There’s more to the Year of the Earth Pig than those pink, cuddly, stuffed animals prettifying the malls this Chinese New Year. In fact, as a business owner, you’ll find that you may have some similarities with the known characteristics of the pig: hardworking, focused, and with a great sense of responsibility. They’re also blessed with good fortune in life!

The start of the Chinese New Year—also dubbed as an excellent year for business—is a good time to practice feng shui, an ancient practice for creating balance and vibrant energy in a space. Feng shui literally means “wind water,” which are two of earth’s flowing elements.

Interior decorator Grace Moslares of Magara Designs likens it to simple decorating. “For example, when you don’t feel energized, you can place a live plant on all ‘dead’ corners of your home, and the ‘chi’ or energy would start to flourish,” says Grace. According to her, feng shui also teaches the concept of discipline through uncluttered spaces, which is also good practice for businesses.

In your place of work, whether it’s your office or store, plan the layout ansd use design elements in such a way that the space attracts prosperity during the Year of the Pig. Here are some tips.

Create the ambience for success. The Year of the Earth Pig is said to bring great success to every business and to hardworking individuals. Grace advises, “Choose natural tones and textures with warm colors for your space. Combine neutral browns with warm yellows to attract prosperity, or use natural materials like baskets with plants, and greenery combined with gray tones.”

Use the lucky numbers and color. The lucky numbers for the Year of the Earth Pig are four, six, and eight. When hanging posters, frames, or artwork in your space, group them in any of these numbers. Red remains the lucky color of the year for 2019, but orange, pink, and white are also believed to bring good fortune this year.

Let natural light in. “Have as much natural light and air in your place of business in order to let the flow of energy move freely,” Grace says. Take advantage of windows by pulling up the blinds, and remove any furniture that blocks the light from outside.

Clear all clutter. This is the most important rule, Grace notes. Make sure that each and every area of your office or store is organized by using better filing and storage systems. It wouldn’t hurt to follow this superstition, too: don’t use the broom to sweep dirt, as this is believed to drive away good luck.

Use the five elements: wood, fire, water, earth, metal. These are said to be the foundation of feng shui that create balance and harmony in your workspace or store. “For example, if you want more prosperity, place wood or water features by the southeast area of your space. If you want to be healthier, you can place plants by the east area of your space,” Grace adds. Remember that the placement of furniture should still be according to your needs and function.

As you infuse more energy into your place of business, you and your employees are bound to feel just as energized to perform better and achieve your goals this Chinese New Year. What could be a better way to attract business success and good fortune than that?

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The Chinese New Year is right around the corner, and a lot of entrepreneurs might be wondering what business venture is auspicious to invest in.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, it does not hurt to take cue from feng shui forecasts for the Year of the Earth Pig, which will officially start on February 5. Heed these tips from feng shui experts Hans Cua, Marites Allen, and Johnson Chua.

Beginner’s luck

“This is the best time to be business-minded. The young generation could benefit from energy luck this year. There’s plenty of opportunity stars,” says Hans Cua. He adds that for first-time entrepreneurs or for those wishing to venture into new endeavors, fire- and earth-related businesses would likely succeed.

The Year of the Earth Pig, according to Cua, will be an “excellent” time for businesses related to food, electronics and technology, real estate, and agriculture.

Self-care wins

Allen agrees, noting that businesses related to human consumption, such as restaurants, food, or commissaries, will prosper in 2019. She also says that health- and wellness-related businesses, including yoga, sports, exercise and fitness, will likewise be very popular.

Online business is also forecasted to hit it big this Year of the Pig, while entrepreneurs are advised to be on the lookout for possible mergers and acquisitions.

Cua says the Philippine economy is expected to be robust this year, which in turn translates to a good business climate for micro, small, and medium enterprises. “There’s a balance of the five elements—fire, wood, metal, water and earth—which means it’s more stable this year, especially in terms of income,” he relates.

Proceed with caution

Both Allen and Cua, however, notes that there may be business disruptions by the middle of the year.

Still, feng shui adviser Johnson Chua describes the Year of the Earth Pig as “promising.” He notes, “There are several resources and opportunity stars. All the resources one needs are already at hand—you just have to bend and pluck these. It is going to be a good year for people who are planning to start their business.”

It’s a new year that presents new opportunities to all business-minded people, whether you believe in feng shui or not. And with the right amount of determination, tenacity, and a dash of good luck, 2019 could indeed be your year of being happy as a pig in muck, business-wise.

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