As more and more people turn to apps for everything, from food delivery to online shopping, it’s no wonder that services are the next big thing in e-commerce. Home cleaning, repairs, and wellness services are some of the most in-demand in this new wave.

One company is providing quality home services at affordable prices. aims to be the go-to app of home and condo dwellers in Metro Manila. Laundry, cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, pest control, nail care, massage, and aircon services — you name it, they’ve got it.

Founded in October 2018, built everything from the ground up and overcame many challenges along the way.

According to CEO and founder Andrew Koger, “We built the entire technology behind in-house with our talented tech team. We had to find, interview, and onboard hundreds of talented service providers. We built a brand and a customer base from scratch.”

The GoodWork app is free, and price points are competitive. For example, GoodWork laundry express services start at P199 while express cleaning services start at P349, depending on the scope of work.

The 4+ star app, which is available on Apple and Android devices, connects customers with service providers. Potential service providers are interviewed, trained, and verified by the GoodWork agency, so customers can expect only the best services. In addition, covers up to P2,500 in repairs for damaged work. ensures a great experience for both customers and service providers through the technology they built from scratch. To efficiently connect customers and service providers, it has a multi-variable matching algorithm and map-based location selection. Users anywhere in Metro Manila can access the app even with a weak Internet connection because it’s optimized for low-data environments. Plus, the real-time chat function of the app makes for fast and easy communication.

With all these app features, it’s no wonder that customer satisfaction is at over 90% on the platform. “Our customer feedback has been very positive. People are really excited to now have an app for all their home services needs,” says Koger. Here’s a satisfied customer’s review: “So happy with how Ate Gemma cleaned our condo. She made sure all the nooks and crannies were cleaned!”

This ratings system empowers the best service providers, while customers are rewarded with credits whenever they or their referred friends have services done. Each service is equal to one credit; earn 10 credits and the customer gets one free service.

If it seems like has thought of everything, it’s because the founding team has extensive experience in the e-commerce industry. Koger shares, “Our founding team previously worked at Lazada, and we bring many of our learnings and experiences from building Lazada into the largest e-commerce platform in the country.” relies on technology to offer quality and affordable services. Koger says, “One of our most important tools is Globe Labs SMS API. It lets us notify our users as soon as they have important new information on the platform, like a new available job for our service providers or a new job confirmation for our customers. Most of our requests get confirmed within 15 minutes, so fast notifications are super important for our users!”

To grow their customer base, they use online marketing tools via Facebook, Instagram, and Google, as well as innovative promotion strategies. “However, the best customer growth strategy is to offer amazing quality services so that people recommend to their friends,” Koger says.

It’s a top-notch start, but it’s only the beginning for “We still face many challenges as we monitor and improve our service quality and consistency, build new features on the app for our users, and scale up our training, payments, and customer growth initiatives,” explains Koger. “As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says, ‘It’s still day one!’”

Moving forward, both customers and service providers can expect even more innovations on the GoodWork app. “We always try to stay super focused on offering an unbelievably great experience for our users, and we try to make every decision benefit our users,” shares Koger. “We believe that this focus will help us grow the platform and build a very valuable business over the long term.”

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