In today’s hyper-connected global community, you don’t have to be involved in e-commerce, digital marketing, or any Internet-related venture to realize the importance of finding the right Internet plan for your business.

Getting online allows anyone with an entrepreneurial drive to locate clients, advertise, improve work productivity, and ultimately, increase sales and revenue. But what are the things you should look for when searching for the right business Internet service provider?

Examine Your Business Needs

It’s important to first determine how you’ll be using your Internet plan in your day-to-day operations. Are most of your business transactions done online, or do you simply just manage emails and browse the Web during work hours? Maybe you have vast amounts of data that need to be backed up on the cloud on a regular basis, or perhaps you often send and receive large files.

Some businesses require a stronger connection and greater bandwidth than others, while some can perfectly function with basic packages. Examine your office’s Internet consumption and take that into account when choosing an Internet package for your business.

Determine the Bandwidth You Need

Different from Internet speed — which is how fast you can download and upload files — bandwidth refers to the capacity of your Internet connection to take on a greater load and to allow more users to share the same connection. A higher bandwidth means faster speeds, and faster speeds mean greater efficiency.

If your office, for example, has 20 people using the same Internet connection at the same time, plus CCTV operating 24 hours a day, you’ll need a higher bandwidth to accommodate everyone and maintain reasonable speeds. However, if you have just a handful of people doing normal business tasks, a lower bandwidth will still get the job done.

Globe myBusiness Direct Internet’s fast and stable connection, with guaranteed SLA, makes communications, file transfers, and other tasks quicker and smoother. Its consistent bandwidth also ensures the same quality of experience during a spike in workloads.

Check Your Budget

While higher bandwidth and faster speeds are ideal for any Internet user, these don’t come cheap. However, there are many affordable bundles that Internet providers offer that may be suitable for your needs as well as your budget. Don’t just choose the first package you see.

Once you’ve determined the needs of your business, compare it with your Internet provider’s available bundles and choose the one that best suits your needs. Are the free 2GB of YouTube in that bundle really essential to the business? Or maybe the additional free Skype calls on another package will serve your needs better?

Examine Other Features

When scouting for Internet bundles, take a look at the additional features Internet providers always offer. Check if it will allow password-secure access. Find out how many people can log onto the network at the same time. Will there be monthly recurring fees? Is there an accessible help line if any issues arise? And, most importantly, will the connection remain consistent, strong, and secure?

If you haven’t decided yet and you don’t want a monthly fee, try Globe myBusiness’ myPrepaid Internet. It’s an excellent option for small and medium businesses. It also comes with free 30GB of data valid for 30 days, to help you organize your data and documents efficiently. Whether you’re just starting out or preparing to grow, make sure you have a reliable Internet plan to help your business succeed.

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