These days, the majority of our needs and wants can be fulfilled online. From socializing to shopping, entertainment to education — there’s almost nothing you can’t get done with internet and a smartphone. 

So what does this mean for restaurant owners? With the surge of food delivery apps  (especially during this quarantine period), takeout and deliveries reaching an all-time high, and new tech-based models such as cloud kitchens cropping up, having an online presence for your restaurant is no longer an innovative move — it has quickly become the norm. 

So restaurateurs should now be asking: how do I improve my online presence? Here are a few do’s and don’ts: 


Be consistent and stay relevant

Consumers pay attention to brands that are in the loop and have a steady presence online. Find creative ways to be part of conversations that people are having in real-time by staying updated with current events, trends, and popular culture and tying your restaurant in with it. It’s not just about offering promos during major holidays or events but finding fun and clever ways to promote your dishes whenever an opportunity presents itself. 

Enhance your online menu  

Whether on your site, social media profile, or a third-party app, it’s critical that your customers can easily find and navigate what you’re offering. Take some time to make sure that dish descriptions are written out well, that the menu is sorted properly, and that there are beautiful photos included too. Remember: you’re competing with a lot of other restaurants sharing the digital space, so attention to detail can make or break a sale. 

Focus on customer service

One of the biggest opportunities of having an online presence for your restaurant is being able to provide customer service to your valuable patrons. See to it that you’re answering messages and inquiries promptly and courteously, and are handling possible negative feedback with integrity. 

A great way to optimize your customer service systems is through loyalty   solutions such as Rush from Globe myBusiness. This comprehensive digital suite allows you to be present across all customer touch points, create a community for your patrons, and allows you to provide top-notch customer service.

Invest in paid media

Understanding how paid ads on Social Media platforms like Facebook work can be overwhelming,  but it’s definitely a must-know if you want to take your restaurant’s marketing to the next level. The easiest way to do this is with the Facebook Ad Creator available with Globe’s myBusiness ThePLAN. It helps you control your ad spend, optimize and monitor performance, and set up your advertisements with just a click. Your ad spend will also be charged to your postpaid mobile plan, so you don’t need to worry about linking a company credit card just to run your ads.

Don’ts: Critical things to watch out for

Avoid always going for the hard sell

No one wants businesses to be selling to them non-stop. Instead, balance out your promotional posts that highlight your menu items with brand-building content. Give some personality to your restaurant and show off your values, your sense of humor, or whatever you believe is authentic to your brand  Make sure you’re always trying to engage your customers — ask them questions, respond to their comments, and find fun ways to get them involved such as games, GIFs, surveys, contests and the like. This is what garners likes, comments, and shares, after all! 

Don’t underestimate the power of food photos

There’s a reason why the hashtag #foodstagram has become ubiquitous — we all know we eat with our eyes first. The fact is just that netizens love a good food photo and great shots of your dishes can oftentimes be the clincher in securing a customer’s order.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your numbers

Advertising and building presence online means you have the luxury of tracking your results and statistics. Which posts garnered the most likes and shares? Are certain topics attracting more comments? Understanding these means you also get to understand your consumers and what they respond to, and will allow you to optimize your content accordingly. 

Don’t take SMS for granted

It’s easy to focus on creating content for Facebook or Instagram, but what some businesses miss out on is the power of mobile blasts. SMS is targeted, more personal, and can keep those who are already engaged with you updated and grow loyalty to your brand. For a convenient, easy, and cost-effective automatic mobile blaster service, check out M360 from Globe Business. Subscribing to this plan will allow you to send messages to thousands of customers at once, customize your restaurant’s number to add security and credibility, and create and manage multiple subscriber lists! 

With focus shifting to the online space now during the pandemic more than ever, don’t let your restaurant be left behind. Invest time and effort into building your brand’s online presence, stay connected with your consumers, and watch as it translates into a thriving restaurant. 

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As the landscape of the restaurant business continues to change amidst the COVID era, more and more restaurateurs are exploring ways to thrive in the new normal. One of the routes that are quickly becoming very popular is what’s being called the cloud kitchen business model. 

Cloud kitchens, also known as dark kitchens, ghost kitchens, or virtual kitchens, are essentially delivery-only restaurants that operate from a single kitchen space and interact with customers via online orders. With everything from entertainment to shopping to education moving online, it makes sense that “dining out” makes that shift as well.

With no front of house operations and smaller physical real estate needed, it’s understandable how the cloud kitchen model appeals to many business owners. It’s comparatively low-cost and allows you to focus on your food. Curious to find out more? Here are five essential things you need to know about cloud kitchens. 

1. It relies on technology in more ways than one

Cloud kitchens are also called virtual kitchens for a good reason. Because customers can only avail of their food via delivery, third-party food delivery apps are very much involved when it comes to the actual ordering and serving of food. 

Beyond this, most of the restaurant’s advertising and marketing will also exist online as this would be the most efficient way to get customers from awareness to purchase. 

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2. You can run multiple brands or restaurants from one cloud kitchen

One of the biggest advantages of cloud kitchens is that it gives restaurateurs the ability to operate multiple brands with different menus from one kitchen set-up. This opens up the possibility of even more profit being generated from one space. 

In certain cloud kitchen models, business owners are opening up kitchens for multiple other restaurants to rent space in — meaning you could certainly explore leasing from an already existing cloud kitchen enterprise as opposed to building your own. 

3. It saves you traditional restaurant costs but will require you to invest in other areas

The most obvious cost-saver when it comes to cloud kitchens is not needing front of house services. But more than this, business owners also save more because they can rent out smaller spaces that don’t need to be in a prime location.

Many cloud kitchens operate from locations that don’t necessarily have the highest foot traffic because they don’t need dine-in customers, which means you can opt for areas that are more affordable and functional. Some of what restaurateurs save from these, however, will need to go into other things that cloud kitchens need to thrive, such as dependable internet for the staff, strong digital marketing, optimized food packaging, and sufficient parking spaces for delivery drivers. 

4. Cloud kitchens easily generate customer data and let restaurants adapt and optimize

With everything running online, it makes it easier for restaurant owners to generate and access real-time customer data. Are certain menu items doing better at a specific time period? Is the majority of your customer base made up of single millennials or older parents? Is your restaurant appealing more to working condo-dwellers or families in subdivisions?

This sort of invaluable data is easily generated by online orders and allows business owners to adapt, optimize, and make the most out of this information. 

5. Scaling is easier and more affordable

Scaling operation in a cloud kitchen set-up is a lot simpler and easier than your traditional brick-and-mortar establishment. Because investment costs are lower, business owners can open more cloud kitchens or even expand operations in an existing one. 

Scaling is even easier when looking at renting from an already-established cloud kitchen. If a restaurateur is opening a new virtual restaurant with several others in an operator-based cloud kitchen, they simply just need to bring their staff and ingredients and can start operations straight away. On this note, sharing expensive equipment with other restaurants is also another way cloud kitchens save you money. 

With many businesses pivoting and adapting to life during (and soon, after) COVID, the cloud kitchen model is quickly becoming a profitable and reliable response from the pioneers in the restaurant industry. It’s not only an effective way to thrive in the new normal, but it also brings forth exciting new possibilities for restaurateurs everywhere. 

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In the past few months, the global COVID crisis has brought on a massive change in the way the world is operating. People are working at home, public spaces are closed, and social distancing is a priority for everyone — and it doesn’t look like things are going back to the way they were any time soon. These changes are forcing industries to quickly adapt in order to survive and thrive in the “new normal”.

So what can restaurant owners expect in this new landscape? Here are a few glimpses into what the future of dining may look like and how you can adapt to them.

Perhaps one of the more evident shifts seen during the quarantine period is the surge of takeout and deliveries due to customers no longer dining on-premise. Explore ways that your restaurant can optimize these services in order to keep up with the demand. 

According to, safety and sanitation will take priority over efficiency in a post-COVID world. This means more cleaning will be required and contact points between customers and staff will be scrutinized more closely. Customers will also demand more transparency in terms of the sanitization protocols when it comes to food handling and packaging. 

Following the fashion of social distancing, the fewer points of contact with other people, the better. This could mean more online-only payments, curbside pick-ups from restaurants (meaning delivery men will no longer be handling the food), or contactless deliveries where riders simply leave the food at a designated area (and not coming into contact with the customer at all) will become prevalent. 

Because WFH systems are in place, this means that managers and restaurant owners may not be able to be onsite as often as they used to be. However, it’s still fully possible to be on top of your restaurant’s operations wherever you may be. CloudPOS is an easy and effective tool that allows you to track your inventory, monitor real-time sales, print BIR-accredited receipts, and even create loyalty programs remotely. This Globe myBusiness product, bundled with a Fixed Broadband connection, conveniently offers the flexibility and organization you need to stay on top of business no matter where you may be. 

From third party delivery apps to digital customer loyalty programs, that can be easily powered with Rush to QR-code based menus, restaurateurs are looking at ways that tech can help make off-premise dining and contactless transactions more efficient. Restaurants are also now relying on digital spaces over physical spaces, as they advertise and communicate more through digital means. Staying on top of the latest digital solutions can mean equipping yourself and your restaurants with the best tools to survive the quarantine period. 

It’s inarguably a difficult time for most industries and being able to pivot quickly is proving to be necessary to survive. As restaurant owners, keeping an eye out for ways that the dining landscape is changing, listening to your customers, and exploring new solutions can help your restaurant stay afloat. While it seems uncertain when the crisis will be over, what is clear is that changes are inevitable and that they’re going to be here for a while.

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In a world where social distancing and staying at home is encouraged due to COVID-19, some industries and businesses are opting to close down during the quarantine period. However, food services are still undoubtedly essential to many Filipinos, which means restaurants are finding ways to continue operations and adapt to current conditions. 

One of the clearest trajectories that we’re seeing in this shift is the rise of takeout and delivery services. Even restaurants that didn’t have these options before are now offering it in order for their businesses to stay up and running. 

So how can restaurateurs optimize and enhance their takeout and delivery services to keep up with the demand? Here are a few ways to do so:

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to get your dishes to the homes of your diners is to partner with one of the several food delivery apps available today. More and more Filipinos are turning to these services to find restaurants that they love and to discover new ones as well. The best part is that these apps handle the riders, so you can focus on preparing your food. 

It goes without saying that because customers are no longer able to visit physical establishments as much as before, the majority of communication with diners relies heavily on text, phone calls, or online messaging. When handling deliveries and takeout orders, ensuring that your staff is accessible to your diners by equipping them with phones that have internet and SMS will make for faster, smoother, and more efficient transactions. 

Without the benefit of physical establishments, social media plays a bigger role in increasing awareness of your restaurant. Posting daily on Facebook, Instagram, or even using SMS blasts will let your customers know that you’re available to deliver their favorite dishes. 

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Take some time to study your menu and look into what packaging will work best with your dishes — will simple paper takeout boxes do, or will you need containers that have separate compartments for sauce? 

Also, try to work together with your staff to find the best way to package your food so it survives the delivery trip and gets to your customers’ homes neatly. 

Because restaurants are operating at a limited capacity, many of them are minimizing their menu choices to dishes that are fit for delivery. Doing this can make sure your kitchen is running efficiently and is not being stretched too thin, and that your customers are receiving their food fresh and on time. 

Everyone is going through major adjustments during the quarantine period and it seems that these changes will be around for a while.  Learning to adapt to the situation by optimizing the way you handle takeouts and deliveries will allow you and your restaurant to ride out and the crisis and stay ahead of the curve. 

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These days, with the quarantine keeping us apart, staying connected has become even more essential. Beyond reaching out to friends and families, more and more restaurant owners are discovering the importance of continuously staying in touch with their customers. After all, we’re all part of the same community that’s working together to weather this crisis.

Here are four ways you can communicate and stay connected with your market during the quarantine period.

It’s true what they say about focusing on those who are already listening — keeping them engaged will increase affinity and build their relationship with your brand. Constantly updating your restaurant’s social media accounts will ensure that your presence will still be felt.  Whether you post simple photos of your dishes, featured menu items, or simple community engagement, this can keep your business relevant and top-of-mind. 

Simple, easy, and effective! Keep your customers updated with your offerings and services via SMS. Services like Globe myBusiness’ M360 is an automatic mobile blaster that allows you to reach all your customers personally through just one quick text message. M360 offers several plans and inclusions, so you’re sure to find one that fits your restaurant’s needs. 

Similar to texting a subscriber list, direct mailers allow you to reach your customers in a way that’s still personal yet more effective in packing a message. Via email, you have the freedom to include more visuals, such as your week’s menu or customer reviews. You can also segregate updates into different sections if needed. 

Maintaining the loyalty of your customer base has proven to be more rewarding than converting a handful of new customers — and a lot less costly too. Just because your old restaurant regulars can no longer eat at your physical store doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy their favorite meals when they order from your restaurant. Reach them via customer engagement programs like Rush. Rush builds customer loyalty, increases visits and spending, and even gains insights with their digital solutions.  It also offers flexible integration into your restaurant’s system, creates a customizable reward system, and has built-in marketing tools like SMS, email, or push notifications. 

With the right tools and products, keeping in touch with your market can be done even despite the challenges of quarantine. Don’t let it stop you from making meaningful connections through your business — these days, staying in touch has proven to be more important than ever before.

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In the past several weeks, Filipinos have been in quarantine in order to keep COVID at bay. Families were asked to stay at home while public spaces like malls and commercial centers have been closed. The once-bustling cities around the Philippines have become quiet and empty as everyone works together to overcome this virus.

Many restaurateurs may be led to believe that because businesses are operating at a limited capacity, communicating with customers has become less of a priority. However, it’s during this crisis where we’re physically apart that being connected is more important than ever. 

Here are five reasons why you should constantly continue to stay in touch with your customers during this quarantine period.


It may seem like most people have more free time now and are opting to cook more meals at home. In reality, however, plenty of us have become busier than ever with the new work-from-home set up, meaning customers are still relying on buying meals from restaurants. The problem? They don’t know which establishments are open. Communicating with them lets them know that your services are available and ready to support them during this time.


It’s easy to feel alone during this time of crisis and uncertainty. Being physically apart from others can take a toll on our emotional wellbeing, too. Reaching out to your restaurant’s customers and letting them know that we’re all in this together will help build a feeling of solidarity.


Just like everyone else, plenty of restaurants are adjusting to life under quarantine. This may mean different operating hours, a more minimal menu, or even new offerings such as ready-to-cook items or relief efforts. Staying in touch with your customers will keep you on the same page.


With everyone indoors and not being able to see physical shops, it’s easy for customers to forget which restaurants they used to frequent. Staying digitally connected with your target market is now the only way you can stay relevant and top-of-mind. 


With avenues such as social media, digital loyalty programs, and e-commerce, staying in touch with your market only requires commitment. Even SMS has proved to still be an effective way to keep your customers in the loop amidst social media options.  This shows that it doesn’t take much to shape how your customer interacts with and relates to your restaurant — and during this crisis, that can make all the difference. 


Interested to know more about how restaurants can use technology to level up? Contact your Globe myBusiness representative. Schedule a free digital consultation with our solutions experts to learn more, and don’t forget to share the good news with colleagues and friends!

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