Get ready for the ‘Ber’ months with these holiday business tips

The ‘ber’ months are upon us. Get ready early and hit the ground running as the holiday rush begins.

The “ber” months mark the beginning of the holiday season in the Philippines. A shopping rush is coming, so it’s time for entrepreneurs to plan and gear up.

Holiday preparations in the country are like no other. As early as September, shoppers are already placing orders to organize grand celebrations like lavish street parties, religious feasts, and gift-givings.

As shoppers are preparing to hit stores across the country, business owners should also make preparations for the “ber” months, the most lucrative time of the year.

Turn the Christmas season into a prosperous one with these holiday business tips:


Identify the goals you want your business to achieve for the holidays. Write them all down. Make sure they are specific, realistic and measurable. Explain how you will be able to achieve them within a period of time.

Exceeding a sales target, engaging more customers, and expanding your reach on social media are examples of business goals that you can set.


Holidays are the seasons of giving. You can attract shoppers by providing creative guides and catalogs that feature your products and services.

Customers love getting more than what they pay for. Create good package deals, holiday coupons, special discounts, and exciting rewards to increase your sales.

Give out free merchandise such as pens, mugs and t-shirts bearing your company’s logo to frequent customers. Placing digital vouchers is another great and affordable way of giving out discounts and freebies. This doesn’t just stimulate sales, it can also establish loyalty among customers, and additionally work as marketing materials for your brand. 


The Internet provides a great platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their products, promotions and holiday offers online.

Engage shoppers during the “ber” months by creating a campaign and setting a theme when you promote your products online.

Set a festive mood by adding a little flair to your website and social media profiles. Entice your customers with multimedia content such as holiday-themed photos, videos, and graphics. Emotional content touches the hearts of Filipinos during the holidays — this can be a good way to connect with your customers on a deeper level. It’s about putting out content that will help your consumers relate with your brand.


During the “ber” months, having more shoppers means meeting a higher demand. Make sure that your inventory is fully stocked for the holidays.

Order more stock if demand exceeds your inventory, but don’t buy too much. Prioritize products that are in high demand.

Use digital tools to seamlessly keep track of your business’ sales, revenue, and expenses.


The holiday rush means businesses have to operate longer hours to accommodate more shoppers.

To be ready for the “ber” months, prepare your company’s holiday schedule as early as you can to ensure a smooth and organized business operation.

Meet your employees and plan the schedules and shifts to be implemented. Ask your employees if they will be working overtime, or if they will be taking some time off for a vacation.


With a determined mindset and efficient management, your business will surely be ready for the holidays.

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