We’re bringing the most acclaimed Chinoy tycoons in the country to mentor and network with Globe myBusiness loyal clients. Please check your schedule below for the event on February 3-4, 2021.

Day 1 – Sequence Guide (Feb 3, 1-5pm)

SequenceTimeClientMentorTime of Survey
11:00pm – 1:15pmMichael Barcelona (Welkin Oilfield)

Francis Glenn Yu
12:55pm – 1:00pm
21:15pm – 1:30pmElena Sy (The Lift Company)
Francis Glenn Yu
1:10pm – 1:15pm
31:30pm – 1:45 pmDominic Dexter So (Straight Arrow Technologies)
Francis Glenn Yu
1:25pm – 1:30pm
41:45pm – 2:00pmDanielle Flamengco (Power Quality Engineering Limited)
Francis Glenn Yu
1:40pm – 1:45pm
52:00pm – 2:15pmJade Irigo (EVI Construction Corp)Michelle Chan1:55pm – 2:00pm
62:15pm – 2:30pmMylene Palro (GRB Enterprises)Michelle Chan2:10pm – 2:15pm
72:30pm – 2:45pmDorothy Maceda (Vienovo)Michelle Chan2:25pm – 2:30pm
82:45pm – 3:00pmErwin Robledo / Jyll Fernandez (Sharesource Australia)Michelle Chan2:40pm – 2:45pm
93:00pm – 3:15pmSteve Quinones (Intelesquad Solutions Inc) Cecilio Pedro2:55pm – 3:00pm
103:15pm – 3:30pmMaria Elena Penaflorida (Angel11 Trading) Cecilio Pedro3:10pm – 3:15pm 
113:30pm – 3:45pmGracielle Bassig (Jopers Enterprises)Cecilio Pedro3:25pm – 3:30pm
123:45pm – 4:00pmCarlota Cruz (Philippine Geogreen Inc)Cecilio Pedro3:40pm – 3:45pm
134:00pm – 4:15pmRuth Navarro (North Star International Travel)Kathleen Go3:55pm – 4:00pm
144:15pm – 4:30pmWendy Uy (Yusay Credit and Finance Corp)Kathleen Go4:10pm – 4:15pm
154:30pm – 4:45pmJudith Abogadie (BEGINNINGS COMMUNICATION, INC.)Kathleen Go4:25pm – 4:30pm
164:45pm – 5:00pmEngr. Louell Belcina (Cebu II Electric Cooperative)Kathleen Go4:40pm – 4:45pm

Day 2 – Sequence Guide (Feb 4, 1-6pm)

SequenceTimeClientMentorTime of Survey
11:00pm – 1:15pmCarl Lester Go (SG Friendly Ventures Co) – Personal ServicesMyrna Yao12:55pm – 1:00pm
21:15pm – 1:30pmJonathan Chan (Cuts4tots)Myrna Yao1:10pm – 1:15pm
31:30pm – 1:45 pmShiela Lagera (Solutions Providing & Logistics)Myrna Yao1:25pm – 1:30pm
41:45pm Р2:00pmMary Ann Polk (Cobena Business Analytics )Myrna Yao1:40pm Р1:45pm
52:00pm – 2:15pmRonald Ross David (D&V Philippines Outsourcing) Rikki Dee1:55pm – 2:00pm
62:15pm – 2:30pmEuclid Schuyler Teng (Prime Pacific Foods Corp)Rikki Dee2:10pm – 2:15pm
72:30pm – 2:45pmMa. Kristina Ronquillo (Buan-o Corporation)Rikki Dee2:25pm – 2:30pm
82:45pm – 3:00pmFlorentino Medellin (Gizmo Etc Accesswhere Inc)Rikki Dee2:40pm – 2:45pm
93:00pm – 3:15pmCookie Padua (Lyneville Land Development Corp)Gerik Chua2:55pm – 3:00pm
103:15pm – 3:30pmJeanette Melchor (Automation and Systems Resources)Gerik Chua3:10pm – 3:15pm 
113:30pm – 3:45pmEmerson Reyes (Golden Peak Food Corporation)Gerik Chua3:25pm – 3:30pm
123:45pm – 4:00pmLorna Lacsa (FGS East Asia Technical Resources)Gerik Chua3:40pm – 3:45pm
134:00pm – 4:15pmPaulene Canada (Royals Enterprise) Michelle Gankee3:55pm – 4:00pm
144:15pm – 4:30pmBel M (Davao Aluminium Supply Corporation) Michelle Gankee4:10pm – 4:15pm
154:30pm – 4:45pmHans Dee (Extra Low Voltage Distribution)Michelle Gankee4:25pm – 4:30pm
165:00pm – 5:15pmMaria Luz Javier (Avanza Inc.)Johnlu Koa4:55pm – 5:00pm
175:15pm – 5:30pmMichelle Niebres (Tri Mega Force Security)Johnlu Koa5:10pm – 5:15pm
185:30pm – 5:45pmMar Ignacio (EESI Material and Controls Corp)Johnlu Koa5:25pm – 5:30pm

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