Investing in digital solutions may seem like a daunting step due to the perceived complexity and steep costs of integrating it into business operations. However, Globe Business, in partnership with the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), assures micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that there are affordable solutions that can boost and protect their business especially during challenging times. 

Along with other expert panelists from the ICT industry, Globe Business participated at the recently held PSIA Fireside Chat on “Digital Transformation for SMEs” to provide an in-depth look at how digital solutions play a role in addressing operational, marketing, and security challenges brought about by the pandemic and in creating business growth and efficient systems for MSMEs in the Philippines. 

“We are committed to help MSMEs realize the value of investing in new technology or digital tools: how it allows them to reach new customers, increase engagement with existing clients, and facilitate collaboration among their staff and employees while streamlining operations, leading to overall business growth and optimistic performance,” said Anne David, Marketing Acquisition Head, Globe Business MSME Group.

Key tech trends that are driving business growth and resiliency today

During the virtual learning session, the different ICT experts identified some of the key challenges MSMEs face today such as declining customer engagement, limited financial service accessibility, outdated operational processes, and cybersecurity threats, to name a few—which continue to hamper their growth and success. However, they were quick to point out that these issues can now easily be addressed with the rise of digital technology shaping the world today. 

1. Digitizing operations to improve customer engagement 

According to Jowie Alcala, Business Development Manager for Rhipe PH, one of the leading cloud solutions distributors locally, “digital automation is imperative for businesses to grow because this allows us to allocate the time that was used for answering customer inquiries to strategizing and developing plans for the business.” 

Caloy Ang from Suds Premier Franchising Corp. echoed, “businesses that survived [the pandemic] were the ones who were able to provide excellent customer experiences through digital channels. It is important that we are able to quickly respond to customers’ inquiries especially when they need us most.” 

Globe Business, through its affiliate Globe Labs, offers various API solutions to facilitate faster communication and increase engagement between businesses and customers. Some of the solutions include the SMS API, Voice API, and Sponsored Access API.

2. Encouraging cashless transactions for safer and convenient money disbursement

MSMEs were faced with the challenge of working around social distancing measures enacted by the government. To cope with the ever-changing mandates, businesses turned to online digital payment to sustain operational efficiency.

Through GCash’s Powerpay Plus Platform, companies can transition from tedious manual payroll systems to enjoying a fast, secure, and easily accessible digital payroll solution for salaries, allowances, incentives, and more. On top of that, customers can also conveniently transact with MSMEs through GCash

In fact, one of the panelists pointed out that their most utilized mode of payment is GCash because of its convenience. Their customers pay them through the app and they transfer the money into their bank account, giving them the flexibility to access their money anytime and anywhere. 

3. Fostering a collaborative remote work setting through the Cloud and digital tools

As remote work continues to be the norm, it is imperative for organizations to foster an environment where employees can continue to collaborate and see-through projects together even while apart. This is made easier and more efficient with Globe Cloud Solutions, allowing enterprises to quickly adapt to shifting workflows because processes remain the same, files and services continue to be accessible, and resources are intact despite weather or mechanical interruptions. 

MSMEs can also utilize cloud-based productivity solutions, some of which you may check out here. These applications store information and run servers on the cloud so users can access them anytime without installing them in their machines

4. Safeguarding the company from cyber threats 

Now that everything’s becoming more digital, it is more important now than ever for companies to stay vigilant and proactively protect their business and customer data from any vulnerabilities. Cyberattacks can easily be triggered these days by innocently clicking on spam emails from unsecure or public networks, compromising confidential data and important company information in a snap.

Partnered with the best global cybersecurity providers, Globe Business offers a holistic suite of cybersecurity solutions and services that help enterprises identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats to avoid severe damages to the income and reputation of the business.

“Technology should be an organization’s best friend especially during this point in time. By investing in digital solutions, businesses can reach more customers while saving on cost and keep the operations running regardless of what will happen,” said David.

To learn more about the exciting products and services Globe Business offers, sign up at

The tourism industry is one of the hardest hit sectors by the pandemic, as travel and tourism activities during the early months of the quarantine were limited. Moreso, this coincided with the peak summer season where tourists usually flock to destinations to cool off and unwind with their friends and families, resulting in tourism businesses including SMEs to struggle and bow to the loss of income and revenue.

Fortunately, more and more places in the country are now gradually opening to accept tourists and many SMEs are preparing to start their operations again. In support of the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) efforts to boost local travel,  Globe myBusiness celebrates tourism businesses that are hard at work in preparing their establishments for safe, leveled-up and recreated tourism experiences with the launch of Business Diaries.

Business Diaries features pioneering Filipino boutique hotel brand, The Henry Hotel, and its owner and “inn-keeper” Hanky Lee as he shares his inspirations and approach in running his properties, and how technology plays a role in every successful business. Through this, SMEs can be inspired by how The Henry Hotel strives to keep up with the times to ensure a safe and like-no-other experience for their guests.

“The Henry is more than a hotel. It stands for certain values: Filipino values, a Western mind, a Latin heart, and an Asian soul. We are innovative, passionate, and honest in doing our part in making local travel safe and responsible. Through Business Diaries, I hope to impart valuable insights that other business owners can also apply on their own ventures as they strive to rebuild,” said Hanky Lee.

Other tourism business owners will also get the chance to share their own versions of their Business Diaries via Facebook and Instagram story templates, which will be available soon on Globe myBusiness’ social media accounts.

“Globe myBusiness has launched the Business Diaries to educate tourism business owners on the best practices to adapt in the new normal and inspire them to thrive in these changing times,” said Maridol Ylanan, Strategy and Marketing Head for Globe myBusiness. “Together with our products and services, we aim to help them recreate travel experiences by providing best-in-class connectivity and digital solutions to address the evolving traveler needs.”

Follow Globe myBusiness on Facebook or check out Globe myBusiness on YouTube to watch Business Diaries featuring The Henry Hotel.


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All entrepreneurs know how tough it is to stay ahead of the pack, especially in the middle of an unexpected, global pandemic. In light of a challenging 2020, this year’s G Summit puts the spotlight on diskarte, with esteemed local and international speakers like Google’s Flo Yeow, Taxumo’s Ginger Arboleda, and New York Times bestselling author Josh Linkner sharing best practices for resiliency during adversity.

Globe myBusiness and CIA Bootleg Manila are also here to help your journey to discover your diskarte through the free-to-download Diskarte Kit. It is a comprehensive guide to reflect, generate, and implement new strategies for your business.

Packed with tips and thought-provoking questions from Aaron Palileo, co-founder of Philippine and Tokyo-based CIA Bootleg Manila and G Summit Moderator, the Diskarte Kit is designed to push entrepreneurs out of the box and tap their innate creativity and resourcefulness. Read on and watch Palileo’s explainers to get the right idea and get the idea right, and know when to:

  1. Reflect – if you need help in understanding customers better or you want to generate new opportunities for your company.
  2. Generate – if you need to brainstorm ideas to innovate or improve your produce and service.
  3. Implement – if you need to generate relevant and immediate action plans to improve your business.


DISKARTE TIP 1: What is making your customers MAD?

A quick chat with a handful of your customers can reveal a lot about their needs and wants. Besides asking what they like about your product or service, what do they think are Missing, Annoying, or Disappointing (or MAD)?

DISKARTE TIP 2: What are your customers’ self-serving goals?

A product does more than its basic purpose. For example, a lawnmower doesn’t just cut grass; it makes a lawn beautiful while lessening maintenance time. If somebody just wanted to cut grass, they can just buy garden shears. But what customers really want – the self-serving goal – is convenience. The kit guides you with three common self-serving goals and questions to frame your thoughts:

  1. Functional + Contextual
  2. Social + Emotional
  3. Personal + Emotional

Diskarte Tips one and two will help you find the right ideas.


DISKARTE TIP 3: Change your context – adapt!

The Diskarte Kit challenges your business to think broadly and ask you to explore what you see outside, and what you can apply to your business.

You may find new and profitable directions for your business without the need for massive capital by exploring possibilities.

DISKARTE TIP 4: Change your context – magnify or minimize!

After brainstorming, you may find that some product or service features should get more limelight to attract new market segments, tap different self-serving goals, or show how much better you address inconveniences than competitors.

Likewise, reduce attention to features found to be less valuable for your customers, phase out slow-moving SKUs to focus on bestsellers, or literally shrink your products by “sacheting” it into single-use quantities or chopping up your service scope.

DISKARTE TIP 5: Change your context – put to other uses!

Now, let’s look closer at your product or service and examine what else you can do. Can you tweak a few things so the product or service can be used differently? Will you be able to create other types of products from the materials that you have? Is the service applicable to other ways?

With Diskarte Tips three to five, discover a desirable and feasible new product line, just under your nose!


DISKARTE TIP 6: Develop your brand promise!

A branded product or service must stand for two things: its functional benefits, or what your products or services enable users to achieve, and its emotional benefits, or how your products or services make customers feel. It’s also best to craft it in a way that is compelling and unique from your competitors.

DISKARTE TIP 7: How will you reach your customers?

Make your customers truly experience your brand promise by consistently showcasing it in words and actions every time you interact with them – may it be in your shop, consignees, distributors, or online store. Excite every sense and make sure that your customers will see, hear, smell, or feel the same either inside your store or the smallest shelf you may be renting at a department store or grocery.

DISKARTE TIP 8: How will you interact with your customers?

Complete the brand experience by actively engaging your customers. Determine the different channels, communications, and interactions your business utilizes.

DISKARTE TIP 9: Estimate your needed resources

Match up your list of new opportunities and ideas to your resources, and see if you need to consider the 4 Ps: people, physical assets, partners, and peso.

Through Diskarte Tips six to nine, you’ll be able to adapt your business plan to the times with a concrete to-do list.

Besides a capable team and wise yet gutsy leadership, businesses today must learn how to pivot. Being driven can go a long way when paired with solid strategies. The Diskarte Kit, a co-creation between Globe myBusiness and CIA Bootleg Manila, hopes to help entrepreneurial minds to turn their many ideas into engaging solutions. Click here for a full copy of the Diskarte Kit and more G Summit Insights.

To celebrate MSMEs in the Philippines, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), along with the MSMED (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development) Council, held the National MSME Summit 2019 on July 16 at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila.

The summit, aptly themed “Inclusive and Sustainable Innovations for Globally Competitive MSMEs,” was staged to encourage and empower MSME owners to become “smart entrepreneurs.” The whole-day affair featured insightful talks from DTI and government representatives, as well as industry movers and shakers.

Below are some highlights:

“We need to encourage MSMEs to innovate… We call on MSMEs to explore novel ideas, business models, transform from traditional to digital.” —DTI Undersecretary Zenaida C. Maglaya, Regional Operations Group

MSMEs are indeed the lifeblood of the Philippine economy; in fact, 99.56% of business establishments in the country are micro, small, and medium enterprises. From 900,000 in 2017, the number of business registrations has grown to 1.42 million in May 2019.

As part of the government’s efforts to support and promote MSMEs, the DTI has come up with the 7Ms for creating smarter MSMEs:

  1. MINDSET CHANGE – Seminars and workshops help cultivate the right entrepreneurial mindset
  2. MASTERY – Negosyo Centers provide assistance to budding business owners, arming them with all the how-tos and know-hows of setting up a business.
  3. MENTORING – The DTI matches micro and small enterprises with private sector mentors who offer business assistance, coaching, and mentorship — for free!
  4. MONEY – DTI’s P3 microfinance program provides access to funding for startups and businesses looking to expand their operations.
  5. MACHINES – Under the Shared Services Facility (SSF) program, MSMEs will be equipped with the right tools and equipment for enhanced productivity and more streamlined operations.
  6. MARKET ACCESS – Through national trade fairs, the OTOP (One Town, One Product) program, and Go Lokal! retail store concepts, MSMEs will find it easier to reach and connect with their target market.
  7. MODELS OF BUSINESS – The various Negosyo Centers all over the country offer skills development workshops such as baking, soap-making, arts and crafts, and the like. Those interested in going down the entrepreneurial path can seek assistance in terms of fine-tuning business ideas, enhancing their sales skills, and more.

“The convergence mindset of the government is to promote ease of doing business.” —Assistant Secretary Mary Jean Pacheco, DTI-Competitiveness and Innovation Group and MSMED Committee on Business Climate Chair

According to the World Bank, setting up a business in the Philippines takes 13 steps in 31 days. But thanks to the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018, the steps have been reduced to 8 and the number of days to 12.

Still, the ultimate goal is to enable MSMEs to set up their business in one go: an online portal wherein you can register, apply for, and receive your business permit within 24 hours.

The DTI has already taken steps to simplify and streamline the process of business registration, starting with their new Business Name Registration System (BNRS). All one needs to do is go to the BNRS website, fill in all the relevant info, and pay online using Globe myBusiness GCash, the only BSP-regulated mobile payment service for the BNRS. Three days after payment, you’ll receive your OR (official receipt) and Business Name Registration Certificate.

“Let’s not compete; let’s work together.” —Teresita Coson-Sy, Vice Chair, SM Investments Corporation

In today’s hyper-connected world, the market can become increasingly competitive. But instead of competition, entrepreneurs would be better off with collaboration. Tie-ups, partnerships, and mergers in business are gaining ground — two heads are better than one after all.

MSME owners should be inspired by what the government is doing to advocate and foster better collaboration The DTI has partnered with the Department of the Interior and Local Government for the “Negosyo: Serbisyo sa Barangay” program to develop negosyo advocates at the barangay and grass-roots level, with the aim of establishing 200,000 new enterprises at the barangays.

As of writing, they have already penetrated 693 barangays, setting up Negosyo Centers and working with private sectors to mentor and cultivate grass-roots entrepreneurs.

“Let your packaging speak for you since you’re not always there to sell your product.” —DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez

You might have a good product on your hands, but if it’s not presented well, there’s a huge possibility that you’ll lose out on sales. So, think of your packaging as your sales representative: If your product is packaged well, you increase the chances of attracting — and retaining — customers.

Knowing that local MSMES are heavily reliant on packaging and understanding that not all have the budget for it (especially micro enterprises), the DTI has set up the Pack! Pinas program, which links MSMEs with packaging sources and suppliers. This DTI initiative is one way of helping micro, small, and medium enterprises become globally competitive, vis-a-vis products from neighboring ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

“We underscore the need to develop young entrepreneurs by equipping with the values, skills, and entrepreneurial spirit necessary for their businesses to succeed in the digital economy. We want them to start young, but we also want them to start right.” —DTI Undersecretary Zenaida C. Maglaya, Regional Operations Group

In today’s Digital Age, the need for tech-savvy youth entrepreneurs is more important than ever. Well aware of this need, the DTI has developed the Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP), which focuses on the youth to cultivate and instill in them the entrepreneurial mindset and lifestyle.

Since it kicked off last year, YEP has been holding road shows all over the country, specially targeting out-of-school youths to lead them down the right path and toward a brighter, better future — not just for themselves but for the country as well.

Understandably, youth entrepreneurs are expected to become the drivers of business innovation, with the willingness to experiment, improve, and iterate. As Brian Cu, President of Grab Philippines, said, “This is the golden age for MSMEs.” And the best ones who can take advantage of this is the youth.

“With every job created, you are saving one person from poverty.” —DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez

Entrepreneurship may not be viewed as noble a profession as, say, education, but there is merit in running a business. It’s more than just making a profit; it’s a way of paying it forward.

As DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez declared in his inspirational message, “Business can help us out of poverty.” And so committed to promoting the MSME culture in the Philippines that the DTI has partnered with Globe myBusiness through Globe myBusiness Academy, providing valuable content to MSMEs and equipping them with all the information they need to start, grow, and make their business succeed.

Watch the live stream of the MSME summit here:
Morning Session
Afternoon Session

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