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As advancements in technology continue to be made, the threat of cyber-attacks has become increasingly rampant around the globe, with new tactics constantly being developed to steal, mine, and compromise the data and information of individuals and organizations alike.

As a result, information security, also known as infosec, has not only become an important mode of defense but a crucial one, especially as many companies take their operations online due to COVID-19.

This is where Sophie’s Information Technology Services (SITESPHIL), one of Globe myBusiness’ latest business partners, steps in. With the Globe Partner Network, a program for tech companies to expand their portfolio and gain access to networking opportunities for them to get matched with potential clients, these tech companies are able to drive and speed up tech adoption. SMEs often request for help on where to start, and it takes solution-oriented tech enablers like Globe and SITESPHIL to point them in the right direction.

Securing the Present and Future of Information Technology

Although the company is still relatively young, SITESPHIL has made promising developments with its roster of clients. One day, it hopes to become a name that’s synonymous with Philippine IT security.

What initially started out as a hobby for Founder and Chief Information Security Officer, Mr. Benjie Brian Zamora, and his friends, SITESPHIL quickly developed into Zamora’s passion project. Back then, the team had envisioned its role in promoting a country that was both IT-aware and FOSS-minded (free open-sourced software). However, IT was still seen as a revenue generator; open-source software had yet to be embraced.

After registering the company with the Department of Trade and Industry and doing some pro-bono work, the company had to take a backseat when Zamora became involved with another company. But in 2018, he seized the opportunity to formally re-establish SITESPHIL when he was contacted by a client who required his expertise in this field.

Through a wide range of IT and information security-related services, SITESPHIL provides customers and clients with useful, accurate, and open-sourced awareness programs and training that help alleviate the current state of IT and InfoSec in the community. Its services include: vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, threat remediation, security operations center, and website hosting.

Empowering Tech-Savvy Filipinos, one Training at a Time

SITESPHIL also offers online training courses for those who want to learn about open-source IT and information security to empower themselves and promote an IT-aware Philippines. “We are one with GlobemyBusiness in helping Filipinos,” Zamora says. “This is embedded in our vision statement.”

Today, the Philippines is fourth to the last in terms of cybersecurity and is vulnerable to hacking. According to Zamora, this stems from a lack of awareness, not just in the business community but in the government as well. As the economic landscape shifts as a result of COVID-19, many businesses have had to adjust to the new normal, with many taking operations completely online. This is why the services that SITESPHIL provides, with the help of Globe myBusiness’ connectivity, are integral for businesses.

Like Globe myBusiness, SITESPHIL is committed to helping Filipino SMEs. The tech companies believe that cost-efficient and even free training are important to help the IT industry. With SITESPHIL joining the Globe Partner Network, this is a dream that can become a reality.

Managing the New Business Landscape

Zamora admits that, even though many businesses have struggled during this time, the new-found urgency from enterprises to strengthen security capabilities has made SITESPHIL indispensable. “Because of the pandemic, the timeline for the Philippines to go online has fast-forwarded.”

The company has even expanded its offices to increase availability and is within reach 24/7. “Security breaches don’t have a designated time,” Zamora says. “We have implemented continuity and disaster recovery since day one. We have redundant power and internet supply.”

SITESPHIL and Globe myBusiness: Helping Filipino Businesses Adapt to the New Normal

As a part of Globe’s Partner Network, SITESPHIL is determined to improve the country’s infosec awareness and become an advocate for increased IT training across the board.

We need the power of connectivity and information security now more than ever. This is an era of inevitable change as companies rethink their infrastructure, expansion, and operations. Traditional offices blending with work-from-home setups or offline retail stores coexisting with online selling channels are just a few examples of these adjustments that will stay for the long run.

Globe myBusiness and SITESPHIL envision SMEs to be well informed about connectivity and information security so that they’re safeguarded from cyberattacks that cause downtime, loss in profit, and inability to operate.

“SITESPHIL’s role in securing Filipino companies cannot be overemphasized,” Zamora says. “By either giving our consultancy services to these companies or by providing free infosec awareness and training to them, I think SITESPHIL as an organization is helping the Philippines adapt in this new normal.”

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