In the new normal, businesses that rely on foot traffic are now struggling to adapt in the wave of economical shift. Many of them turn to telecom and IT companies for solutions to stay afloat. Among these IT specialists dedicated to providing that aid is Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc.

As part of the Globe Partner Network, Macrologic and Globe myBusiness are spearheading digital advancements that help businesses in these challenging times.

The Globe Partner Network is a program aiming to foster an ecosystem of Tech Leaders with SMEs.

By creating a network of tech leaders and making them closer to SMEs, we are able to drive and speed up tech adoption. SMEs often request for help on where to start, and it takes solution-oriented tech leaders like Globe myBusiness and Macrologic to point them in the right direction.

Macrologic: Its Story Of Perseverance

Macrologic is a one-stop information technology infrastructure provider that’s been delivering optimized solutions to different industries since 2012. They offer scalable end-to-end hardware and network solutions. To name these solutions, Macrologic provides data center design and construction, structured cabling services, physical security installation, and various IT products for network security, network management, network communications, data security, business continuity, server and storage, virtualization, and disaster recovery infrastructure from top-of-the-line IT brands. They’re also one of the first companies in the country to put up and offer their own local cloud services.

Macrologic was first established in May 2005 as Macrologic Computer Systems and Services in a small family rented apartment in Bacoor Cavite. CEO and President Arman R. Menta started the company with just a desktop, telephone line, internet, and five people in the same room his family slept in at night.

A self-proclaimed computer illiterate, Mr. Menta, who was a teacher turned salesman, built the corporation out of his experience working in sales. He learned about IT on the fly and was driven to succeed for his family and for the love of the job itself.

According to Menta, recalling his days selling computers and gadgets as his intro to the world of technology, ”It’s not about how you know things, it’s all about how you’ll love the things [you do]. No matter how good you are, if you don’t love what you do, you’ll not succeed in it.”

Macrologic experienced radical growth through their perseverance. From a small home office, they constructed their building in Molino, Bacoor City, Cavite. They went to be known as Macrologic Corporate Center in December 2017. It stood as the latest techno hub and its base of operations. It also marked the beginning of the company’s transformative journey as they branched out to Metro Manila, Pampanga, Cebu, Bacolod, and Iloilo. With market research, the company’s reach spread to Bicol and Mindanao, getting regular clients without having branches in those locations.

Early in 2018, Macrologic welcomed the new departments Solution Architect Group, Public Sector Group, and Learning Solutions Group into their corporate family. These allowed them to revamp their services that led to top accolades and certifications.

“What we offer to customers are solutions that can help their business operate and grow,” shares Menta. Macrologic values maintaining rewarding relationships with all its partners, clients, and stakeholders. They believe in cultivating business based on trust, social responsibilities, and environmental preservation. They pride themselves on doing proper requirement scoping, understanding the client’s pain points, and creating customized solutions based on the business’ needs. They understand that no single technology can address each specific project requirement. That’s why they invest in technical training and certification to allow them to architect the kinds of varied technologies different projects require to meet their customers’ needs.

Sharing The Same Values: Macrologic Expands Its Horizons With The Help of Globe myBusiness 

Macrologic is proudly affiliated with prominent partner companies like Globe, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Dell, and many more. These strategic partnerships with industry leaders reinforce their commitment to focus on their customers and provide excellent services.

“Globe myBusiness opens up business opportunities for us as a business partner for some of their products,” says Menta. With Globe’s standing in the market, Macrologic finds the telecom’s services not just convenient, but necessary to expand their market reach.

With point persons that the company can reach out to, Globe provides numerous opportunities to do business through the Globe Partner Network. Through this, Globe’s account managers work with Macrologic in caring for the latter’s clients with ease.

Menta also emphasizes that Globe myBusiness, same with Macrologic, advocates supporting other businesses by providing products and solutions that business owners truly need. It’s not about just selling to make money.

“One of the critical components of our MIaaS Cloud is the internet connectivity that allows our subscriber to access their applications anytime they need it. With Globe myBusiness, we are able to establish a highly available gateway for our customers, allowing them to transact with their businesses without any disruptions,” Menta shared. “Furthermore, all our mobile workers are using Globe postpaid lines and prepaid loads, making us reachable and available to attend to concerns of our internal and external customers when needed. I could say the Globe services is one of the cornerstones for us to be able to run our day-to-day business operation.”

Managing the New Business Landscape

For Macrologic, the major landscape change due to the new normal clearly dictates the shift to and rise of online businesses and remote working. Menta considers it very fortunate to have 100% of their operations running despite these uncertainties. “The current pandemic is the defining era of shifting the landscape of everything: personally, professionally, in business, government, religious sector and others. It will certainly change the economic cycle globally that may have positive and negative effects in every industry.”

Still, along with these effects, Macrologic sees the opportunities for different industries ahead.

Macrologic remains a resilient company during the pandemic by looking for different avenues as possible alternative sources of revenue. While their clients have continued to show their loyalty, opportunities and buying cycles have decreased due to projects put on hold. This is due to no investments coming in for clients who haven’t had revenue in the past months. “How quickly we can recover is not the focus now. We are still in survival mode. But I’m happy to say that no displacement is happening in our company,” shares Menta.

Macrologic quickly establishes partnerships with technology vendors that provide solutions for remote working, contactless innovations, and online businesses where they see opportunities rise, like in selling tech hardware.

In the Service of Helping Other Filipino Companies

Macrologic is dedicated to helping businesses by offering solutions that are meant to uplift enterprises in the new normal. If you need your business technically equipped, from installation and assembly to cloud storage solutions, then Macrologic has the resources to help. It is their goal to enrich Filipinos’ lives through communications by simplifying technology, allowing them to have access to what matters most.

Just like Macrologic, Globe myBusiness’s commitment shares the same belief that investing in technology means success for a business. As Globe aims to be the preferred ICT partner of SMEs, they’re dedicated to helping Filipino businesses remain resilient in these trying times through access to digital innovations. Globe myBusiness and Macrologic envision ventures to elevate operations in this new normal.
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Have your business analyzed and get customized solutions now by contacting Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc. and inquire about their services.

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