There’s no doubt about it, technology is taking education to new heights — or at least in schools who know how to make the education experience better.

Given recent events, going digital and being future-ready is now the only choice for your school. Existing systems in administration, student affairs, and learning will greatly benefit from much-needed innovations that allow you to adapt to the new normal.

So what does a future-ready school look like exactly? Check out these school and learning management system benefits that institutions are reaping the rewards from as we speak!

Everything within e-reach

If leisurely activities like shopping, gaming, and internet browsing have evolved to become readily available online and on our mobile devices, there’s no reason why we can’t do the same with school tools.

With Globe myBusiness’ School Management System‘s Campus Link, users get a centralized data management system that lets users enjoy the following:

It basically solves the most commonly encountered problems that school administrators, teachers, students, and their parents, making way for the things that really matter.

Paperless and portable

These days, minimizing paper waste is not just an attractive nice-to-have option. It’s a must. Edmodo, one of the tools in the Globe myBusiness Learning Management System, lets teachers and students access textbooks and personalized learning content online.

It’s the virtual library of every student and educator’s dreams! No need to worry about lugging around heavy books and papers during the daily commute. With this handy innovation, fit all of that into your pocket or backpack.

One of the best parts is how easy it is to use – just like any social networking site!  Its user-friendly features let users connect to all the people they need to get in touch with at school – from their peers to their teachers, to the school staff they need to ask about enrollment and other important school matters.

Reliable virtual assistance

Teachers have more than enough on their plates on a daily basis, so having a centralized school management system gifts them with benefits similar to having an ever-reliable virtual assistant. This assistant takes away all the manual, tedious tasks like computing for grades and checking paperwork. More than that, efficient learning management tools enhance teachers’ learning styles., for example, has digital learning solution features that help teachers link technology into their curriculum. It helps them identify and evaluate students to know how to best help them.

Brightspace, another learning management system, is a user-friendly learning environment that lets teachers design courses easily, access intelligent reports on learner success, and customize other tools with ease and flexibility. Having these options allow them to focus on what they set out to do — teach, inspire, and interact with their students on a meaningful level.

Interactive and user-friendly portals

On top of lessening physical tools, learning management systems like Edmodo turn schools into better communities. It offers user-friendly features that encourage interaction and offer aid when needed.

First-time users can readily access assistance that guides them through the interface and helps them troubleshoot basic problems, so parents learn something new while they guide their kids through school too! This includes reminders on important dates and schedules: crucial for parents juggling between their own and their kids’ activities.

Exclusive features that ensure campus security

If these cutting-edge tools don’t already make the school community members feel secure and settled, convenient processes like automated ID systems seal the VIP feel. This doesn’t just add an extra layer of security for students who go in and out of the campus with the tap of their IDs, it also automates employees’ timekeeping and payroll.

Are you ready to take the next step in making your school future ready? Schedule a digital consultation with our account managers today, so we can help you assess your school’s specific needs. 

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