The pandemic revealed that moms had to put their work life on hold to take care of things at home. But this setback strengthened and empowered them to start their own business. A recent study found that, in response to the pandemic, many moms are turning to entrepreneurship to create a healthier work-life balance and take charge of their time.

The rise of technology and the shift to digital opened up opportunities for aspiring and existing mompreneurs. Research shows that 74% of female entrepreneurs believe that the use of digital solutions will help them save time and free up mental bandwidth to make good decisions at work and at home. 

Here, we take a look at how technology is redefining today’s mompreneurs, and how far they’ve come from more traditional ways of doing business.

They know how to easily set up and run a business.

In the past, it would take businesses weeks or months to find and build the perfect space. Because of advancements in technology, a mompreneur can launch a business in just a matter of hours. Today, taking a leap into mompreneurship could mean setting up shop on an e-commerce platform like Shopify or a social media platform like Instagram. Stripping away the hassles and pressures of overhead gives moms the freedom to run a business on their own terms.

They use digital tools to avoid overlapping schedules and tasks.

Between meal planning and strategic planning, a mompreneur’s days are bound to be packed. While some still love the idea of penciling-in meetings and deadlines on a physical planner, it can be difficult to share schedule updates with staff or the family. To make sure everyone is on the same page, tech-savvy mompreneurs use scheduling apps that can be shared and synced across all devices. Using digital scheduling tools helps reduce overlapping tasks and deadlines, skipping play dates or pedia appointments, dealing with last minute changes in staff schedules, or scheduling meetings with a team.

They know when to delegate and outsource.

There’s no doubt mompreneurs can do it all, but do they really have to? Tech-savvy mompreneurs know when to delegate or outsource tasks that aren’t exactly a strong suit. Tech-savvy mompreneurs know that there are a lot of digital services that can make their working life easier, like migrating to cloud-based storage solutions that make business files and other data accessible from any remote location.  By outsourcing tasks and processes like this, they can work more efficiently and focus on growing their core business.

They collaborate and connect from anywhere.

Mom-guilt is real. The convenience that mobile technology brings has helped alleviate some of that guilt. Gone are the days of having to carve out extra time to sit through face-to-face meetings that could have been an email or a text message. Today, mompreneurs have access to a slew of messaging apps, video conferencing platforms like Zoom, online project management apps like Slack, or a productivity solution like Google Workspace–all of which make it easy to collaborate and stay connected when working remotely. While it’s still important to maintain in-person meetings, these solutions afford moms precious extra hours to spend with the family.

They do a routine digital detox.

Swap screen-time for real time with the family or some well-deserved alone time. A true tech-savvy mom knows when to unplug. Whether you take time to do a 30-minute workout, go on a three-day vacation, or ask to reschedule a meeting, setting boundaries and carving out time to rest is crucial to being a healthy and successful mompreneur. 

If you’re a mompreneur who finds these situations and challenges familiar, all you need to do is make the most of available technology in order to find balance between work and family life. 

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This Mother’s Day, we give back to our partners from Manila Workshops who have been with us in our mission to help Filipino entrepreneurs.

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