4 Globe MyBusiness Digital Solutions You Can Invest in this 2018

More than 60 million Filipinos are now on the Internet, changing the way entrepreneurs do their business in order to provide better customer service and improve daily operations. As 2018 looms, more changes are bound to appear as smarter consumers demand more from businesses.

There are many readily available business tools and digital solutions that can modernize trade and improve the front and back ends of a business. However, entrepreneurs must carefully assess where to put their money, making sure they are buying these technologies from respected vendors. Luckily, Globe MyBusiness offers a tried-and-tested suite of digital tools and solutions that have been proven to benefit businesses across the Philippines.

Check out this list of products that can kick off your 2018 with a bang:

  1. myWebsite

    Due to the amount of information readily available online, people use the Internet to check out goods and services they can avail. Thus, it is crucial for businesses to establish an online platform where they can showcase their offers.With Globe myBusiness’ myWebsite, entrepreneurs can now easily make their own website. Even without coding skills, business owners can establish their own online presence by creating their own site that best fits their trade model.Websites created through this product are customer friendly and can be accessed through personal computers and mobile phones. They also support various avenues for payment that are safe and secure, ready with a delivery scheduling interface.

  2. RUSH

    The year 2018 is bound to give rise to more businesses, which means competition is about to get tighter. On another note, a new year also spells more opportunities to secure more customers and keep loyal customers under your business’ wing.One way of making sure customers keep coming to your business is through a loyalty program. With Globe MyBusiness’ partnership with RUSH, business owners can now design, create, and implement their own loyalty program that suits their market.With RUSH, entrepreneurs are provided with a choice between two custom-branded loyalty programs: a Points Package and a Punch Card Package. Now, for every purchase, you’re bringing your customers closer to your business and building lasting relationships with them.

  3. myBusiness

    TrackerIf your business relies a lot on delivering supplies and orders, it is important to make sure that your vehicular assets are maximized through effective fleet management. Fortunately, there are available digital solutions focusing on optimizing this specific business process.The myBusiness tracker is a great digital solution that can help you monitor moving assets and their drivers. With this product, business owners can track the movement of their vehicles in real time with no additional need for device installation per moving asset.Entrepreneurs can now improve the way they manage their deliveries with trip summaries and location reports from myBusiness Tracker, processing trip distance, total time, and maximum driver speed in a click.

  4. CCTV Installation

    CCTV cameras not only scare off potential criminal activity, they also help in keeping eye on your business assets. These cameras monitor activities inside your offices and stores, helping improve resource management and customer service.It is important for business owners to always check on their business, which is why Globe myBusiness crafted myBusiness CCTV. With this solution, entrepreneurs can enjoy hassle-free CCTV camera installation and monitor their business from their mobile phones.Through its user-friendly interface, myBusiness CCTV provides stress-free real-time monitoring for business owners, allowing them to check on their stores 24/7. It also allows them to send instant alerts and alarm sensors, in addition to video calling capability.

With 2018 only a month away, it is best to make sure that your business is improving at the same pace as technology. Through Globe myBusiness’ exclusive digital offers, you and your business are assured a bright and prosperous start to the New Year!

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