How Free Customer WiFi Can Help Boost Your Business

Offering free customer WiFi doesn't only benefit your customers; it can also help boost your business. 

Whether you own a café, hostel, beauty salon, or even a gym, don’t underestimate the benefits that free customer WiFi can bring to the business. More than just giving patrons the opportunity to surf the Internet, it’s about providing them the best possible experience to let them know that their needs are important to you.

As more and more people use mobile devices, they’re more inclined to patronize an establishment that offers free WiFi rather than one that doesn’t. And if you’re still not convinced on how offering free WiFi can boost profits, take a look at the benefits you’re missing out on:

Extend Customers’ Length of Stay

Providing complementary WiFi allows customers to be productive while they’re in your place of business. This not only encourages them to extend their stay, but also urges them to examine the products that you have and, eventually, spend to try them out.

And while some may raise the possibility of people overstaying just to use the WiFi, one still can’t deny that those who stay will end up spending more than those who don’t. You can also implement small measures to prevent overstaying by, for example, limiting power outlets.

Gather Customer Data

One of the overlooked benefits of offering free WiFi is using it as a method to gather customer information. When they ask for your network’s password, you can ask them to fill out a form with their basic details, including a box that asks for their consent to receive information about new products and discounts.

Gather this data in a secure and private database and use it for your future marketing efforts as well as to learn more about your customers based on the information they provide. You can also work with your Internet provider to see if they can configure your WiFi access point to do this on the network.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Nowadays, one of the main reasons people choose to visit a particular establishment is if they offer free WiFi. When the details that separate you from your competitors are small, complementary WiFi can encourage a visit or become a deal-breaker.

And even if you already offer WiFi, a weak connection can turn customers off from visiting your establishment again. As a business owner, meanwhile, you also need a strong internet connection to conduct business efficiently and achieve maximum productivity.

Enhance Marketing Opportunities

Many social media-savvy customers have the habit of taking photos of the product they’re currently enjoying and sharing it with their friends. A lot of them also tag the location of the business to show others where they are.

Thanks to your business’s complimentary WiFi, you can reinforce this behavior and convert your customers into micro influencers for the brand. If you establish a brand hashtag, it’ll also allow you to track their posts, gauge their sentiment for feedback, and maybe use their photos and reviews as user-generated content to market the brand on your social media accounts.

Plus, you can do social media promotions such as hosting giveaways and/or contests or posting discount coupon codes as a way of rewarding your customers.

If your business still doesn’t offer free WiFi, perhaps it’s time to consider it. And if you already are, make sure that your speeds are competitive for both your business’ and your customers’ needs.

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