5 Tips for Smarter Tax Filing

For most people, April might signify the start of summer vacation, the coming of hotter days, or simply nothing at all. But every business owner has an additional concept associated with the month: it’s the time to file your tax returns.

Every entrepreneur should be familiar with the process, and should be following it to the letter so as not to acquire penalties. But we sat down with online tax assistance platform Taxumo to ask about the policies and practices many business owners don’t know, and how they might benefit from these.

From addressing common mistakes to offering smart alternatives, here are their top five tips and reminders:

Finally, since April is coming in fast, make sure you have everything in order. Keep yourself updated on the processes, developments and even alternatives, so that you can make the most out of your taxes. Remember to double-check your form entries, get to the BIR on time, and be prepared for anything. Good luck!

Learn from tax experts’ discussion to know more about tax filing for entrepreneurs! Watch Globe myBusiness Academy’s webisode here.

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