Different generations of entrepreneurs have different ways of running a business. In Chinoy family-owned businesses, traditions and family values are highly regarded. This type of culture is likely to have benefits to the business but can also make it difficult for rookie family members to lead.

Take it from Chinese entrepreneurs Gerik Chua of Eng Bee Tin and Marvin Uy of Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant who are now leading the Chinese deli shop and eatery, respectively.

Gerik and Marvin shared their business journey in the online show “At your SerBIZ!” hosted by award-winning author and speaker Francis Kong, where they shared how they work with their elders, the challenges that come with it, and their roles in their success.

Challenge: Thin line between professional and personal life

Gerik shared that one of the hardest parts of owning a family business is literally bringing work home with him because he lives in the same house with his parents. He said that “it’s basically a 24- hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week job” because they still discuss work at the dinner table.

Solution: Listen and learn best business practices

Despite the challenge, putting in extra hours proved to be beneficial for the business in the long run. Gerik learned from his father and mentor Gerry Chua, also fondly called “Mr. Ube” by customers, some of the best practices of running a business.

For one, Gerik is always reminded that ups and downs in businesses are normal. In managing Eng Bee Tin, his father reached a point where he could not afford to pay suppliers because of low sales. His father persevered and later tried introducing a new product—the ube hopia that clicked with the masses.

Among the lessons that Marvin, for his part, learned from his parents is to keep failure in proper perspective and never give up. Sincerity Café & Restaurant started after his family members failed in their initial business ventures in merchandising and importation. Sincerity started as a small “mami house” with P600 capital before expanding to a restaurant with more items in the menu.

Challenge: Conflict of ideas

In family business, it’s common for parents to be resistant to having their children or the next generation to make changes in how things are done.

“We came from a traditional family so they [elders] are not open when younger generations suggest something new because they think that we lack experience,” Marvin said, adding that his age is a factor that prevents elders from easily accepting new ideas that he pitched.

Solution: Active listening

For one, the idea of partnering with third party delivery applications was initially dismissed by elders.

Practicing active listening allows the next generation of business owners to know where their elders are coming from. In doing so, they can properly respond and explain to them why changes are necessary.

Through time, Marvin’s elders agreed to partner with third party delivery applications which helped their business survive at the height of the pandemic.

Gerik adds that proper communication is key because it helps in getting the inputs of all family members before coming up with any decision, especially during disagreements. When conflicts arise, Gerik said, “We just talk it over. Subukan lang mag-usap, wala namang mawawala.”

Challenge: Traditional ways of thinking

Some beliefs and superstitions can be perceived to hold businesses from thriving. In China, there is a belief that black can bring bad luck, so Gerik initially had difficulty convincing his father to let him use a black-colored packaging for Eng Bee Tin’s then-new product, the Triple Chocolate Lava Mooncake product.

Solution: Innovate

Refusal to innovate and introduce something new will make it hard for business owners to stay relevant, and this is what Gerik made his father, who later agreed to his proposal, understand.

“Innovation is important para hindi mawala yung ‘sawa’ factor. There should always be something new that we can offer to the customer so they would keep coming back,” shared Gerik.

He also convinced his elders to innovate by incorporating the use of social media regularly to promote their products. Through TikTok and Facebook, Eng Bee Tin manages to gain new customers and keep the old ones. Marvin, meanwhile, shares how he innovated by improving the interior design of their restaurant to make the customer’s dining experience even better.

Mixing family and business may pose a lot of challenges, but sustaining it across multiple generations is possible with all family members on board and sharing the same goals and commitment.

According to Francis, “Digitalization doesn’t necessarily mean breaking tradition, but rather elevating it.” He also emphasized that innovation, mentoring, and learning go both ways: the older generation may have the knowledge, network, and resources to share, but they can also learn from the younger generation about technology, connectivity, and business as a community.

Learn more negosyantips from the country’s most successful entrepreneurs by tuning in to Globe Business’ YouTube channel to watch all the episodes of “At your SerBIZ!”.

The advantage of being part of the Baby Boomer Generation is we’ve experienced different historical moments that have paved the way for the world and life we have today. “The young today may have read history but would never understand it the way the older ones have lived through it.”

I remember those significant moments in my student days when women were marching down the streets, burning their bras, and fighting for their equal rights to work and careers. Women then were expected to be stay-home moms raising kids and cooking meals. The conventional belief is that they do not belong in the workplace. The few employed worked as telephone operators, stenographers, receptionists, or secretaries, and you could hardly hear women engaging in business.

Today, women are climbing the corporate ladder, being members of boards, leading teams, and engaging in businesses as they carve out their path to success. Women today possess the skills and abilities and are positive, confident, and have a healthy mindset crucial for them to achieve their goals.

The Globe Business team and I have just done the final episode of “At Your Serbiz – Season 1” in front of a live audience, many of whom were women and entrepreneurs. Gracing the show were four women leaders covering different endeavors: Minette Navarette, Founder of Kickstart Ventures; Carla Sy-Su, Entrepreneur-in-residence; Capitan PH, viral content creator Mona Magno-Veluz a.k.a. @mightymagulang; and Bela Gupta D’Souza, Founder of Edamama. It is incredible to see, hear and learn from their experiences as to how they rose to the top. You should watch the episode and learn from these exceptional women leaders with superpowers.

Women entrepreneurs rise to the top: Minette Navarette, Founder of Kickstart Ventures; Carla Sy-Su, Entrepreneur-in-residence; Capitan PH, viral content creator Mona Magno-Veluz a.k.a. @mightymagulang; and Bela Gupta D’Souza, Founder of Edamama.

Drawing from their experiences and adding a few more commentaries of my own, the following ideas helped them cut through the clutter, defy odds and opposition and reach and achieve success.


Women are natural when it comes to networking. Their empathetic nature makes them easy to relate to people, understand another person’s point of view, and build communities. We have a saying in business that goes this way: “Today, if you are NOT networking, then you are NOT working.”

They build relationships with people in their industry, attend events and conferences, and connect with like-minded individuals. This can open up new opportunities, provide mentorship and help them stay up-to-date with industry trends.

Having a clear vision

Setting goals and achieving them requires having a clear vision. They know how to cut through the clutter. They have short-term and long-term goals and are willing to adjust them as the circumstances change. They are determined and focused.

Being curious and authentic

Most women leaders are unafraid to ask questions when they are not in the know. They instinctively know that asking questions is not a sign of weakness but a sign of honesty and authenticity, so they are unafraid to ask for advice to satisfy their curiosity.

Being comfortable and knowledgeable about technology

One of the women leaders guests said, “From somebody who has absolutely no understanding of technology, I asked and learned, discovered and researched…” And now, technology is the central nucleus of her business. But all four agree that they continue to learn and explore how they can use technology to maximize and optimize what they do for their craft and business.

Having their brands reflect their values

Technology allows women to build their brands. Their brands reflect a consistent image and message representing their values and strengths. The program’s influential women leaders showcase their expertise and accomplishments as they build a robust online presence through social media and other digital channels.

Being courageous and hopeful

What often holds women back is the fear of failure, but successful women leaders have recognized that failure is part of the journey to success and that each setback is an opportunity to learn and grow. They embrace the mindset of learning from mistakes or failures as stepping stones that enable them to achieve their ultimate goals.

The journey to success and achievement is no easy path, as women wear different hats to achieve their goals. They are leaders in their chosen fields, and in between juggling these responsibilities, they still fulfill their roles as wives and mothers taking care of their families. This is why having a supportive network of family, friends, and colleagues enables a woman to achieve great tasks. They understand the importance of having healthy work-life harmony. They take good care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally and still manage to make time for their hobbies, interests, and relationships outside of work. This makes them more productive, creative, and engaged. It also equips them to handle the demands of business or career.

It has been said that “The strength of a man is his charm, but the charm of a woman is her strength.” Today we see them operating their strengths because when the woman is armed with opportunity, support, and technology tools, she transforms into a woman with superpowers ready to conquer the world of business and achieve career success.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel the stress and savor the success that comes with the festive Christmas rush. During the most profitable time of the year for most businesses, the holiday season doesn’t have to be something you dread when you have the relevant promotions, the right tools on the right platform, and the best business solutions.

In the latest episode of the online show, “At Your SerBIZ!,” representatives of aesthetic soy candle shop, Lumi Candles and ecommerce giant, Lazada, sit down for a chat with one of the country’s respected business speakers, Francis Kong, to unbox their negosyantips on how to find the right solutions to deal with the holiday rush and manage their operations to stay on top of customer orders. 

Lumi Candles’ Business Development Manager, Karre De Leon, demonstrates how a business that started as a hobby stays on top of demanding orders. Lazada’s Head of Business Development and Platform Governance, Sheryll Nito, shares how the leading ecommerce enterprise today plays its massive advantage. Together, they demonstrate that “tuloy-tuloy na success” is the best present you can unwrap when you follow these tips to beat the holiday rush for your business operations and enjoy the festivities.

Be customer-oriented

Alamin mo ‘yung needs and wants ng customers mo para iyon ang maibigay mo sa kanila,” says Karre when asked about how Lumi Candles lights up its products and services for their customers.

They keep consumer loyalty by ensuring the quality of their products and providing the highest level of service. Lumi Candles offers free shipping and the option to customize bulk orders. They also simplify the return process in order to address their clients’ return-and-replacement concerns in the event that fragile soy candles become damaged during shipment. In addition to Christmas deals, the website also offers Lumi Rewards, which converts each purchase into points redeemable for future discounts.

Add new products or product variations

Lazada strongly encourages merchants to make promotions with a diverse selection of high-quality products to attract customers. With product variety, upgrades, and complete product descriptions, it is always simpler for buyers to browse the store and discover the right product that they are seeking.

Sheryll described how an online store owner must think, “Dapat laging iniisip ng sellers na ‘paano kung bumalik ‘yung customer, ano ang bago sa store ko na pwede nila makita o bilhin?’”

Be consistent

Karre formulates their tried-and-tested approach to online marketing: consistency.

Much like how Santa’s elves work in sync, Lumi Candles team works remotely with digitalized solutions, using a digital planner to keep the team in sync. In terms of marketing, they use a little help from AI websites to deal with consistent copywriting, proofreading, and daily content creation. They also use automated shipping and payment for each online selling platform to keep the quality standards of their services. 

Maximize digital tools

Sheryll shares advice about knowing what tools work and upgrading solutions can be a smart investment for growing your business. Using their own logistics and high-tech sorting centers, Lazada vendors and couriers can now deliver packages to buyers more efficiently.

Last 11.11, about 500,000 orders were fulfilled in less than 24 hours, attesting to Lazada’s reliability during the Christmas rush!

Be disciplined

Karre believes in hard work and discipline. In every business, a shortage of stock can hinder sales. At Lumi Candles, they work hard to organize their inventories and use information from the previous year’s sales to gauge demand and replenish their stock before the holiday season. They don’t just sell volumes they cannot manage—Lumi Candles allow pre-orders starting from November and give discounts to manage bulk orders ahead of the holiday gift-giving season.

Improve customer experience

Customer service doesn’t end after payment. Aside from swift responses to inquiries, building trust and loyalty must be the heart of any business. Sheryll shared that Lazada’s vision by 2030 is to embrace 300 million customers, create millions of job opportunities, and empower MSMEs across Southeast Asia.

Their small step starts by encouraging sellers to step up their customer experience. To foster loyalty, expressing your sincerity to customers with quality products, honesty, small freebies, and personalized or customized thank you cards can make a difference. 

Open the gift of giving the best customer service for your patrons and the most efficient tools for your business operations. Because it’s the season to learn from successful entrepreneurs, find the best business solutions that work for you, and binge-watch more episodes of “At Your SerBiz!” here!

When your business starts to grow, it is the perfect opportunity to revisit your business plan, adjust, and plan for changes with the proper digital solutions to help you operate and prosper. But how do you select the one that will work for you?

In the fourth episode of the online show, “At Your SerBIZ!” two “en-tech-preneurs” upgraded their businesses  and sat down with renowned author and speaker Francis Kong to share their top negosyantips on how the right digital solutions helped them manage and exponentially grow their startup tech businesses. 

Ginger Arboleda, co-founder of Taxumo, and Oskie King, co-founder of Cleaning Lady PH, solved the challenges in their tech businesses to prove that “tuloy-tuloy na success” is possible with these top tips.

Tip 1: Use your time and energy wisely

Ginger believes that you must focus your valuable time and energy on the areas that matter most to you and your business to get the best return on your investment. “Conserve it so that you can recharge,” the Taxumo co-founder added.

When Ginger started Taxumo, she had the realization that she wanted to live the life she wanted. After getting pregnant and watching her kids grow, she knows that she wants to be present at every milestone. She made sure to give herself time to re-energize and keep her priorities in mind. 

Instead of wasting time filing for taxes, processing payments, and dealing with penalties, Taxumo assists thousands of freelancers, self-employed professionals, small business owners, and corporations to file and pay their taxes from wherever and whenever. As an accredited online tax compliance tool in the Philippines, it allowed Filipino taxpayers to focus on being their best selves by simply diverting their time and energy to more productive things while her business handled  their taxes.

Tip 2: Be open to change

“You must continue to understand your business processes better and, at the same time, maging open ka sa improvements,” Oskie said.

Oskie previously worked in an IT company on a graveyard shift, with no time to pursue his hobbies, passions, or spend time with his family. At that point, he wanted to change this situation not just for himself but for others who have no time to deal with time-consuming cleaning. Oskie co-founded Cleaning Lady, a social enterprise that provides Filipino-quality cleaning services that are professional, caring, and warm to condominium dwellers in Metro Manila. He understood the pain that comes when you don’t have the time for yourself to clean your condo unit. And so, Oskie made their digital solutions smooth and easy to book for their clients. 

As business changes and consumer expectations rise, entrepreneurs must also  be adaptive with digital tools that both their employees and customers can understand and use. Some of the online tools that Oskie recommends are Zoom and Facebook Messenger for work-from-home collaboration, Meta Business for customer inquiries for different businesses, and GCash for receiving and sending payments.

Tip 3: Expand your knowledge

For someone starting a tech business, it might be overwhelming to discover, explore, and try to use digital tools covering various processes, system management, or a specialized function. But as a learner, you should remember that the experts were once novices in these situations.

“When you want to automate your business, it’s very important to research and look at the things around you that can help support your business,” says Ginger, an advocate of continuous learning.

Technology quickly changes. What was convenient yesterday may not be so useful or relevant to your business operations tomorrow. So, an entechpreneur must stay up-to-date and keep track of the latest trends, events, and tools.

Tip 4: Always remember your big WHY

Oskie feels strongly about his business and the people he wants to support.

“At the end of the day, it’s not just about earning income or growing the company, but more so, the social impact na tina-try natin to create,” stressed the Cleaning Lady co-founder.

At Cleaning Lady, they empower mothers from underprivileged communities to give their customers time for more productive tasks, all while creating a meaningful difference and positive impact on each other.

Kailangang mas maraming kababaihan ‘yung ma-upskill pa natin,” Oskie added as he constantly remembers his objectives that will keep him aligned as he grows his business.

Change the way you conduct your business and join the ranks of these successful CEOs and find the best digital solutions that work for you with Globe Business. Catch more episodes of “At Your SerBiz!” here.

Starting and growing your own beauty business is both challenging and rewarding when you are faced with the unique opportunity to give confidence, empowerment, and positivity to your customers, on top of providing an effective beauty product.

In the third episode of the online show, “At your SerBIZ!”, two successful entrepreneurs faced award-winning author and speaker Francis Kong, to reveal their top negosyantips on how to effectively manage and successfully grow their beauty businesses. 

Both Anna Magkawas and Rizza Lana braved the challenges of the beauty business to confidently claim that “atin ang tuloy-tuloy na success” with these beauty business secrets.

Step 1: Identify and play to your strengths

Both Anna and Rizza used their strengths to build the foundations of their operations. They prioritized their abilities and skills acquired from experience in pursuing business goals.

Before Anna started Luxe Beauty, she earned a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering while operating a “sari-sari store” inside her boarding house. Back then, she knew that she wanted to pursue a business path in Manila instead of taking the board exam. Anna’s determination led her to sell car accessories, photocopier machines, medicines, and eventually, as a call center agent and an online seller of luxury bags. As a salesperson who knows how to market her products, she got the edge to become a persuasive online seller when she dove into live selling.

Rizza was a former hotelier climbing the corporate ladder when her husband encouraged her to make her long-kept business ideas into reality. Rizza’s innate creativity sparked original business ideas which developed into her first shop: a print-on-demand phone case store. From making digital layouts, she further utilized her technical skills, resourcefulness, and advocacy to work on the Lana PH website, its promo materials, and its position to introduce local products that care for the environment and for the Filipina skin.

Step 2: Keep up with trends and be where your target market is

Anna and Rizza made their presence felt on live selling, the platforms that their customers use. Anna first used a distribution business model where authorized distributors and resellers sell Luxe Skin products. But to expand its reach, she strengthened Luxe Skin’s online presence by maintaining its social media pages, turning live-selling viewers into buyers. Rizza utilized Facebook ads to generate leads, then transitioned to live selling where she advocates Lana’s brand story and purpose to a younger digital-first audience. During online selling on social media, they “flex” and showcase their products through Facebook Live and e-commerce live selling, allowing busy customers to comment “mine” and buy their products in real time.

As they started earning more, they tapped beauty influencers and brand endorsers and cultivated a community to widen their target markets.  Rizza pointed out, “Love your community. You have to make sure na sila ‘yung pina-prioritize mo… and always give value to people.”  

Step 3: Establish an online presence and maintain exemplary customer service

“Sa dami ng tanong (online), minsan nai-stress tayo pero sagutin lang natin,” Anna explained as she talked about how she maintains exemplary customer service for Luxe Skin. She makes sure that her customers are heard and concerns are immediately dealt with in order to foster strong interactions with customers. 

Consistency is the key. “We have to make continuous promotion kasi napakaraming tao sa mundo. Hindi ‘yan makukuha ng isang post lang,” Anna added. By having a consistent posting schedule, Anna’s target market will know when and what to expect from her brand, which is another way to foster brand trust and recognition.

Step 4: Let your customers speak for your product

Anna and Rizza let their customers be their biggest promoters with the quality and value their products provide.

“Tayo mismo, brand owners, ang una dapat tumangkilik at gumamit ng sarili nating produkto para makita ng potential buyers na effective ang products,” explained Anna. The businesswoman and vlogger creates rippling effects on viewers becoming customers. Eventually, some customers turn into resellers who strongly believe in her products. On Luxe Skin’s first anniversary, the boss babe marked the occasion by granting awards to outstanding distributors who not only made a huge sale but also helped others to start their own Luxe Skin distribution.

When Rizza started finding out the needs and wants of her customers, she opened up an intimate skincare store called Mink.ph, along with a jewelry and clothing store, while planning for other businesses with foresight on what her customers look for. Later on, her customer base grew exponentially, focusing on a market supporting local products that highlight a  zero-waste lifestyle and skin-positive outlook. Today, Lana PH, Mink.ph, and other products are being reviewed and talked about on TikTok and other social media platforms for their quality and advocacy.

Step 5: Hire wiser people and reliable partners for your business

Both Anna and Rizza bounced back from their setbacks by hiring wiser people to support them in every big decision. Rizza was scammed out of a total of P5 million three times by different people, while Anna had to deal with the challenges of theft by a former employee amounting to P14 million. From there on, they kept on seeking people who have business knowledge and operations experience that are better than theirs. They listen to them and trust these team players to delegate work over time. 

“Kasama talaga sa negosyo ‘yung failure… when we fail, it doesn’t mean that we’ll start from scratch. You start from the lesson that you learn,” Rizza said. She emphasized that an entrepreneur must be humble enough to accept the need to hire people who are wiser than you, “When you start hiring wiser people, matutututo ka rin [from their knowledge] at mapapalago nila ang negosyo.”

Today, they continue to listen to the best people in the industry and work with partners that understand what their MSMEs need. In return, they share the learnings and experiences they get from experience in running their beauty businesses. Join the ranks of these inspiring CEOs and get more negosyantips on how to grow your own customer base with the help of digital solutions from Globe Business. Watch more episodes of At Your SerBiz.

Amid the challenges faced by MSMEs in the past years, there were inspiring stories of businesses that evolved by revamping their strategies and finding ways to bring in new revenue.

One of these is Angrydobo, owned by actress-chef-entrepreneur Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and her husband Ryan Agoncillo. Angrydobo is a three-year-old restaurant whose main recipe is the product of an LQ (love quarrel) between the two. They opened their second branch in Westgate Alabang in 2020.

Francis helps demonstrate how Ryan Agoncillo starts off their online selling show, Sunday Market Live.

Judy Ann recently shared her journey in “At your SerBIZ!,” an online show hosted by award-winning author and speaker Francis Kong. “At your SerBIZ!” provides valuable business tips and inspiration to MSMEs by discussing different challenges and how to address them.

In this candid interview, Judy Ann talked about the different challenges their business faced through the years and how these paved the way for bigger and better opportunities. She also talked about the strategies they adopted to survive so that they could say, “atin ang tuloy-tuloy na success.”

Challenge #1: Fear of failure
Judy Ann’s secret recipe: I sought a strong support system

The fear of failure haunts many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. If left unaddressed, it can hold anyone back from starting a business, or it can stall a company’s progress.

Judy Ann, who initially had doubts about venturing into the food business, highlighted the importance for aspiring and present business owners to have a strong support system. She found hers in Ryan, who not only supported her emotionally but also boosted her confidence to keep going.

Kayang-kaya mo ‘yan!” was the simple yet powerful phrase Ryan uttered that helped convince the actress to start Angrydobo.

Challenge # 2: Disagreement with business partner
Judy Ann’s secret recipe: We kept communication lines open

Like any close relationships, conflicts and disagreements are expected to arise in any business partnership. As someone working closely with her husband in running Angrydobo, Judy Ann had her fair share of issues.

Kailangan may tiwala ka sa business partners mo,” Judy Ann advised.

Among the problems that she and Ryan encountered was deciding whether they should let go of an original ingredient from their menu. They managed to settle the problem after having a serious discussion wherein they actively listened to each other’s points.

Judy Ann’s now-famous adobo recipe is a product of a lovers’ quarrel between her and Ryan.

Challenge # 3: Negative feedback
Judy Ann’s secret recipe: We created a strategic response

A single bad review from a customer can make small business owners feel that their sales will plummet, but it’s not uncommon to receive negative feedback from time to time. After all, even the most famous restaurants and popular items receive several negative reviews.

The good thing is, strategic response to negative feedback can help customers better understand the products or services, as well as improve company-customer relationship, Judy Ann said.

On her personal experience managing Angrydobo, Judy Ann shared: “Sabi ng iba maalat, sabi naman ng iba maasim, sabi naman ng iba, matamis. So, okay, ano ba talaga, maalat, maasim o matamis? Ano ba talaga, besh?”

In response, the actress explained the menu to their customers to help them understand the reason for its taste.

Challenge # 4: Manpower problems
Judy Ann’s secret recipe: We are always considerate to our staff

Because of the pandemic, business owners like Judy Ann ran into manpower problems because some employees either got sick or had to permanently leave. As a business owner, she noted the importance of being considerate to employees and understanding where they are coming from.

To help the staff who were left to work in the restaurant, Judy Ann would personally show up and report to the kitchen. Citing the famous saying, Judy Ann said: “Sa iksi ng kumot, matutong bumaluktot.”

Challenge # 5: Unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19 pandemic
Judy Ann’s secret recipe: We keep innovating and stay in step with digital trends

Since the pandemic, many businesses struggled to survive with reduced revenue and changing customer buying patterns. Judy Ann’s business was among those heavily affected in many ways, from slow-moving supplies to lack of repeat orders.

To keep up with the changing times, Judy Ann shared that it is important to innovate and maximize the use of digital trends, such as selling online. Judy Ann created new recipes for Angrydobo and started selling what she calles “Sunday ulam,” or what you would buy for your family on a Sunday. In Sunday Market Live, their online selling show, Ryan leads the live selling while Judy Ann is the one responsible for research, development, and costing.

“It’s actually a very fun run. Nararamdaman namin yung mga tao, gumigising talaga nang maaga kasi interactive siya,” said Judy Ann. These online followers have turned into regular customers, some of whom live abroad and order for their families here in the Philippines.

The struggle is real, isn’t it? Even celebrities go through normal people’s problems, especially when it comes to running a business. Catch the full episode with Judy Ann and hear more of her stories here: https://glbe.co/gba-aysep1

Ideas are the currencies for the future. A thought, a word, a story or an idea can spark the creative mind that provides the inspiration that leads to business growth and beyond. Welcome to Business Matters with Francis Kong, a series of stories, discussions, and musings from one of the most respected business speakers in the Philippines.

I love watching TV interviews of successful entrepreneurs. I always learn a lot. One observation I have is that the journey from where they started to where they are today is not always a walk in the park yet successful business people manage to achieve “Sustainable Success.”

I remember the time when I wanted to give away something meaningful to the people who will attend my seminar. Oprah, Tyra and Ellen would give away stuff to their audiences so why not do the same? Aha! I’d do another book. Not the regular size one but a smaller one.

I opened the laptop and typed away. Three hours later, my small book entitled: “Inspiring Excellence (bite size)” was born. My friends couldn’t believe that a book can be written in 3 hours! I smiled and thought to myself, “What they do not understand is that 3 hours is what it took for me to put the thoughts together but a daily resolve to learn and improve is what made it happen.” And this is called sustainable success.

There are different kinds of successes. There is what I call the “one-hit-wonder success.” Just like a singer coming out with a winning song, it becomes a hit but could not follow it up with other hits to sustain the singer’s success. Then there are businesses that grow so fast and sell so well but in just a couple of years, the business deteriorates and fades out of the picture.

But then, there are business people who do not only sustain their business success but continue to grow it and enlarge it. They have discovered the secret sauce for sustainable success. Serial successful entrepreneurs practice “Sustainable Success Principles.” Let me share these with you.

Successful business people are confident, but they are not cocky. Arrogance is not in their lifestyle. They know their own limitations and they handle their strengths responsibly. They are secure and therefore they do not always need to prove themselves.

Successful business people challenge the status quo constantly. They are willing to grow by challenging their limits of knowledge and experience. They reflect and learn from experience.

Successful business people are never satisfied with what they know or what they have accomplished. They want to learn new things and would invest money in knowledge acquisition and continue to look for new opportunities and territories to explore. They are innovative. They embrace technology and explore the features on how they can grow their business. Why? Because they understand that breakthroughs are impossible without change. They know that breakthroughs are only possible when the current state is reassessed and challenged to keep the business growing.

Successful business people they are not superheroes. This is why they make good team players. They leverage on talents and work with them to explore new ways of growing their businesses.

Successful business people are on a mission to share their knowledge with others. They are not stingy with what they know and what they can do. They develop their people’s potential and share with them their knowledge knowing that in doing so, their people grow and collectively with them, they grow the business.

I created a name for myself in the garments manufacturing business many years ago. Not many people know that my first entry into the glamorous world of fashion was not glamorous at all. I was part of the Visual Merchandising team changing mannequin clothes and dressing up show cases and windows.

I resolved to give it my best and to present our displays as the best in the industry. But I continued to study window displays, read up books on advertising and ambitioned for the next step in the company which is sales. I got it. In just one and a half year was promoted to be the National Sales Director. And a few years later became the General Manager of the same company where I started as a window dresser. The next goal was to own a business of my own.

When the opportunity came, and I became a beginner in building a business that I know, I employed the same principles. And in just a few years of the business the brand I built achieved fame and financial success. This went on for a few years until the world changed. In my incessant drive to learn, study and grow I learned another lesson. Success also means letting go of things that no longer work.

Leaving the garments industry was not an easy decision as I shifted to a totally different industry in the field of business consultancy. I spotted the potential and plunged right into it. The constant drive to learn, research and with a lot of Providential help and blessing I started doing keynote speeches, conducting leadership training and I still employ the Sustainable Success Principles every step of the way. The business today has earned public recognition and accolades which are a validation that things are doing well.

Business success is very visible in public. But the process in making and sustaining success is not. Yet without it, success may come as a one-time fluke but cannot be sustained for long. The journey and the adventure continue. And now you know the secret sauce. You can understand how I can come up with a small book in just a few hours.

Ideas are the currencies for the future. A thought, a word, a story or an idea can spark the creative mind that provides the inspiration that leads to business growth and beyond. Welcome to Business Matters with Francis Kong, a series of stories, discussions, and musings from one of the most respected business speakers in the Philippines. 

A fisherman from the city was fishing in a small boat on a lake. He noticed another man in a small boat open his tackle box and take out a mirror. Curious, the man rowed over and asked, “What is the mirror for?” 

“That’s my secret way to catch fish,” said the other man. “Shine the mirror on the top of the water. The fish notices the spot of sun on the water above, and they swim to the surface. Then I reach down, net them, and pull them into the boat.” 

“Wow! Does that work?” 

“You bet it does.” 

“Would you be interested in selling that mirror? I’ll give you Php2,000.00 for it.” 

“Well, okay.” After the money was transferred, the city fisherman asked, “By the way, how many fish have you caught this week?” 

“You’re the sixth,” he said.

The word for this is MOMENTUM. The con artist is on a roll.

Have you ever watched a basketball team score continuously every time they go down the court, forcing the opponents to commit turnovers maybe three times in a row? What would the opposing coach do? He would call a time-out. Because he wants to break the “MOMENTUM!”

When someone tells you they’re “on a roll,” that’s momentum. 

When the sales are coming in, money is pouring in; that’s momentum.

The question is —  how does the entrepreneur get to the point of building momentum?

The start of any enterprise is never easy. Options to consider and decisions to be made can be overwhelming. There are new things to learn. But those on a roll continue to study, search, research, and ask for advice from those in the know. Like starters, they also need a lot of hand-holding at the initial stage of their enterprise.

Today’s business is dictated and aided by automation. As technology continues to evolve, resourceful entrepreneurs know that they require a lot of hand-holding until they learn and build up momentum and work their way to being experts.

The philosophy behind momentum is first to understand that you build momentum by accumulating small successes. Doug Firebaugh says: “You can find the secret to Momentum in life in the word Momentum… you create it Moment by Moment…” The bigger the project, the more significant the payoff will be as long as the momentum is there.

Let me offer a few suggestions:

Momentum should be part of your plan. Have everyone know that the entire team will push ahead once they know how to create momentum. Equip the team with the training and technology needed in anticipation for the good things to come.

Many business people leave things to chance. The mindset is if it begins to build and grow, then we get lucky. If not, then that is a normal part of life. But this mindset is not healthy at all. What the entrep and team need to do is to make momentum a part of their business goal. Such that each one should be excited to anticipate the phase where the momentum begins to build. And when it happens, the whole team should solidly put their collective efforts into building and growing it. This initiative is supported by two things: training and technology. Training the staff in the area of skills that nurture them to strive for excellence, and equipping the team with technological tools to facilitate the process.

Target a few small wins. These may be initiatives that do not cost much, are easy to carry out, do not meet many objections, and a few small wins give you and your team the starting push to get momentum going. Choose these small projects, and get them done because this is your way of telling the team that you are now on the move.

Let small wins lead to bigger goals. Obtaining a few small wins is crucial because you gain the energy, zeal, and optimism to tackle bigger goals. But it would help if you focus only on essential things and not too many of them. Trying to do too much at once may cause diffusion of focus and demoralization in the group. You need at least one big win to be able to tackle some more.

Celebrate your success. Praising people is one of the best non-monetary motivational tools you can use that prepare them, raring to do more and achieve even bigger goals. Once you see the successes coming in, then you celebrate publicly. Congratulate everyone on your team.

The business landscape constantly changes, and technology evolves so fast. The entrepreneur is a leader who has a grand vision to achieve great success. Peeking through a peephole is no way to stay motivated when moving toward a goal. The big picture is essential. The entrepreneur with the big dreams—big goals—big rewards—big faith—is the one who can keep their people moving through obstacles and fatigue and discouragement. Sure there are many things that the entrepreneur would not be familiar with. Still, their constant “Perpetual Student Mindset” keeps him learning and his sense of humility to ask questions, learn from the learned, and would not hesitate to ask for help and acquire a little hand-holding to advance their business transformation. And as they obtain incremental wins, they are gaining cumulative advantage, and building Momentum and others now would marvel at their expertise.

That is how you and I can be on a roll.

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Last January 30, 2019, Globe myBusiness launched its first Go Lokal event of the year in the City of Smiles, Bacolod. Entrepreneurs from all over the city came together to learn more about digital technology, get expert insights and tips from experienced SME owners, and avail of some of Globe’s business solutions for their businesses.

Featured at the event were motivational speaker Francis Kong, alongside other entrepreneurs and experts who shared their stories and enlightened the audience on some trends in their respective industries.

Here are some of the powerful insights and quotes we picked up from the event:

“We’ve got to create something different, something challenging, another level of entrepreneurship.”

As City Administrator Atty. John Orola said in his opening remarks, technology enables business owners to create something new in terms of entrepreneurship. Not just that, but the ever-growing digital world demands that business owners become more open to technology in their respective fields. 

“In business, you cannot fake your way to being successful.”

This need for technology is more than just a sign of the times; it’s also a sign that new challenges as well as changes are coming.

Featured motivational speaker Francis Kong started his speech with these powerful words, after discussing the use of personas in our everyday online and offline lives. True success can not be faked because, as he said, numbers don’t lie. As he further stated, true success has to satisfy two qualities: it has to be sustainable and replicable. Your success has to be accompanied by growth — otherwise, it’s just a product of luck, not actual success. He further adds that growth is spurred on by digital technology, which is why everyone has a need for it.

“When it comes to business and profession, you cannot gamble on ignorance.”

As Francis Kong also said, you need to ask questions. Don’t waste opportunities to learn more about the things you need to know. He cited the event itself as a prime example, inviting everyone in the venue to approach him, the other speakers, or the Globe team and ask them questions. He especially stressed that knowledge is very important in running a business, so it’s not something that should go to waste.

It might seem obvious to some entrepreneurs, but to many others, there’s a notion of keeping things under control at all times that just doesn’t apply. As Paco Magsaysay of Carmen’s Best said in the beginning of his talk, some unexpected things led him to where he is today.

“In business, there are a lot of things that happen that’s out of your control.”

For example, his business started when there was an excess of fresh milk in his father’s dairy farm, and his market was created when ice cream giant Haagen-Dazs was pulled out of the country. While many things in his career were out of his control, he was able to make the most out of all those opportunities and craft his business despite — or thanks to — them.

“Filipinos spend around 9 hours on digital everyday. […] If you are advertising online, you are relevant.”

If you’re planning to advertise, there’s no better place to do it than online. It doesn’t break the bank, it’s easy to change or adjust, and most importantly, it reaches your market effectively. As AdSpark’s Joey Flores said, attention is no longer on traditional media. You have to be where the attention is, be where your market is. Thanks to digital technology, you now get that chance.

Eugene Arboleda of Taxumo and Manila Workshops discussed one of the most fundamental starting points to advertising, branding and being online: having a website.

“Your website is not a silver bullet — if your business has an issue that you’re trying to address, just building a website won’t fix it. […] Done well, your website can boost your business results.”

He stressed, however, that a website is not going to solve any big problems simply by existing. Rather, it should be made to fulfill a purpose that, when done well, can create results. In the end, your website is a digital tool similar to all other business solutions that, when used properly, can bring you success.

“What’s good about the Filipino seller is it’s always about something beyond the money.”

In the end, business shouldn’t just be about making money for yourself. It should be about creating a livelihood, jobs, and a future for others. As Alvin Ching of Lazada said in his inspiring speech about online sellers, selling is never just about the money; it’s also about helping others. Most often, sellers do it to help their families and loved ones, and this goal is what spurs them to create true success.

Go Lokal Bacolod was surely a day to remember, and a great start to a year of Globe myBusiness events and workshops. As each speaker took to the stage, the audience was inspired to work harder, smarter and better in their field, and achieve success for years to come.

For more insightful tips and tricks of the trade, sign up to Globe myBusiness Academy today!

Business owners in Cebu City were treated to a day of learning as Globe myBusiness Academy presented “Create. The Future of Local Businesses.” before small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Queen City of the South last August 31, 2018.

Held at SM City Cebu, the event introduced new technologies that can help entrepreneurs improve their operations while serving as a platform for SME owners to get in touch with business experts who can help them succeed.

Some of the biggest names in Cebu’s business scene came to the event, including representatives from the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the local government of Cebu.

In his welcome remarks, Cebu City Councilor Jerry Guardo noted the shared mission of Globe myBusiness and the local government in empowering entrepreneurs, thanking the former for deciding to partner with the city in equipping business owners with the knowledge and skills they need to advance their ventures to the future.

Cebu City Councilor Jerry Guardo

“The Cebu City Government always looks forward to the development of aspiring entrepreneurs. With new technology and devices coming up, Globe myBusiness is abreast with the times, just like the city government. We would like to thank Globe myBusiness for partnering with us to improve the way entrepreneurs do business in Cebu,” the Councilor said.

Meanwhile, Derrick Heng, Senior Adviser for Globe myBusiness, reiterated Globe myBusiness’ mission to serve entrepreneurs by inspiring them to become better and keeping them up-to-date on the latest business solutions they can apply.

“Globe myBusiness always thinks about what [will] help entrepreneurs succeed. We want to provide them with tools and solutions that would empower and enable them to conveniently manage and grow their businesses. With Globe myBusiness Academy, we provide learning and inspiration to the Filipino entrepreneur,” Derrick said.

If you’ve missed Globe myBusiness Academy, no worries because we’ve got you covered! Check out some of the best business quotes from the event’s line-up of topnotch speakers below:

In business, knowledge is indeed power.

“The most important thing to have in business is knowledge. This is why Globe myBusiness came up with Globe myBusiness Academy: to provide knowledge so you can understand the business better. Where will you base your “diskarte” without knowledge? You have to ask the experts to better understand a business.” – Francis Kong, motivational business speaker

Be passionate about developing products.

“We really get the best quality ingredients in making our ice cream. We don’t look at costs and take shortcuts. […] Our whole team really loves ice cream and is very passionate about it. The motto we live by is if you love someone, you don’t compromise, you always give the best. Always make sure you are passionate about what you do.” – Cheng Lopez, Carmen’s Best Marketing & Sales Manager

Share ideas and refine through brainstorming.

“The reality is if you have an idea, there’s probably someone else who can help you improve it. Don’t be hesitant in sharing your ideas because chance favors the connected mind. People with bright ideas often don’t know how great their ideas are until they [speak] to other people and synthesize their thoughts about it.” – Ginger Arboleda, CEO of Manila Workshops

Digital marketing is advertising’s future.

“A lot of our attention is on the Internet, which is why it is the best place to advertise your business and reach more people. [Still,] never advertise for the sake of advertising. It’s not just about getting more views. You need to have a clear objective for your brand. Keep things interesting because people don’t go online to watch ads, they go there to be entertained.” – Joey Flores, Adspark’s Associate Director for Corporate Marketing

Reach more customers through e-commerce.

“There are about 19,000 international and local sellers on Lazada and around 95% of them are small businesses. If you have a business and you’re not online, you’re missing a massive opportunity to grow. Lazada has created a marketplace for buyers and sellers to interact, which makes it easier for entrepreneurs to sell online and reach more customers.”  – Hussain Khalid, Lazada’s VP – Head of Marketplace

Ramp up your online presence with a website.

“A lot of Filipinos are now buying online. […] When people want to buy something, they already have an initial list of brands they consider buying from. This is a person’s initial consideration list. Becoming part of that list by becoming visible online should be one of your goals in having your own website.” – Eugene Arboleda, CEO of Taxumo


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