The Information and Communications Technology industry has been a key driver of innovation and structural transformation. In our country alone, it has helped revitalize our economy — and it will continue to do so with the plans underway, especially as COVID-19 impacts other industries more negatively.

With the government pouring resources in growing the industry further, sharing proposals of delivering faster internet all over the country, businesses will be better connected to its customers. With that, however, is the need to protect against cybersecurity threats.

To continue providing high-quality services to your customers and push for economic growth, the ICT industry has been developing technological solutions to assist companies relying on infotech.

These solutions are creating efficient operations along with better security features, such as keeping up with customers’ growing demands on better and faster services while protecting their personal data.

Thanks to the development of APIs, or Application Programming Interface, you can tackle a variety of challenges through services that enhance and streamline the customer experience while keeping them secure. An API, in a nutshell, is a “software that allows two applications to ‘talk’ to each other,” and here are just a few challenges and examples that revolutionary APIs can solve in an instant.

Challenge: How do I get information to the right customers at the right time?

Solution: Information blasts

There’s no better way to reach a large number of customers and improve engagement than with information blasts, particularly text blasts. Text or SMS blasts are a cost-effective method to communicate with your audience while reaching tangible results.

Globe Labs SMS API assists firms in bridging the gap of communication. Through a suite of SMS-based solutions, companies can send targeted text messages and alerts to customers in one go from a secure number.

Let’s take a look at the big benefits information blasting can do for a business to help connect with customers, such as schools:

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Challenge: How do my customers know that I’ve received their orders?

Solution: Payment gateway

For any business, a smooth purchasing experience is so important. If you can’t serve them consistently, you might as well close shop because it won’t be running for too long. When you’re able to maintain control over the user experience, removing problems buyers can encounter at checkout and improving the customer’s satisfaction will help you grow your venture.

Globe Labs Charging API allows you to charge products or services through customers’ prepaid load or postpaid bills. It also gives you the ability to let customers pay for subscriptions or in-app purchases through a hassle-free service.

As a case study, see how Charging API helped grow the business of Share Treats:

Challenge: How can I be transparent on the delivery and status of orders?

Solution: SMS API

Integrating automated text updates like Globe Labs SMS API to your inventory and shipping system keeps customers swiftly informed through notifications.

In online stores, for example, clients will appreciate your company’s transparency through letting them know the status of their orders – from packing, transit, delivery, receiving, and even returning – without the hassle of manual tracking on your end.

Challenge: How do I ensure I’m providing customers with the best experience?

Solution: SMS API

Dealing with feedback from customers not only lets them know that you value their inputs that can help grow your business. You’re also committing to providing them with the best possible user experience through the solutions you’ll put through.

Globe Labs SMS API allows you to get feedback through SMS or text surveys. This way, you can continue to optimize your services for your customers. You can even send targeted messages depending on your customer’s lifecycle.

From the moment your patrons order from you to understanding their sentiments, it shows here how SMS API can aid in building customer loyalty:

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Challenge: How do I get my customers to keep coming back?

Solution: Rewards

Ensure happier, more engaged customers by rewarding them through Globe Labs Rewards API.

It allows you to send Globe prepaid load, postpaid credits, or call, text, and surfing promos to customers. A customized rewards program lets you have full control over when your customer receives rewards, such as after completing a survey or purchasing a product. This is a great way to build loyalty with customers.

Challenge: How do I ensure the data I’ve received is secure?

Solution: Cloud data storage

Businesses can reduce operating costs by utilizing cloud data storage. This also allows you to access data wherever and whenever you are. Apart from affordability and accessibility, cloud storage also ensures a high level of security.

Globe myBusiness’ range of cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite), and Globe VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) can help your business improve efficiency and remain agile through easy data access and foregoing costly physical data storages. In the face of a constantly evolving business environment, this is just what you need to be on top of innovation.

Want to see these APIs in action?

Let’s look at how different APIs make a business — like those in the food industry in the video below — smarter and digitally competitive:

Globe myBusiness gives you the opportunity to access all these solutions through its range of APIs, data storage services, and cybersecurity services, allowing you to benefit from all them at just one source. Globe myBusiness also gives you the option of bundling APIs with mobile or internet services, which can then be billed through your Globe myBusiness account. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your technological needs.

Create more meaningful connections with your customers and learn how other industries apply this. Want to kickstart your API journey with Globe myBusiness? Schedule a digital consultation with our team here.

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