The seismic shift to remote work left businesses scrambling to adapt to a new agile way of working. Moving to an online set-up also meant that leaders needed to find new ways to connect and engage with employees, in order to strengthen workplace culture and drive productivity.   

As HR professionals and people managers know, fostering employee engagement involves strategic and continued communication that builds belief, respect, and trust within the organization. Beyond creating good team rapport,  this also has a proven positive impact on the company’s bottom line. At the end of the day, employees are the most important assets of a company.

This was the most important takeaway from the first session of Globe Business’ “Malasakit sa Manggagawa”, an online kapihan series exclusive for its MSME clients. 

“We developed these learning sessions as a venue to share best practices and actionable insights intended to empower HR leaders and people managers to address people and business challenges they face every day,” said Jojit Lañas, Globe Business Sales Cluster Head for Visayas and Mindanao.

Strong employee engagement begins with effective leadership

Mark So, the founder and CEO of Businessmaker Academy and HR Club Philippines, couldn’t emphasize enough the role that leaders play in keeping their workforce engaged.

“Business leaders who build trust and integrity by keeping an open line of communication with their staff, involving employees in important decision-making processes, and giving personnel encouragement to boost confidence, succeed in keeping the workforce more productive and engaged,” said So.

He also emphasized that operating with empathy and showing the employees a clear forward path to growth will have more productive and happier workers who will adapt to changes with ease and less resistance.

Extending “malasakit” and implementing technological innovations enables better employee experience 

Sharing some of Globe’s successful initiatives that helped keep their employees connected and productive during the pandemic, Vicky Marquez of Globe’s Wonderful Employee Experience Team gave three powerful and doable tips to help HR teams craft creative ideas to keep employment engagement dynamic in their companies:

“Applying all these, Globe has been able to come up with innovative ways to empower and engage our employees even as they work remotely,” she said. 

Meanwhile, to keep track of its 8,000 employees nationwide and ensure their welfare as the pandemic raged, Globe also launched its COVID-19 disaster response chatbot named DUDE (Digital Usher for Disasters and Emergencies), that helps keep every employee safe by providing accurate information, safety tips, regular health check-ins and support hotlines.

DUDE was a huge success as it became a friendly and comforting fixture in the life of Globe employees during the pandemic. 

“More than fancy technology, malasakit begins with genuine care and delivery at the end of the management,” added Marquez. “At Globe, we believe in the ‘circle of happiness’ where engaged employees lead to delighted customers, and satisfied shareholders,” she said.

Globe Business is one with SMEs in taking care of an organization’s greatest assets, their people. To know about the next “Malasakit sa Manggagawa” session and the selection of HR tools you can utilize for your company, get in touch with your Globe Business account manager or visit


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Aside from an overall sense of normalcy and stability, there are two other things people crave most amidst the pandemic: travel and leisure. Sitting at a cafe with a friend, doing an in-city staycation with family, or going on an out-of-town adventure with the barkada – all these activities have been hindered by pandemic-led precautions.

Certainly, tourism and leisure hubs like hotels, restaurants, and resorts are feeling the crunch: faced with the challenge of meeting new safety standards and dealing with decreased foot traffic, they’ve nevertheless found ways to survive and even thrive in these times.

What customers need in 2021

Travel platform’s What Matters 2021 survey found that global respondents placed the desire to travel freely as their number two priority (following the need to spend more time with family and loved ones).

The longing to be out and about is real. Business owners can safely satisfy their customers’ needs by putting up evidence-based safety measures, as well as creatively applying relevant hospitality trends like personalization (creating a unique messaging and services that recognize the needs of different individuals), digitalized guest experiences and contactless technology, and automation.

Tech solutions for tourism in the new normal

Technology makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with these evolving trends. New innovations and increasingly competitive prices have allowed professionals in the hospitality and restaurant industries to deploy digitalization, automation and contactless technology in the service of their customers – without compromising safety in the new normal.

Globe myBusiness is aware of how important technology is especially for the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry. Thus, you may consider the following tech solutions to help you ride on emerging trends, serve your customers better and recover.  

Personalization and automation. Regularly communicating with your customers shows them that they are important to you. SMS is still an effective way to reach your customers, but it is crucial that in a sea of impersonal  text promotions, yours stand out by adding a personal, branded touch to your message. This way, customers know it’s a legitimate message from your business (and not a scam). Today’s technology allows you to make each SMS message branded and relevant without having to compose each one from scratch – tools like M360 can help you personalize, automate, and brand your SMS blasts with ease. 

Digitized guest experience and customer loyalty. The physical constraints set by the pandemic don’t have to hinder you from providing a memorable, loyalty-building customer experience. Keep customers coming back by adding incentives that build loyalty and recall, while keeping customers safe. With digital tools like Rush, for example, you can set up custom-branded promotions quickly and easily.

Operational efficiencies to reassure customers of their safety. The pandemic has also caused customer behavior towards dining out to change. A lot of consumers are still concerned about their safety when leaving the comforts of their homes. Upgrading your safety protocols can give both your employees and your customers added assurance. You can provide health and wellness assistance to your employees through solutions like KonsultaMD, which employees can access round the clock to make sure they report to work fit and healthy. 

It is important to keep your customers safe too, so it’s also vital that you are able to evaluate your food safety protocols through services like the SGS Hygiene Monitored Program. Such audit systems are essential for hotels and restaurants whose customers want to be assured of their safety and security.

These are only some of the things that business owners in the hospitality and tourism industry have to keep in line during a pandemic, but you don’t have to face them alone. 

Globe myBusiness, as your trusted and reliable digital solutions partner, can help you navigate the new normal by providing tourism businesses with the right technology you need, to keep your business up to date and up to speed as the times change.

Send on-brand messages to your customers with M360. Click here to learn more.

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Make your staff’s health a top priority with KONSULTAMD. Click here to learn more.

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