Running any kind of business, be it in the field of retail, food, accommodations, finance or even education, often means having your business’ data on multiple devices. These devices range from company-owned cellphones, tablets or laptops to your employees’ personal gadgets.

Sharing data with your team is something that can’t be avoided, especially when you’re running a business that either involves storing data on digital channels or is entirely digital. However, because of this, your data is always at risk. Hackers, viruses, or other malware can get into your company’s linked devices and steal, corrupt or delete important data that you don’t want found outside of your company.

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, allows you to manage all the devices installed on one platform so that these devices are safe from malware or hacking, and the data is not at risk even in the case of device loss.

But it’s more than just security. Mobile Device Management also allows you to improve business productivity with some key features. Check out this list of other things you can do with MDM:

You or your IT department can enroll multiple devices onto the MDM platform simultaneously. This means you’ll just have to gather all the gadgets your employees use to access sensitive company data, and enroll them at the same time. It also supports all kinds of operating systems, so don’t worry if some employees have an iPhone while others have Samsung.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) allows you to manage the devices of your employees, such as restricting certain websites like bandwidth-hogging social media channels. You can also implement device policies to allow only certain apps during business hours.

Customize your employees’ devices to fit their needs. For example, you can have productivity apps installed and placed on their smartphones’ home screen so that they have quick access to them at all times. You can do this for multiple devices at a time (like if all your employees need their e-mail apps on the first page of their home screen) or for a few at once (like if a certain team needs to have their spreadsheets on hand always, while another needs their calendar more often).

Say goodbye to the problem of not being able to use your device to function when you’re away from the office. With MDM, you can provide remote IT support to your teams, partners and employees from anywhere through its Cloud-based platform. All they need is to be connected to the Internet, and you’ll be able to manage their device’s programs and platforms to ensure that they’re working at their best.

To manage passwords for multiple accounts, you may use Password Manager apps that keep your passwords secure. These apps also help you create multiple strong and secure passwords for each of your accounts. These apps, however, can be a target for hackers, so you may have to consider which app you’ll be using for your business.

The MDM platform allows you to locate devices that are enrolled in the platform and track them if they ever get misplaced or stolen. This lessens the chances of your employees losing them, but the more crucial security feature is that it additionally allows you to wipe out sensitive company data on the device before it can be used by someone else. So, even if the device is stolen, your data can’t be abused. 

Mobile Device Management features are made to keep devices safe, but that doesn’t mean these will lower your company’s productivity. MDM is perfect for companies who work with multiple devices deployed to employees, partners or teams, while connecting to different networks. It’s also perfect if you want to boost your productivity while getting security at the same time.

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