Today, reaching out to customers on every available platform isn’t enough. When it comes to text messages in particular, it’s important to distinguish yourself from the deluge of other messages they receive. 

Chances are, your customers’ inboxes are already filled with both legitimate text blasts and scams or spam messages. These days, businesses who use SMS to keep in touch with their customer base must be able to craft and brand their SMS messages well in order to assure receivers that the messages are legitimate一otherwise, their message might be left unseen (or worse, in the trash). 

Customer behavior is changing, and it applies to the simple act of sending and receiving SMS messages. Here are a few reminders on how to maximize this powerful and accessible platform in order to better and more authentically engage with your customers.

Let customers know who you are. The last thing you would want is to be tagged as spam or scam. Let them know who’s texting them right away by having a customizable sender ID. Not only does it assure recipients of the legitimacy of the messages they’re getting, but it also adds to your brand recall. Make yourself known right away so they would know that it’s from a credible sender. 

No texting before six and after eight. Don’t text customers before 6 in the morning when they are most likely a few hours away from getting up from bed or are busy preparing for the day. Sending a message past 8 in the evening might also bump your message off their radar as they’ll be too busy doing chores, or are looking forward to relaxing. However, when it comes to time-sensitive messages, you don’t want them to miss out on important dates and limited-time promos. Send those messages at around 10 in the morning so there is time to make decisions during the day, and not when the details are already stale. You have better chances of producing repeat purchasers if you get the perfect flow when it comes to text blasting.

SMS is not extinct. SMS messages can also be a gateway to your other communication channels. Far from being extinct and outdated, text messaging continues to be one of the most accessible and reliable forms of keeping touch with your customers, which is why each message must be crafted well and purposefully. If you’re going to include a link in your text message, make it count. Providing more ways to get in touch with you will make your message bear more weight especially for customers whose interest is already piqued but would like to know more.

Customer feedback is a gift. The opportunity to provide feedback is a gift best given when it’s well-wrapped. As opposed to one-way messages that feel robotic and cold, having the option to collect customer stories and provide real-time virtual assistance gives your business the edge it needs to retain the connections you’ve worked so hard for. Letting them know that you want to improve and serve them better lets them know that you’re willing to go the extra mile to keep your customers happy.

While this all sounds rewarding, planning and implementing it is manually tedious. Luckily, there are digital solutions that help business owners maximize the platform with ease and flexibility. Globe Business M360 helps business owners solve the most common challenges to SMS blasting by providing a multi-channel messaging platform that ensures all areas mentioned above are covered. With bespoke and thoughtful features, it helps business owners optimize, automate, and enhance their text messages according to their needs. 

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Just when entrepreneurs had begun to pick up the pieces following a tough year caused by the pandemic, they were dealt with another fierce blow when Typhoon Odette ripped through the country and wiped out six regions, leaving thousands of families homeless and businesses crumbling.

Keeping true to its commitment as every Filipino entrepreneur’s trusted digital partner, Globe Business is extending comfort and assistance in the form of rebates and recovery offers to help micro, small and medium enterprises in Odette-ravaged areas bounce back from devastation.

“We recognize the extraordinary challenges and the daunting recovery that many of our Filipino MSMEs face and the assistance they need in the aftermath of Typhoon Odette. With this, we are providing them with a range of support to give them, their families and businesses hope and the extra push to rise from this difficult situation,” said KD Dizon, Globe Business MSME Group Head. 

Here are Globe Business’ offers to ease the burden on small business owners who continue to struggle with the damage caused by the typhoon—from poor access to basic services to no connectivity that limits their ability to stay in touch with their customers:

One-time service rebate

Getting disconnected or paying for the next bill should be the least of customers’ concerns for now as Globe has suspended system-initiated disconnections since January in areas where signal and connectivity are still down or pending restoration. Globe will also stretch payment due date and will give a one-time service rebate for all subscriptions affected by the typhoon. Depending on the billing cycle, customers can expect the reimbursement to reflect within their next two billings.

Free use of Multi-channel Messaging Platform

To help businesses get back on their feet and make them more resilient, Globe is giving its loyal customers free access to M360, a web-based multi-channel messaging platform that allows them to reach their customers whenever and wherever through branded text blasts and Facebook Messenger.

The platform adds credibility to businesses and improves brand image as it allows you to use your business name as the sender ID. It also lets customers feel safe to open and read official business messages.

Join Globe Business Upstart

By signing up for this exclusive loyalty program, business owners can get access to top-notch digital solutions and extensive network support that will help them navigate through difficult times. The program arms Globe’s loyal MSME customers with special support for digital leadership, business enablement, and exclusive partnerships.

“We want our MSME partners to bounce back strong and build a resilient business with the right combination of digital solutions and support. We will be with them every step of the way,” said Dizon. 

Look back to what our industry experts have shared during our learning session on Digital Marketing for Financial Institutions. Partnering with Certified Digital Marketer (CDM), the aim of the webinar was to equip MSMEs with the basic building blocks of Digital Marketing Strategy and Direct Marketing.


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Last March 24, Globe myBusiness with SGS Philippines Inc. tackled what hospitality and restaurant businesses should prioritize to recover and stay relevant this 2021. With the year’s fresh challenges, let our research, guidance, and tips help you revive customer confidence through safe and innovative measures.

If you missed the session, watch the full recap here.

Resource Speakers:

Danica De Guzman,  Operations Executive, SGS Philippines Inc.

Natalia Moran, Consultant Chef, Tasteless Food Group

Frances Caluya, Industry Marketing Manager, Globe myBusiness


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The pandemic situation may not have changed, but everyone’s lifestyle and behavior have. This undeniable change came as a shock to many business owners and the entire industry. Many were left behind, closed down, or handicapped to adapt. Nowadays, it’s only the strong and well-equipped who survive. Customers are now rearranging their lives when it comes to retail, switching priorities, changing lifestyles, and developing new shopping habits.

The industry is now on a fast track to indoor convenience: If you can do it without leaving the house, why leave? Homes have become everyone’s new safe space. Distances have grown wider and that separates you from your consumers. The reliable and genuine connections between you and your customers become scarce. 

This is what makes digital tools so valuable because digital is now preferred over physical. Cashless payments, instant virtual notifications, and wireless connectivity are the names of the game. In a time of confinement, nothing is worth more than a sense of freedom without anything holding you back.

These are the exact tools that Spruce Designer Network Inc. utilized from Globe myBusiness during the earlier months of the pandemic. As a relatively young business at the time, getting their name out was the top priority. How would potential customers know about them if they didn’t want to leave home? They took advantage of where their target market is — they used the internet and social media.

Spruce is a retail and distribution company. They specialize in bringing in global and local Filipino designer fashion lifestyle brands. They provide unique shopping experiences in several stores throughout northern and southern Mindanao.

With the pandemic, they worried about how to keep their customers safe while shopping. This affected their sales, but they quickly adapted with their top product  — flip-flops.


“Our biggest challenge was how to keep our people safe. How to reach customers who were now at home,” shared Trisha L. Tamparong, Spruce’s Corporate Treasurer. Along with her team, they recognized the market’s behavioral change immediately and acted on it early on. 

After identifying flip-flops as a home essential, they focused on its online marketing. “Because our number one product at the store is considered a home essential, all we had to do was get the product out there!” she added. 


They decided to turn to their website and social media accounts to reach their customers at home. Because they already offered cashless payment options, sale inquiries came soon enough. “We are thankful for Globe myBusiness for encouraging us to set up and offer GCash services years before the pandemic started,” Tamparong said. 

To the present day, Spruce’s business remains steady. They are currently in the final stages of further digitalizing their processes. This has been steadily increasing their online shopping services. Now they’re setting up their Human Resource Information System, nurture relationships with delivery partners, and applied other digital tools from Globe myBusiness.

“There are tough months and great months but overall, we are very fortunate and blessed to still be here and thriving in the new normal.”


Digitalizing traditional processes takes away the hassle of physical procedures like optimizing your business’ efficiency and streamlining internal operations. This made Spruce more agile and flexible, able to reach customers easier, deliver better, and take on the challenges that have come their way. Globe myBusiness ensures that businesses like Spruce are built better prepared and better equipped for adapting to anything. Digital solutions – ranging from simple to complex – gets you ready for this new age, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

As the new normal continues, so will the changes in consumer behavior. It’s time to strengthen and revitalize your business into the digital landscape with Globe myBusiness. Medical assessments for your employees, logistics tracking, or loyalty programs for customers? Globe myBusiness can fashion the right solutions you need.

If you’ve already invested in Globe myBusiness for your digital needs, the company has more to offer. Here’s an exclusive promo with an instant reward for your digital investment. Until March 31, you can get cashback via GCash when you avail of any connectivity product and any digital solution. 

Globe myBusiness offers exclusive bundles to new and existing customers on any mobile or broadband plan. Digital solutions included in the bundle are M360, GCash for Business, KonsultaMD, Rush Royalty, Google Workspace, Cloud Payroll and HR Information System (HRIS), and Vehicle Tracker. 

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