From inner peace comes true beauty – this is the principle that guides the Zen Institute as it continues to develop state-of-the-art wellness services that holistically serve the beauty needs of its clients.

Founded by Dr. Mary Jane Torres, the Zen Institute is a medical spa that specializes in non-surgical, non-invasive skin treatment procedures that focus on improving the overall well-being of their clients.

The Zen Institute also stands out in the industry thanks to their unique Protocol-Based Approach, which prescribes treatment frequency ranging from once a week to twice a month, based on the individual’s needs and their resident specialist’s professional medical advice.

In an interview, the Zen Institute’s Center Administrator Wilbert Pascual said, “What makes us unique is our focus on our client’s overall well-being. We look at beauty holistically, which means we aim to satisfy our clients’ physical and inner beauty needs. We tailor-fit [our services] based on their needs.”

Zen Institute’s Wilbert Pascual (right) along with the medical spa’s team during StyleFestPH.

“We are called a medical spa because we deal with our clients from a medical perspective. When clients go to our clinic, there will be a consultation first with our center doctor before they undergo different procedures,” he added.

By combining medical science, creativity, and aesthetic sense, the Zen Institute is able to offer various services that address specific beauty concerns of its clients, such as the resolift and ultra lipo. They also sell skin care products such as soaps, facial creams, sunblocks, and lotions — allowing their clients to bring the medical spa’s trademark aftercare to their homes.

With their line of products and services, the Zen Institute was able to formulate full-scale beauty and wellness programs that fit their clients’ needs holistically, staying true to the idea that true beauty is a journey rather than a destination.

“We believe that beauty starts from within. If you start beauty from yourself – from your activities to your diet and mindset – it will come out naturally. It’s part of our holistic approach, [which means] that we deal with not only physical beauty but also inner beauty,” Wilbert shared.

Meanwhile, the internet plays an important role on how the Zen Institute keeps in touch with their target market. Knowing that its audience would be digital-savvy as well, the medical spa uses social media and their own website to deliver their message of true beauty to the world.

“Besides joining different events to acquire new clients, we also use social media to promote our brand. We have Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We also have a website, where people can find out more about our services,” Wilbert said.

Truly, success is built on staying true to your goals. By sticking to its mission of sharing the importance of physical and inner beauty, the Zen Institute was able to not only inspire people to live a healthy life, but also stand out in a very competitive industry.

Like the Zen Institute, you too can create your own business success if you stick to your goals and remain true to your purpose. Learn from this premier medical spa’s experience, and you just might be the next big name in the beauty and wellness industry!

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Starting a business on fashion and beauty may seem like all glitz and glamour, but what most of us don’t often see is the hard work and dedication behind it. This is why StylefestPH came up with Stylespace, an interactive space for local brands to share their stories and what they have to offer to the market.

Held at the Globe Iconic Amphitheater, Stylespace was able to provide an avenue for businesses in the fashion and beauty industry to touch base with their target audience. With Globe myBusiness’ help, a special spot called the Lifestyle Hub was also put up specifically for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) throughout the three-day fashion and beauty fest.

Several lifestyle brands took the spotlight at Stylespace through their pop-up booths. Some of them were even given time onstage to share their stories and tips on starting a business in the fashion and beauty industry.

Among the brands featured on the Stylespace stage are Globe myBusiness ambassador HTP Clothing and all-natural beauty brand Ellana Minerals Cosmetics. Check out what they had to share below:



HTP Clothing

HTP Clothing founder Ricca Del Rosario shares invaluable tips about running your own business.

Half the Price (HTP) Clothing had very humble beginnings, and business owner Ricca del Rosario has made no secret that her brand’s entry into the fashion industry was out of the ordinary. Today, however, HTP is a staple in the online fashion retailing world.

During her stage time at Stylespace, Ricca revealed that one of the key areas they focus on at HTP is customer relations. She said that finding a way to keep their customers is a key ingredient to a lasting presence in the fashion retailing game.

“Unlike physical stores where people can actually see the merchandise on sale, online stores can only provide pictures. That’s why it is very important to build trust with your customers. Constantly communicating with your customers and acting on feedback immediately can help build that trust,” Ricca said.

Ellana Minerals Cosmetics

Ellana Minerals Cosmetics’ Gen-zel Habbab takes the stage for a live makeup tutorial using their products.

As the Philippines’ leading mineral cosmetic brand, Ellana Minerals Cosmetics offers a high-quality selection of makeup that fit a variety of skin types. All makeup and skin care solutions by Ellana are created cruelty-free, talc-free, and 100% vegan.

Ellana Minerals Cosmetics took the Stylespace spotlight as the first brand on-stage to do a makeup tutorial featuring their own products, sharing not only makeup tips, but also tips on how to start a business in the beauty industry.

“First, they must love and know what they do. Your knowledge is your limit. I suggest they [research] the makeup products that they want to launch and get inspiration from other brands. It will also help a lot if they study about cosmetics, marami naman ng workshops and schools dito sa Philippines,” shared Ellana Minerals Cosmetics professional makeup artist Gen-zel Habbab when asked about how potential entrepreneurs can ready themselves for starting a business.


Meanwhile, some established and rising brands from the SME sector also shone on the floor with their unique and enticing offers. Discover what these brands are and the products and services they had to offer:


Zen Institute

Founded by Dr. Mary Jane Torres, the Zen Institute is a medical spa that specializes in non-surgical, non-invasive skin treatment procedures that focuses on improving the overall well-being of their clients. It combines medical science, creativity and aesthetic sense to deliver the best, long-lasting results to their customers.

“What makes us unique is our focus on our client’s overall well-being. We look at beauty holistically, which means we aim to satisfy our clients on their physical and inner beauty needs. We tailor-fit based on their needs,” said Wilbert Pascual from the Zen Institute.

Silk by Lay Bare

Silk by Lay Bare is a high-end, luxury waxing boutique that offers soothing wax and skin care services using cold sugar wax with natural extracts, catering to clients who have various hair removal and after-care needs.

According to Julie Ishihara, Brand Communications Manager for Silk by Lay Bare, their brand stands out by going above and beyond with their services, noting that, “we really want to offer a private, more intimate service to our clients, especially to working women who are looking for a place to relax and unwind after a day’s work.”


Zouk PH

Working women are also at the center of Zouk PH’s clothing line as they offer the everyday wear—tops, pants, and dresses—for women to look effortlessly chic. The brand offers a simple yet stylish line up of clothes in rich, solid colors — a perfect match for the girl bosses of the 21st century.

Owned by Bianca Lapus, Zouk PH was previously featured at Globe myBusiness Star Bazaar, along with other celebrity-owned businesses that are making waves in their respective industries.


Starting a business in the fashion and beauty industries can be challenging, but it’s also worthwhile. Take it from Stylespace’s merchants, whose perseverance and hard work paid off with well-deserved success. Who knows, if you follow this path, you might just be the next big name in the Philippine fashion and beauty scene!

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Art and business are set to take center stage as StylefestPH braces to kick off and put together fashion icons, designers, entrepreneurs, and influencers in a weekend-long fashion festival at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) from September 7 to 9, 2018.

Created by Globe and Saga Events, StylefestPH is a three-day spectacle that aims to celebrate up and coming designers, and to create a platform for fashion and beauty enthusiasts to create, collaborate, and bring their creative entrepreneurial projects to life.

As part of StylefestPH, several events will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel and the Globe Iconic BHS Amphitheater with the aim of shedding light on some of the most interesting topics in the industry, like building brands with a global mindset and fusing fashion with digital technology.

If you’re looking forward to spending the weekend at StylefestPH, here’s a rundown of some things you should expect from this year’s premier fashion affair:


Learn from fashion’s bests

The fashion industry is a mix of different things and sometimes, it can be a little difficult to take everything in. Styletalks was created to shed light on the crucial talk points about the fashion industry and help audiences better understand the concepts behind it.

As one of the core events under StylefestPH, Styletalks aims to share inspiring stories, business insights, consumer behavior, workshops and portfolio reviews by the fashion industry’s foremost thought leaders.

Among the speakers for Styletalks is Amanda Cosco, who is the founder of Electric Runway and among the key figures in #FashionTech. Panel discussions about the local industry will also be held, featuring Zalora and fashion influencers.


Spot the latest trends

It wouldn’t be a fashion event without celebrating the artistry of Filipino designers! Spot the next defining trend in beauty and fashion as the country’s most influential designers and brands take the runway with their latest collection in Stylespotting.

Some of the country’s premier designers like Bang Pineda and Paty Ang will be showing off their work and sharing their perspective on what fashion is today.

Also, the winners of SylefestPH’s Designer Mentorship program will be announced on the second night of the fashion fest, where they will be showcasing their creations both on stage and on the runway.


Shop ‘til you drop

StylefestPH is not only a platform for the arts, it’s also a venue for business! In Stylespace, different brands and online retailers are given the chance to come face-to-face with their customers and display what they have to offer.

Among the brands that will be present during the StyleSpace are Ellana Minerals, HTP Clothing, Silk by Lay Bare, The Zen Institute and Zouk PH.

On the side, there will be live demos and tutorials from partners like Ellana Minerals. There will also be discussions about starting a business in the fashion industry featuring HTP Clothing.


What are you waiting for? Plan ahead and head over to StylefestPH this weekend! For more details, check out and discover what StylefestPH has to offer as one of 2018’s premier fashion events!

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