You’ve started building on your SME dreams, congratulations! You made the first crucial step. Now, consider all the resources available to you, especially tech tools for small businesses.

A lot businesses today are digital-savvy. It allows them to be fast, cost-effective, and reach out to a wide customer base. Want to take advantage of what digital business trends can offer? Here are the steps to take to transform your business.

Shift Your Data to the Cloud

USBs and external hard drives have been very helpful and convenient in keeping our data and records. But these come with risks. USBs and hard drives can break down. Anyone who’s had to deal with unretrievable data will know this headache!

With these kinds of tech tools, you will need to have some type of anti-virus software to protect your data. It costs a lot of money, especially if you have large amounts of data.

Shift your records and operations to the cloud. More and more companies are using the cloud to lower costs. It avoids investments in infrastructure meant to house data. When Globe Telecom transferred to the cloud, they were able to reduce their spending from PHP7 million to just PHP400,000 yearly.

And it’s not just storage convenience you will get when you shift. With cloud computing, you can bring capacity demands up or down within minutes. This allows you to easily serve more customers as you expand your business to new markets. Learning and using cloud-based policies in the digital era helps companies to grow quickly because it’s cost-efficient flexible (just think about how easily you can increase your data storage).

And if you’re looking for added security now that your business is in the cloud, you can trust Cybersecurity solutions made just for your SME.

Use Tech-Driven Tools to Help Fast-Track Collaboration and Communication

As you expand your SME, you will need to collaborate with more of your employees, often in real-time.

There are several tech tools for small businesses you can use. Globe Telecom uses Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite). This platform allows them to share important information to their employees without using USBs or external hard drives, hold large meetings, and communicate any time and anywhere.

As you can imagine, time isn’t wasted by physically delivering large data to the one who needs it. You’ll lessen the chances of sending corrupted files, or worse, transferring viruses. Microsoft Office 365 can also connect you to other apps for easy collabs, and you can share your account with your employees.

Communicating and exchanging data in real-time can lead to innovations, too. Use these tech tools to collaborate with your team wherever they may be and fast-track processes.

Look Into API Transformation

API refers to Application Programming Interface. Big companies have built APIs for their customers or for internal use. It’s a software that allows two applications to “talk” to each other.

An API that SME entrepreneurs can integrate in business is SMS API, or API using short messaging service. is an example of a business that harnessed this service to set themselves apart from other talent pool websites. Using SMS API, makes hiring service providers like tutors, fitness instructors, repairmen, or home cleaners fuss-free. The app connects your request with service providers who will send you offers you can review. Select your choice and the service is confirmed.

Founder and CEO Andrew Koger shares, “One of our most essential tools is the SMS API tool from Globe Labs. This lets us notify our users as soon as we have new information on the platform – like a newly available job for our service providers or a job confirmation for our customers. Most of our requests get confirmed within 15 minutes, so a fast notification is super important for our users.”

That’s just one example. API can do wonders for your business. Simply put, API can make it easier for you and your team to create programs that make operations efficient and cost-effective.

Sure, there are other available software out there. But you will need to customize your applications to the needs of your customers. Besides, almost all young employees have some kind of experience in programming. Through the integration of API, you can empower them to build service interfaces. These can help create better customer experiences, faster results, and efficient operations.

If all these sound daunting to you, don’t worry. There are services available that can help the digital transformation of your small business. Aside from innovative solutions that will help your SME, Globe myBusiness offers reliable connectivity that will enable your digital transformation.

Be digitally ready this 2020 and stay ahead of your game. Schedule a consultation here to help kickstart your digital transformation journey, plus the latest innovations, solutions, and services your SME needs. 

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