Eight promising young designers took the spotlight during StylefestPH’s second night as they showcased their first capsule collections under 0917 Lifestyle and Zalora Philippines at Grand Hyatt Manila last September 8, 2018.

The emerging fashion talents were from StylefestPH’s Designer Mentorship Program, which aims to lead promising designers to success through mentorship from the Style Council, a group of top fashion and beauty experts headed by no less than the legendary fashion icon Ino Sotto.

“We have many talented designers now, and we owe that to a lot of fashion schools that are open today. There is more venue for designers to show what they can do,” Ino shared. “We looked for someone who is very clear and sensitive to the pulse of the times. We looked for someone whose sensitivity to currentness is very acute.”

The Style Council and the Designer Mentorship Programs finalists pose for a photo at the end of the show.

As part of the program, the fashion designers were also treated to a business mentorship session with Globe myBusiness, which aimed to help them start their own business by learning how to gain a competitive advantage in the retail industry.

Debbie Obias, VP of Segment Marketing for Globe myBusiness, was present during the event, stating that supporting talented up and coming designers in business is not only in line with Globe myBusiness’ mission for SMEs, it’s also a thrust for Filipinos onto the world stage.

Debbie Obias, VP of Segment Marketing for Globe myBusiness, speaks with members of the press after the show.

“For StylefestPH, we showed support for the eight winning designers from the Designer Mentorship Program by also providing them with start-up packages that can help them start their business. These fashion designers are not yet in the business, so we gave them the support they need to help them start one moving forward,” Debbie said.

Meanwhile, StylefestPH definitely did not disappoint as it played host to the mentees’ ready-to-wear collections, which altogether exhibited modern yet wearable pieces that reflected the simplicity of day-to-day apparel and the sophistication of elevated fashion.

Check out what the designers had to say about their aesthetics and the key looks they presented on the runway:


0917 Lifestyle

Dino Bancoro – “I’m a self-taught designer. My aesthetic is edgy and futuristic streetwear. I am used to designing edgier clothes that are unique.”

G Gambaloza – “For 0917, it’s very me: young and different. I don’t look at fashion in a shallow way like it’s going to be passe in the coming years. I look at it as an art that tells a story. It’s not only about style.”

Nicolo Perez – “I think clothes empower people and make them feel a certain way. I want to create a Filipino-centric street style line that draws inspiration from history and how people back in the day live their lives.”

Zalora Philippines

Benj Rogando – “I call my aesthetic anti-dapper. Basically, I like using traditional men’s wear techniques, bending the rules of men’s wear without totally breaking them. I want to retain its essence.”

Marc Blanco – “I want people who wear my clothes to feel cool and sexy. I wanted to celebrate individuality. What sets me apart is that I value a great story behind my products. It’s about the emotions and the way of life.”

DC De Castro – “My style tends to be more of a direct approach, almost like a literal approach to an inspiration. It’s a fusion between street style and tailored clothing.”

Ron Santos – “My design is focused on streetwear. It is actually streetwear with a twist, inspired by the Filipino culture and clothing like the filipiniana and ternos. I want to show that there is space for traditional Filipino garments in our closets.”

Viña Romero – “When I create clothes, I envision them on myself. The brand is my personal style. It is a subtle incorporation of masculinity and femininity. It’s well-tailored but loose and easy. It is no-fuss, simple, but not pedestrian.”

As expected, the Designer Mentorship Program delivered on its promise to bring the future to the runway with its young and emerging designers. StylefestPH was a sneak peek into what’s to come, ultimately becoming a launch pad for some of the next big names in the Philippine fashion scene!

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Stylefest PH 2018 is a full-blown fashion event that will create a platform for fashion and beauty enthusiasts to create, collaborate, and bring their creative entrepreneurial projects to life. One of its notable features is the Designer Mentorship Program, which aims to help promising designers make it big in the fashion industry.

During the press launch, Michael Coson, Globe’s Head Integration and Portfolio Management, Creative Marketing & Multimedia Business, says the program gives the most promising designers from across the Philippines the opportunity to be mentored by the Style Council, which is composed of the country’s top fashion and beauty experts.

According to Michael, the program has six pillars: mentorship, design, development, retailing, technology, and marketing. The program is structured to make the design and business know-how of fashion, beauty, and retail industry experts available to guide promising fashion designers with their design and entrepreneurial projects.

As part of its commitment to small and medium enterprises in the Philippines, Globe myBusiness will be coming in to lead the retailing pillar of the program. It will ensure that the designers under the program will be able to learn the ropes of retailing in the fashion scene by elevating their entrepreneurial know-how.

“Retailing is an exciting part of this program. You can’t just design without ensuring cost efficiency, choosing the right fabric, and picking the best production line. Retailing your product is very much important,” Michael says.

“A great design will only remain a great design if you don’t have a great distribution channel. That is where entrepreneurship comes in. Together with the Style Council, Globe myBusiness will develop and nurture our finalists’ entrepreneurship skills,” Michael adds.

Meanwhile, the Style Council will be headed by iconic Filipino designer Ino Sotto. He will be joined by fashion stylist Pam Quiñones, ZALORA Philippines co-founder and CEO Paulo Campos, professional make-up artist Jigs Mayuga, fashion and lifestyle editor Sarah Santiago, Globe Lifestyle head Leah de Guzman, and Fashion Exchange International co-founder Carmina Sanchez-Jacob.

Together, they will mentor eight promising Filipino designers, who were carefully selected from 38 applicants from all over the country. The top finalists will be given a cash prize to help them start their ventures and a spot at Stylefest PH to bring their designs and products to the runway, which will be sold exclusively at Zalora PH and Globe’s in-house clothing line 0917.

The Stylefest PH’s Designer Mentorship Program will culminate in a 3-day event happening on September 7-9, 2018, featuring the capsule collection of the five (5) winners named “Emerging Designers” and the three (3) winners dubbed as the “Future of Design.”

Globe Telecom CEO Ernest Cu, Saga Events CEO Robby Cardona, and Grand Hyatt Manila General Manager Gottfried Bogensperger, were also present during the launch. Young social media influencers and influential figures in the local fashion industry were also in attendance.

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