3 More Globe MyBusiness Digital Solutions You Can Invest in this 2018

A new year is a basket of opportunities. For businesses, it is momentous because it marks an achievement in their corporate lives. However, winning in business doesn’t end there. With 2018 within arm’s reach, businesses must find ways to improve and serve their markets better.

The number of Filipinos online is growing, demanding more from businesses and the products and services they offer. Fortunately, businesses have technology on their side, as more digital solutions are becoming readily available to improve and innovate their way of trade.

On the other hand, businesses must be critical in looking for vendors. Entrepreneurs need to buy only from reputable sources that focus on helping their business render the best service.

Luckily, Globe MyBusiness, in line with its mission to guide SMEs towards success, offers digital solutions that are guaranteed to benefit both your business and your customers. Check out this list of products that can kick off your 2018 with a bang:

  1. Auto Appointment Reminder Solution

    Any business owner knows that time is money, and clients surely think the same way. Generally, people don’t like waiting for services they pay for, so they usually prefer scheduling their appointments ahead of time.

    If you have a service-oriented business, one way of establishing rapport with your clients is by showing them that you value their time. With the Auto Appointment Reminder Solution, you can show your customers that they are important to you.

    With this solution, you can set online appointments, create reminders, and track schedules from your phone. With this solution, business owners can readily assess the demand for their business and improve the delivery time of their service to clients.

  2. Auto SMS Blast Solution

    Mobile and handheld devices have been the most-used technologies since the onset of the 20th century. Now, many people use their mobile phones to keep track of their days and to communicate business and personal matters.

    With the huge number of people using these devices, any market can now be easily reached. With the Auto SMS Blast Solution, you can now market your business to a wider audience with the assurance that your message gets to the people who matter.

    This solution allows you to stay in touch with your customers, as it allows you to send branded and bulk promo texts to thousands of people all in one go. You can also customize your sender ID, which adds credibility to your business and your messages.

  3. Queuing Solution

    Waiting in long lines is every customer’s nightmare. For businesses, long lines are double-edged swords. While it means they have a lot of money coming in, it also scares away other potential customers who don’t like queuing.

    Managing store traffic is important in making sure that customers have the best experience. With Globe MyBusiness Queuing Solution, business owners can now improve how they handle store congestion, saving customers’ time and helping improve rapport with them.

    Through this solution, customers can sign-up for a digital queue, which automatically updates them via SMS, voice call, or web if it’s their turn to be served at a shop. The Queuing Solution also has its own dedicated SMS hotline for speaking with customers.

Businesses must improve even the slightest detail in their operations to build a steady path to success. Thus, improving customer waiting time, ensuring faster service delivery, and optimizing marketing efforts are invaluable efforts for your business and your clients.

Through Globe myBusiness’ solutions, you and your business can render better customer service.

Check out digital solutions you can consider investing in.

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