Because of the pandemic, all the usual ways we do business is suddenly not enough.

In your own company, you have perhaps turned to new online technology or enhanced the ones you had in place before the pandemic struck.

Alongside online portals or selling platforms, solutions like Zoom to conduct online meetings and classes, or customer relationship management (CRM) software, your business has equipped itself with a high-end internet connection, possibly from multiple providers as back-up.

As it is beginning to look like 2021 will bring more of the same, you need to arm your business with an internet connection that can handle all of the online tools you use to stay competitive and thrive.

The best type of connectivity for you is Direct Internet, already being enjoyed by other progressive companies in the country.

So What is Direct Internet?

Direct Internet is connectivity that is not available to residential users.

It’s different from the wired broadband you know as it connects only your business to the heart of your internet service provider’s network. You won’t be sharing bandwidth with any other accounts in the vicinity.

Interested to learn more? Here are the game-changing benefits of this product:

Dedicated Connection: More Bang for Your Buck

Because Direct Internet lets you own your bandwidth, which guarantees your internet speed with no downtime, there’s less need to have more than one internet provider. With the same cost of maintaining multiple broadband lines that you share with other residential or businesses in your area, you can get a more reliable connection with just one.

Symmetric Speeds: Always On

Along with that dedicated connection, Direct Internet also provides your business with equal upload and download speeds.

What does this mean? Even if many of you are engaged in a video conference, downloading a huge file will not lower the quality of your call. You can upload large amounts of data just as fast as well. That’s an important feature for easy collaboration with your colleagues and clients.

You essentially bypass the shared speed limits provided to other users and you create a less congested pathway for your uploads and downloads.

Lower Latency & Jitter: Goodbye Lag

When your business has a network connection dedicated to it, there is less of a delay in transmitting data. That translates to video calls and conferences proceeding without a hitch. That also means continuous high-quality streaming, no dropped connections, and no app timeouts.

You can finally say goodbye to delays caused by slow internet speeds.

Future-Proof: It Can Grow With Your Business

Here’s something you may not know. When you sign a contract for a broadband connection, the maximum bandwidth you get from that is not going to be changing over the duration of the contract. If your business experiences immense growth, you are going to find yourself stuck with a network connection that may not be able to handle the load.

A direct internet account is built differently. If you find that the maximum bandwidth given to you is not enough, you can easily have it raised up to match the demand. If you need a 1GB speed rather than the 100MB you started out with, a direct internet account can give that to you easily.

Devoted Support: On Call, All the Time

Somewhere down the line, you might encounter problems with your network connection. While getting problems resolved with a broadband connection may take some time, that is not the case with a direct internet account.

Contracts for direct internet accounts will have clauses in them that require the service provider to fix the problem within a certain number of hours. Those hours can mean life or death for a growing business like yours.

Convenient Remote Access: Safe and Secure

Before the COVID-19, safeguarding a business was a more direct affair — simply have security over at your physical location. But as businesses move online, there are more threats to deal with that one may not have prepared for.

A direct internet account is a big help when it comes to this as it allows businesses to have as many static IP addresses as it requires. How does this help out? Companies can use a static IP address to identify and authenticate data as well as keep their own networks secure.

Connectivity and digitized processes are big success factors in businesses today, and you can’t afford to have these crippled by a network connection that can’t keep up. Direct Internet may be higher priced than alternatives like broadband, but with the promises it can definitely deliver, it’s an investment you need. It safeguards your systems’ smooth operations, customer interactions, and employees’ productivity.

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