeds to power your operations and provide connectivity to your team.

It also comes with a WiFi Modem and landline with unlimited calls to Globe/TM numbers, so you can easily reach out to your customers and suppliers. 

E-Commerce Facility 

The E-commerce bundle comes with a free 12-month free subscription to Rush, an e-store builder and hosting site.

It ticks the checklist too with comprehensive marketing, payments, logistics, engagement, loyalty, and marketplace functions within its network. If you enjoy the service, you can continue your subscription at its competitive price of PHP2799 per month*.

You may also level up your Basic subscription to Starter (with engagement), Professional (with engagement and feedback), or Enterprise (with engagement, feedback, and news page). Or, add specific boosters for branding, kickstarting (when building sites for multiple branches), campaigning, engagement (with SMS masking and verification tools), and promotions (including DTI promo applications).

All these come with free onboarding through live webinars to ease your brand into e-commerce and help you set up your shop.

With Globe Business, you can save time and make sure every peso equates to a valuable add-on for your business. Sign up for the e-commerce bundle here until March 31, 2022.

*P2799 per month for Rush E-store is on top of your broadband plan subscription. Rush E-store subscription is co-terminus with the Broadband plan when you avail of the E-commerce Bundle. Lock-up period is 24 months.

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