5 Easy Tips to Be More Productive by Taking Better Notes

Find out how to improve your note-taking with modern mobile technology!

Note taking is an important part of the daily operations of a negosyante. It’s a simple yet proven-effective way to keep track of information — from important dates, to project progress to client data. It hasn’t lost its appeal after generations of keeping up the habit, but the method behind it has changed over the years.

With technology literally at our fingertips, note taking has never been easier. Many new and well-loved digital features make the process of note-taking effortlessly quick, easy and mobile. Here’s what you should do to up your note-taking game:

1) Invest in a smartphone.

2) Collaborate real-time with your team on Google Docs or other platforms.

3) Write down notes quickly with pens

A callback to the original way to take notes, many smartphones now come with pens. They replace the use of fingers on your smartphone’s touchscreen. The best pens are connected to your phone via Bluetooth, which allows them to have additional functions:

4) Share your notes easily

5) Secure your sensitive data, especially if the notes you’re taking have to do with crucial tenets of your business.

Note taking has clearly developed over the years, but no innovation since the pen and paper has been as profound as what we currently have at our fingertips. With all these functions, you wouldn’t expect one phone, tablet or device to have them all. But you just might be surprised.

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