Technology has changed how we do our everyday tasks. It has even changed the way we take information in. This quick development is a big challenge for businesses. How can you let yours stand out in this digital age?

Because of the internet, businesses now market their products and services differently from before. And that’s only in the past 10 years. Traditional media (such as print, radio and TV) has started shifting to a mix of traditional and digital media, through the use of multimedia or rich media.

Compared to traditional media, rich media like videos can engage your audience more through combining movement, visuals, and sound.

Today, equipment is more affordable, and production methods are easy to follow. You can now create rich media content easily and cost-efficiently.

But before you dive into your first multimedia marketing campaign, carefully plan and look into tried and tested practices. Joseph Teoxon, Managing Partner of Go Motion*, shares how best multimedia practices can help you find your distinct brand voice.

Go Motion is a company that builds creative solutions and bold methods that challenge conventional thinking. Go Motion supports 21st century design and creates compelling and engaging video content for brands.

They know the online market well and encourage small and medium enterprises to:

1. Know your customers.

Knowing your audience is already half the battle. When you understand what catches their interests and attention, you craft an effective message that will keep them engaged.

2. Have clear communication objectives.

3. Know your unique selling point.

4. Be creative.


Strategic marketing requires lots of effort and man hours from your team. This is a challenge for SMEs as you’re focused on constantly offering high-quality products and services.

Instead of spreading yourself too thin operating and marketing your business, Globe myBusiness could be your reliable partner. Globe myBusiness can support you in all stages of your business venture — without breaking the bank.

Maximize your business potential through Globe’s products and solutions specifically designed for SMEs. Companies like Go Motion, which has scaled up, need reliable premium connectivity. Direct Internet raises your workforce’s efficiency and productivity through stable and fast internet connection because it reduces the time spent on waiting for uploads and downloads to finish.

To market your business to the right audience, take a look at the Globe myBusiness Ad Creator. It is the first tool that enables businesses to create ads on Facebook without the need for a credit card. Through the Globe myBusiness Ad Creator platform, you can run Facebook ads and charge your advertising expense directly to your Globe myBusiness Postpaid Bill. This removes the risk and the hassle that using your personal credit card for business expenses might bring.

*Go Motion is powered by Globe myBusiness.

To know more about how digital marketing through Globe myBusiness can help your business grow aggressively yet affordably, visit this website.

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